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Valentino Nappa Studded Bow Tote

admin | Designer | Sunday, 06 December 2009

Please, someone call Valentino and beg him to come back to the brand he spent a lifetime creating and slap some sense into the new designers bags. Valentino always said he just wants to make beautiful things, but this studded and giant-bowed mess– this would hardly be called beautiful.  Lame, yes. Silly, definitely. Useless, most certainly. But beautiful? Never. I’m wondering how Valentino feels when he sees such awful designs with his name emblazoned on it.  And it’s not even functional– look at the ridiculously small straps– it makes no sense whatsoever to have such skinny straps on a huge tote with shiny heavy studs.  I don’t mind the pleated bag underneath the big bow that much, though.  Wonder if we can cut that damn bow off, add thicker shoulder bags straps and call it a day.