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Dior Gaucho for Fall 2006

admin | Dior | Saturday, 26 April 2008


How boring. All he showed were Gaucho bags. I know we had an earlier post where we liked this bag, but after further consideration, I think this bag is stupid. It flips open in half, the top half only has what you see on the front and the bottom is just a zipper compartment, with some pockets in between the two flaps. I mean, for such a big bag, it really is a waste of leather and arm strength. And the small ones are completely useless. I suppose it’s sort of cute but NOT cute enough to make an entire collection of it. OK, so it’s also done in python, and you would think that would get us going, but slapping snake skin on a stupid bag just makes a stupid snake skin bag. As for the rest of the collection, it’s a little narcissistic don’t you think? Having all Axel Rose look-a-like Galliano look-a-likes? And even if you like that idea, wouldn’t it make more sense to make copies of himself for John Galliano instead of Dior?

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