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The Price of Success VS The Price of Failure

admin | Louis Vuitton | Sunday, 11 April 2010

The price of failure is far more costly. You will pay the price of failure every day,Pink Gucci bags, day in and day out for the rest of your life – literally and figuratively. This writer has no desire to define what success is in anyone’s life but his own. Often an individual on their first interview at my office will go to some effort describing how successful they feel they are right down to describing their possessions. When they stop to take a breath, I quietly asked them “when you say that you are successful, who are you comparing yourself to?” I further ask “with your talents and abilities, when you go to great lengths to describe your success, are you comparing yourself to someone that isn’t as successful as you or to what you could be accomplishing?”

Hollywood and television producers, many of the educational and political elitists and others that already have money, lament the price of success in film and television productions. Success is quite often portrayed in the media and the entertainment industry as evil and causing a person to be morally bankrupt. Of being a perpetually angry person, of being a selfish person and of sacrificing relationships for money and of missing out on the really important things in life. You have heard over and over again that the best things in life are free… and no doubt some of them are. But did you every stop to think that likewise some of the worst things are free as well. A tooth ache is free! Now if you want to get it fixed, it will cost you some money. Illnesses are likewise free, however if you want to be cured of them,louis vuitton porte monnaie, it too will cost you money! More often than not,mulberry bags, the lack of money will cause people to act out in an inappropriate manner!

A female eagle on the other hand, lays only 30 eggs a year at the most. Of the eagles that do hatch, only one out of ten survive to maturity. The mother and father eagles build their nests in incredibly tall trees or the highest cliffs. They bring nourishment to the baby eagles and keep them warm. When the parents decide it’s time for the baby eagles to leave, the push them out of the nest! The young eagle has only a very few seconds to figure out how to fly. Many don’t make it in time and become food for other animals at the bottom of the cliffs or trees.

This writer doesn’t know what it takes for you to feel comfortable, but you and your family having less will not cause others to have more. You were designed for excellence but programed for mediocrity. You can be as successful as your dreams and effort will take you. But this much you can be sure of, life will extract a price from you. Which price are you willing to pay – the price of success or the price of failure?

A chicken lays at least 240 eggs per year. Of the chicks that hatch from the eggs, virtually all of them live. Chickens scratch in the dirt for bugs and maggots to eat. Water and climate controlled shelter is provided for them. Of course the view from a chicken’s perspective is not all that spectacular, but the animal does have security.

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