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Bag Deals: Beach bags!

admin | Athletic | Thursday, 04 October 2007

It seems that I will bask in my no-vacation-on-Memorial-Day-LONG-weekend misery by finding some chic beach bags at a great deal. This way I can order a new beach bag and carry it around central Ohio, which makes perfect sense to me and no one else. I will just pretend. But for those of you who are partaking in weekend water fun, or want to get a great summer beach bag for a deal, check out some of these great designer beach-worthy bags at eLuxury (all on sale!)
Emilio Pucci Montalban Print Large Shopper | $339 at eLuxury

Michael Kors Marina Large Grab Bag | $175 at eLuxury
Emilio Pucci Lava Print Large Terry Beach Tote | $409 at eLuxury

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Lacoste Sailing Boston Satchel

admin | Athletic | Thursday, 04 October 2007

Granted I have not stepped foot in the gym in a while, but when I decide to go back (after my indefinite hiatus) I would love to carry a retro athletic bag. The Lacoste Sailing Boston Satchel embarks on an athletic journey with a retro chocolate and burnt orange color pattern and large body. Granted this bag is touted as a satchel, but I would inevitably use it as my athletic bag to have all my friends laugh at me and my choice of work out bag. Mostly a cotton body but trimmed in leather, the bag features a top zip closure, internal zip pocket, and polyester lining. Dimensions are 12″W x 8″H x 7″D which makes it the perfect athletic bag or carry on if this workout hiatus continues. Buy it through Nordstrom for $220.

Modern Union Yoga Bag

admin | Athletic | Thursday, 04 October 2007

While we continue to think about that frightful weight loss resolution, let’s think about a yoga bag. I am somewhat forced into low impact exercise after my shoulder surgery, so I figure I better get into yoga a little more. Any of you yoga people? I always had a hard time imagining that something like yoga could keep me in shape, but my mom is a new-found firm believer in yoga. She used to run about 3 miles a day (I know amazing woman!), but hurt her knee and needed some low impact exercise. Poof! Yoga made it’s first appearance into my family. So if downward facing dog is also your thing (get your minds out of the gutter people!!

), then you may like the Modern Union Yoga Bag. These bags are messenger style bags which are styled from codura fabric but with a stylish outer flap with a printed design. This bag wouldn’t be a yoga bag without the straps that neatly hang from the bottom which will carry your yoga mat. Just make sure you don’t turn side to side too quickly and knock people around. For all of your work out musts, this bag does its job. On the outside of the bag there are both water bottle and cell phone holders (come on those two things are necessities nowadays), there are also pockets to hold CDs inside the bag (this bag must have hit before the iPod revolution), and many other compartments for your doodads. Sizing up at 13″ x 17″ and available in 4 different patterns, this yoga bag can help get you or keep you in shape for $68 through Modern Union.

The Chloe Bag by Chloe Dao

admin | Athletic | Thursday, 04 October 2007

One simple word: unimpressed. Chloe Dao was Project Runway Season 2’s winner. While on the show her designs were elegant and fit in all the right places for the women that modeled them. Granted The Chloe Bag by Chloe Dao is meant to be used as an overnight bag or carry on, the color and saying looks overly simple and grade-schoolish. The phrase “Carry On” is stitched on the blue canvas bag which was inspired by one of Tim Gunn’s popular sayings from the show. Measurements are 17″ wide, 10″ height, 7″ diameter, yet either way I would expect more from Chloe. Via NBC Universal Store for $95.

Tumi Bernadette Slim Golf Bag

admin | Athletic | Thursday, 04 October 2007

For the love of me I can not golf. And believe me I have tried. I come from a family of golfers. My dad would golf everyday if he could (I assume once he retires he will). My brothers both golf. My dad’s brothers golf. My dad’s dad golfs. I enjoy driving the cart and going to the clubhouse. Go figure. On a serious note, you all should know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For this month, I will continue to show you all products that go toward Breast Cancer research, foundations, awareness, etc. My pick for today is the Tumi Bernadette Slim Golf Bag. If you can actually play golf, play for a purpose and for a cure. This pink athletic bag is made of waterproof nylon with leather trim and features 6-way dividers, numerous pockets and a removable rain hood. And like I mentioned, this golf bag supports a good cause; part of the proceeds from the sale of this bag goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. While I may not be a golf pro, I am sure many of you ladies out there are (and men that happen to see this, what better gift for your wife?

