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The Fendi Spy

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008

spy velvet1.JPGSpy_bag_blue.jpg

This bag is the envy of the season. It’s a favorite of Linda Evangelista’s, who is a lifetime member of our “It” girls. Scared of living reptiles like we are? The blue crocodile ($33,000) is to die for. Whichever you desire, don’t desire it too much because they are next to impossible to get your hands on so take a few extra moments here to enjoy these photos and then move on to pine for the next big thing.

fendi spy velvet.jpg Fur_spy_bag.jpg Halogram shearling.jpg

Wisteria Fantasy

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008


Wish you lived on Wisteria Lane with the Desperate Housewives? How about settling for handcut leather wisterias on the latest version of the Spy bag? This bag is beyond fabulous and next to impossible to get but definitely worth trying. We suggest calling the Fendi store and ask to be on the wait list. Or start praying to the Bag Angel.

Let It Shine!

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008


Christmas is definitely metallic season and what can we say, we love metallic!! We have chosen these everyday bags to ring in the holiday season with sparkle. Yes, we are obsessed with the Fendi Spy, but what can be more fabulous this holiday season than this Halogram version of the already cult classic? The Carlos Falchi Doctor’s Bag is the perfect bag to go from day to party. If you are a practical gal, the Marc Jacobs Metallic Blake might be just the thing to spice up your holidays. Another old favorite is the Botkier Stirrup, and in Metallic Twilight, you will really shine.

Fendi Spy Satchel

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008

Finally! The Spy Bag in a smaller version for everyday use (and for those of us who are not vertically blessed at 5′11″). This is still a roomy bag at 14″ wide and the honey leather is the perfect neutral shade for spring. Snatch it up quickly before eLuxury sells out! Ashley Olsen take note, your bag shouldn’t fit you AND your twin even if she is anorexic. $1,300 at eLUXURY.

Fendi B

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008


I am offended as a consumer that a bag such as this would be designed, manufactured and distributed for my consumption. It does not say anything to the credit of Fendi that celebrities are tripping all over their cowboy boots for this bag because we all know they have vulgar taste and no trend management. I mean, what could the “B” stand for? B-list? Bad? Butt ugly? Oh, maybe BUCKLE, duh!! Hello!! No shit, we didn’t notice the buckles. And to make things even more disturbingly stupid, there’s the lace eyelet version with chain handles – for $5,000!!! For another grand, any sane person would rather have a Birkin, an indisputable classic beauty instead of this Pamela Anderson proportioned monstrosity.

The Denim Spy

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008

In keeping with our consistency of featuring every single version of the Spy Bag available, here it is in denim. In general, denim bags are totally trailer trash but with all the detailings in the embroidery on this Denim Spy, it just makes it all the more decadent (especially when it’s $3,090 for a denim bag)! And you know us, we bathe in decadence. (But it’s all in the details, I tell you, because the Hobo Denim Spy is just trashy and should not be confused with what we are talking about here, although we would never seriously carry a denim bag). Fendi Bags are available at eLuxury.

Fendi Fall 2006

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008


We love the clean lines, interesting shapes and suprising variety of this action packed collection. The Kaiser was definitely not lacking in inspiration and the brilliance was how he decided to use it all in one showing. There was a hint of military, kimono-esque dresses, modern floral shapes and a little bit of medieval glamour. It seems like there is a lot going on, but it all made sense in the way it was shown. It’s elegant, young (sometimes cute), fresh and street sensible.

The End of the Spy

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008

You know what? That’s it. We’ve had it with the Spy and all its ridiculous incarnations. We forgave the trashy denim spy but this we will not tolerate. It looks like it was made from a smelly polyester thrift store shirt. The printed satin doesn’t even go with the color of the leather but you know what? They are probably messing with us. Its hard to believe that Fendi would design a bag so vile even Ashlee Simpson would find it objectionable.

Fendi B

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008


I like this version of the B Bag much better but I’m not exactly running out to get one just yet. This just makes more sense to me than the overly oversized B because at least it looks like a classic ladylike bag instead of some supersized cartoon boobs with eyelids. It has the same chain detailing as the other B, which is the only thing I liked about it (that would mean there is nothing redeeming about the B with leather straps). At Barneys for $1210.

Fendi’s Runway Accident

admin | Fendi | Monday, 26 May 2008

I would like to include in our review of Fendi’s show an acknowledgement of the photographers accident, which although took away from the great show, is in and of itself a story that bears our respect. In order to allow front row attendees a comfy experience, they overcrowded the photographer’s stand. The floor collapsed from under them and many photographers were seriously injured. We do not take for granted that fashion blogs would be boring and worthless if it weren’t for the great photographs we get. Vogue UK has a particularly harsh story about this incident.