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Dior Gaucho for Fall 2006

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008


How boring. All he showed were Gaucho bags. I know we had an earlier post where we liked this bag, but after further consideration, I think this bag is stupid. It flips open in half, the top half only has what you see on the front and the bottom is just a zipper compartment, with some pockets in between the two flaps. I mean, for such a big bag, it really is a waste of leather and arm strength. And the small ones are completely useless. I suppose it’s sort of cute but NOT cute enough to make an entire collection of it. OK, so it’s also done in python, and you would think that would get us going, but slapping snake skin on a stupid bag just makes a stupid snake skin bag. As for the rest of the collection, it’s a little narcissistic don’t you think? Having all Axel Rose look-a-like Galliano look-a-likes? And even if you like that idea, wouldn’t it make more sense to make copies of himself for John Galliano instead of Dior?

Ostrich Feather Detective

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008

Going to an outlandishly chic New Year’s party? Well, don’t show up without this outlandishly fabulous Dior Detective clutch in satin, ostrich feathers and mink. It’s chic and looks like a cute dog so you Paris wannabes can leave your real critters at home. For the Bag Snob loyalists, we diss, as in dis-like, the Dior Detective Leather bag iconbut the feathers and mink on this one covers up the icky sillouette and all you see is poof and furry goodness.

Celine’s Asymmetric Bag

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008


Here is an interesting concept. I can’t say that this Celine bag is the greatest looking, but I like the idea that it is asymmetric so that it tucks neatly under your arm and stays out of the way. Now this is an idea worthy of further investigation, you know, like design a good looking bag using this concept. I suppose the Dior Saddle bag is similar, but I said make a good looking bag. Or at least a good practical bag and not some gimmicky rodeo clown bag. Celine Asymmetic Bag $1550 at Net-a-Porter.

Dior Rebelle

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008

We have not been kind to Dior of late but we have to admit that we’re secretly eyeing the Rebelle series of bags. They’re funky and fun and for the girls who like to kick it low profile at King’s Road Cafe instead of paparazzi hyped Ivy (by the way, I remember when The Ivy was a place I’d go to with friends and family for nice quiet lunches. We’d see celebs but it was not the zoo it is now full of attention craved starlets who secretly alert the paparazzi themselves when they’ll be there. I miss LA the way it was when I was younger. Everytime I go home I am annoyed!). I really like the suede and leather combination, it gives the bag more texture. Actually, everything about this bag is cute, the side pockets are almost standard nowadays as we have so many gadgets to carry around but what I really like is the hook enclosure that secures the flap down so our valuables are safe even while we roam the busy streets of Milan or New York. We love the winter white but for more practical bag snobs, the dark brown is just as fab and will be easier to maintain. $1495 – $1595 at eLuxury.
Left: The Ivy on Robertson

Dior Homme

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008


The Man Bag from Dior Homme is chic enough for the girls and you probably won’t have much luck convincing your man that metallic silver is ‘the’ hottest trend of the season so you might as well buy it for yourself to use as a diaper bag or hip messenger bag. Seriously though, it’s the cutest man bag we’ve seen yet. Hedi Slimane, designer of Dior Homme, understands that just cuz you’re a man it doesn’t mean you have to act butch and look like the Tool Time guy, you can dress well, carry nice bags, and still look like a man. Too bad Galliano doesn’t get the same sentiment for Dior women’s line. I think his idea is to make women look as stupid and ugly as possible so he can outshine us all. Call Dior boutique on 57th st. for details (212) 421-6009

Dior Spring ‘07

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008


Dior’s spring collection is full of pretty dresses and simply cut suits, we’re so glad Galliano is back to doing what he does well, wrapping a piece of fabric around a woman’s body to make it seem as if it’s an extension of her curves. But it is the House of Dior afterall and intricate gold embroidery details are still there, just in subtle touches and not so much that a normal person would feel ridiculous wearing it. Galliano is giving his clients what all women want for Spring, clothes that flatter and enhance (which is more than we can say for the mushroom hairdos the models were sporting). As for the double chained bags in lux crocodile and lush suede, can we just say FABULOUS!!!!