) Check out this stylin’ pink golf bag which will be available the month of October via Tumi for $450.

{thanks SimpleCase}

Gilli Handbags Happy Stadium

admin | Athletic | Thursday, 04 October 2007

When Megs discovered this particular piece at Zappos, I got really excited. Living in Germany and Germany happening to host the Soccer World Cup this year, this athletic little number brightened up my day! I’m not going to come here and pretend like I am a true soccer fanatic. Nothing like that really, but I have been following the WCs very closely in recent years and get just as excited as the common soccer nut when it comes to the playoffs. Brasil is my favorite team. Actually though, to me it’s more about seeing amazing soccer. Like all the other 1.5 billion people who watch it, I guess.

The Gilli Handbags Happy Stadium is a rectangular shaped shoulder bag made of suede with leather trim. It’s got the dual rounded shoulder straps and is finished with silver tone hardware. The dimensions measure 13″ wide x 7 1/8″ deep x 8″ high. For a price of $516, you may consider it to be a little rich for the Athletic bags section, I couldn’t make up my mind on where else to place it.

Lifepod Rock Steady Stereo Beat Bag

admin | Athletic | Thursday, 04 October 2007

Remember the infamous boom boxes? Oh yes, those were cool. I’m a little late on announcing this bag, but it is too cool to pass up. A few weeks ago at the MacWorld Expo, Lifepod of New York introduced the world a golden metallic bag containing stereo speakers and a subwoofer if it all wasn’t enough. If you see the shine and hear the boom, it is coming from the Lifepod Rock Steady Stereo Beat Bag. This bag takes 4 AA batteries and is compatible with any mp3 player but also works with the beloved and chic iPod. As much as this bag sounds so cool (literally), the sound will not be as loud as many of you would love and the life may not last all that long. Oh well, still seems like am awesome idea to me. I wouldn’t even rock out any new music; I’d go old school with some MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice and rock this bad boy out. As for now there is no pricing info- which makes the bag even more appealing because we can pretend it is a mere $30 and we can all afford it and jam with it whenever and wherever we see fit. [via I4U News]

Nike Ridgeline Sport Bag

admin | Athletic | Thursday, 04 October 2007

As the new year approaches, it is inevitable that so many people’s resolutions for 2006 will be losing weight. If you don’t believe me, listen to what Women’s Health has to say:

An estimated 40 percent of Americans promise to lose weight in the New Year; however, almost 90 percent of those who responded to a nationwide survey reported either occasional or no success losing weight. In fact, nearly half of the respondents reported losing very little weight or, unfortunately, gaining weight instead.

Ok all of you, if you are part of the 40% why not actually follow through with that resolution this year. What better way to do it than in style? I have been an athlete my whole life and I still remember wearing my Juicy pants with a tank top on my way to competitions. Shh don’t tell anyone because I know that is pretty stupid! Vlad and I are both quite the work out gurus (seriously that man has been working out 3 hours a day lately!!) And while I am back on a lighter work out regime after my shoulder surgery, I have decided to take up some low key work outs. Since we are all fashionable we better look good on our way to the gym because chances are that we won’t look so cute on the way out. For you ladies that want to look super cute, check out the vintage looking Nike Ridgeline Sport Bag. This bag comes with a bit of history; it is inspired by the bags that Olympians in the ‘72 games carried. The bag looks sleek and chic but has practical use for the lady on a mission to a slimmer more toned frame. There are top handles and a zip top closure for easy access to your Volvic bottled water and iPod shuffle :-) . This beauty is made of premium leather and shows off intricate laser etched designs. Measuring 5.5″ H x 13.5″ W x 2.75″ D, this Nike bag doesn’t look too sporty for even the most fashionable of us all. Buy it via Nike’s online store for $220 and break that nasty not following through with New Year’s Resolution deal!