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L.A.P.A. Pink Briefcase

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

L.A.P.A. Pink BriefcaseI’m all about taking over the business world. As far as I’m concerned any woman can make it out there- in fact, any person can. I tend to think of myself a bit like the character of Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde.

Before you take it the wrong way- let me explain how. I may be blonde and say some ditsy things from time to time and I may dress in all designer clothes, but I truly know what is going on in this world. Just because a woman makes it in this world, doesn’t mean she needs to lose her sense of style and girliness. So why not strut your stuff with a bold briefcase that shows everyone your bold style.
The L.A.P.A. Pink Croco-style Leather Double Gusset Briefcase is made to look like croc but is actually made of embossed calf leather. The briefcase has a top flap cover with a zip top underneath and I am sure some inside compartments and pockets. Just like many briefcases, this bag is not the cheapest. Buy it online via Forzieri for $798.

Alexander McQueen Novak

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

Alexander McQueen Novak Bag

The road towards the new iconic bag is steep and rocky, tons of critical obstacles to be passed and even more hot designers to be beaten in the race. Certainly a contender in this contest is the Alexander McQueen Novak. I know I am a little late on that one, the bag’s been around since early summer, when the former Gucci apprentice McQueen decided it was time for him to craft an epic bag. Inspired by actress Kim Novak, whose best-known film is Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”, the bag comes off very strong, enforcing the feminine appearance with a little bit of a Gucci’ish flair, embodying both vintage and future in one. The immaculate details and the precise stitching make this bag stand out in the sheer monotony of vastness in the bag world. It’s just so different. Sizes range from small, medium to large, the materials are calf leather, crocodile and canvas/croc, and the colors include red, chocolate brown, green for the calf version, grey, blue/teal and brown for the croc bags. Size wise, I’ve learned that the medium Novak is 13.5 inches in width. Price wise, the simple leather goes for roughly $1,200, while the crocodile ranks up t0 13,000 dollars for the large. Net-A-Porter carries the Novaks, the red one is sold out at the time of this post, and the chocolate brown bag is available for pre-order.

Brahmin Rosemary

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

Brahmin Rosemary HandbagOn with Viewer’s Choice Tuesday, we have a designer never spoken about here. Let’s all give a round of applause to Brahmin Leather Works! Hopefully we can all find something that meets our fancy on their site. Swetha, yet one more loyal reader and poster on the forum, would love for us to feature the Brahmin Rosemary Bag in Toasted Almond. Swetha said: “I was at Bloomingdales the other day and saw the bags there and positively loved the bags. The leather is absolutely gorgeous and it feels amazing. I really like the ROSEMARY design (esp. the tricolor) and the toasted almond.” The color of this bag is truly gorgeous, although the name is frightening. I suppose I am frightened because I am allergic to almonds, but the name is still clever. Actually, to me this bag strongly resembles the Alexander McQueen Novak , in a much more affordable form. This bag is actually a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps. There are also some pockets for anything you may need to store in there; cell phone pocket and two organizer pockets. The overall dimensions are 11 x 11.25 x 4.25. While I’m not looking for a backpack, possibly some of you ladies are! This bag is on sale via Brahmin for $290.

Introducing: BagBits

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

I thought of this today while flying from Fort Lauderdale back to Columbus, while zoning out into a sweet mini nap. Weird, I always seem to get the good ideas right before falling sleep. Often times, I don’t remember what brilliant bogus I came up with when I wake up. This idea stuck though. Glad it did.

May I present the BagBits. Short & Sweet, to the point and without any extra weight. Bags ?? la carte, little calories, randomly shuffled together, a minimalistic approach with yet plenty of flavor that will keep you (hopefully) satisfied. Eye candy galore without the extra drivel. Don’t catch on yet? Don’t worry, BagBits Volume I will give you an introductory taste shortly. It even got its very own category, whee.