Dior Cannage

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008


Dior finally came out with a bag we like. This quilted cannage of buttery soft lamb skin is a great basic that will go a long way. The bag can be a hobo (as shown in picture) or a tote, by unhooking the straps and pulling them out between the centering rings (while not in use, the hook sits out of the way nicely). It’s quite ingenious and is much cuter than the Cannage shopper (which is a totally different style altogether and is not at all cute). There are lots of zip and side pockets on the inside making this a good option for hip mommies. Versatile, practical and stylish. What more can we say to help this bag out? Not that it needs any help, it’s already selling out everywhere. It comes in 3 sizes and 5 colors; black, cream, red, dark brown and aged light brown (which is distressed, leathery and gross and ruins the classic appeal). At eLuxury for $1370.

Bag Snob Gift Guide

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008

I love shopping for my family and friends almost as much as I do for myself, the hunt for the perfect gift is so much fun! I know what you are thinking though, you don’t even have time to shop let alone shop for gifts but that’s what we’re here for! Christmas is just around the corner so we’ll be featuring gift ideas from our favorite online boutiques every week.

It’s all about living beautifully at Vivre but it doesn’t mean you have to spend millions to live well. Eva Jeanbert-Lorenzotti, the tres elegant owner and founder of Vivre, offers chic items for all budgets and tastes. We love the fabulous embossed croc leather pouches she designed for her private label that combines our two favorite elements, metallic and croc. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer for your best friend, at 8 1/4″ x 5 1/2″, it’s large enough to hold all of her make up but not so big that it won’t fit in her bag. $150 at Vivre.

If she’s really your BFF (as opposed to the random girls that call themselves your best friends depending on their mood), you should pick up this adorable winter white Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for her as well. It may be the only Marc bag worth paying any amount of money for. $398 at Barney’s.

Your mother, the Bag Snob who taught you the importance of a nice bag, will love the Dior cannage in red, a stunning classic you will be stealing from her closet. $1245 at eLuxury.

For glamour moms, this Rodo Dinah clutch in pale gold suede is fabulous. Even better that it’s 50% off for $247.50. Sale ends on 11/6 so get it now before it goes back to full retail! Net-a-porter.

If you’re like me and have multiple weddings to attend this month, check out these unique gift ideas at Vivre.
Michael Aram’s classic Lotus Pond Platter is made of glossy ceramic and cast from an actual lotus leaf. What a perfect gift for newlyweds who love to entertain. $85 at Vivre.

Spoil your friends with the silver Belle Epoche tray from Cristofle. I love how the exquisite flower details at both handles curve around the tray delicately, it’s a special gift that they’ll treasure for a lifetime. $1250

Let it Snow!

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008

I’m off to Vail for 3 weeks over Christmas and the thought of snow is making me crave more winter white bags! Yes, we are obsessed with white if you haven’t noticed and we’ve covered all the bases with these selections. A white travel bag, a great manbag, fabulous clutches, and a statement exotic make for the perfect winter white bag wardrobe.

Valextra’s white leather Boston travel bag is the epitome of understated elegance. We love the structured shape and the modern clean lines on this bag, your carry on items will be well protected in it! 20″ x 10″ x 10″ $2570 at Saks (877)571-SAKS or Barney’s NYC and Dallas

Dior Homme - I love that Hedi Slimane is designing chic manbags, why should women get to have all the fun? If you remove the tassle, my husband would actually use this duffle bag when he goes golfing, it has all the pockets he needs for golf balls, tees, and other golf essentials. $1315 at Dior Homme NYC, LA, and Las Vegas www.dior.com

Image13.jpgThe Nancy Gonzalez top handle bag in pearl croc is making me shiver with delight. Look at how the pearlized skin shimmers, it’s sheer decadence! I know there are animal activists who read Bag Snob and are offended by our love of leather and furs but just look at this fabulous piece of skin, it’s gorgeous! And the price is very reasonable for crocodile, $3,300 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Image15.jpgWe have a dozen Christmas parties to attend and will be needing a variety of clutches.
From left:
Kotur white python minaudiere. $450 at Bergdorf Goodman.
Leiber clear rhinestone minaudiere $1495 at select Leiber boutiques.
Alexandra Knight matte white crocodile clutch. $1,995 at Alexandra Knight.

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admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008

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