BagBits vol. I

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

Lacoste Corduroy Messenger Bag | Corduroy with leather trim | $120.00 | Neiman Marcus

Elisa Atheniense Coin Clutch
Elisa Atheniense Coin Clutch | Leather clutch with brushed metal coins | $485.00 | Vivre

Paola del Lungo Fox Fur Satchel
Paola del Lungo Satchel | Fox fur with rouched leather | $185.00 | Zappos

Coach handbag
Coach Soho Tweed Demi Flap | Tweed wool, leather and suede | $238.00 | Coach

Elaine Turner Ostrich Handbag
Elaine Turner Ansley | Berry ostrich with gold | $440.00 | Elaine Turner

Ralph Lauren Ricky Calfskin Bag
Ralph Lauren Ricky | Baranil calfskin with leather | $3,000.00 | Ralph Lauren

BagBits vol. II

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

Salvatore Ferragamo Mink Clutch
Salvatore Ferragamo Mink Clutch | Mink fur | $1,500.00 | Saks Fifth Ave

Malini Murjani Shoulder Bag
Malini Murjani Shoulder Bag | White haircalf | $1,625.00 | Vivre

Celine Trunkette Bag | Smooth leather with croc-embossed leather trim | $1,450 | eLuxury

JCrew Collection Parker Bag
J.Crew Collection Parker Bag | English tanned leather | $250.00 | J.Crew

BagBits vol. III

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

Fendi Two-Tone Bag It Satchel | Supple grained leather | $1,340 | eLuxury

Sojourn Rio Red Wave | Red canvas with swarovski crystal bracelet | $78 | Sojourn Bags

Raf?? Yolanda | Leather-trimmed calf-hair | $295 | Nordstrom

Luella Luca | Dark brown hair-calf with tonal pebble-grain trim | $2,000 | Bergdorf Goodman

Isabella Fiore Garden State Chenille Hobo | Cord texture with flower pendant | $600 | Saks Fifth Ave

BagBits vol. V

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

Ghurka Embellished Hair-Calf Hobo

Ghurka Embellished Hair-Calf Hobo | Dark brown hair-calf with leather trim | $1,300 | Pre-Order

Ghurka Suede and Python Hobo

Ghurka Suede and Python Hobo | Olive or black suede with python trim | $800 | Nordstrom

Ghurka Deerskin Stitched Satchel

Ghurka Deerskin Stitched Satchel | Brown or black deerskin | $700 | Nordstrom

Ghurka Large Suede Leather Tote

Ghurka Suede & Leather Tote, Large | Saltwater (light blue) with silver trim, driftwood brown with gold, or black with black | $900 | Nordstrom

Ghurka Suede and Leather Pocket Hobo, Large

Ghurka Suede and Leather Pocket Hobo, Large | Driftwood brown suede with metallic gold leather trim | $1,000 | Pre-Order

BagBits vol. VI

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

DKNY Soft Nappa East West Shoulder Bag

DKNY Soft Nappa East West Shoulder Bag | Glazed Nappa Leather | $192.00 | eLuxury.com

Betsey Johnson Heavy Metal Hobo

Betsey Johnson ‘Heavy Metal’ Hobo | Studded leather | $325.00 | Nordstrom

UGG Australia Metro Pipe Hobo Handbag

UGG Metro Pipe Hobo | Hued, pieced leather | $140.00 | Nordstrom

Hogan Camel and Brown Suede and Leather Hobo Bag

Hogan Camel and Brown Suede and Leather Hobo Bag | Suede and Leather | $519.00 | Forzieri

BagBits vol. VII

admin | Bagbits | Thursday, 15 November 2007

Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Pleaty Handbag

Louis Vuitton Pleaty | Stonewashed Monogram Denim with calfskin leather | $1,070 | eLuxury.com

Nuti Ostrich Handbag

Nuti Medium Hobo | Ostrich | $2,150 | Saks Fifth Ave

Alexis Hudson Handbag

Alexis Hudson French Braid Bag | Leather, cotton lining and silver snake leather imprint | $535 | AlohaRag

Cole Haan Suede Satchel | Suede with pebble-grain leather trim | $131.00 | Neiman Marcus