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Coach rolls out spring collection

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

Coach Handbags Spring Collection

Although the weather in most regions still implies anything but the spring time, it is the time of the year to roll out this year’s spring lines left and right. So does Coach with the release of their spring brights. The extensive line of new bags comes in an exciting palette of spring shades that’ll complement a sunny spring day perfectly.

Our 3 picks out of the enormous lineup include the super practical Canvas Small Pocket Satchel in Brass/Acid Green/White for $328 (left), the highly fashionable Hamptons Weekend Hobo in silver/fuchsia for $178 (middle) and last, but certainly not least, the essential Hamptons Weekend Small Tote in silver/pool for $158 (right). The hobo and tote come as part of a brand new lineup in the Hampton’s Weekend Collection.

I highly suggest checking their site for new releases, pretty exciting stuff over there. I own a few Coach purses myself and find now new excuses to restock my collection once more. ;)

Yves Saint Laurent Nadja Mini Hobo

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Nadja Mini HoboWe never walked into the Paris YSL store, just because the sales people inside seemed more stuck up than a p*rn actress with a massive you-know-what in her you-know-where, and gave us unwelcoming looks like we just didn’t even belong there. Fine gents, whatever. We still spotted a rather pretty purple-pink handbag in the show case up front that went for a good amount of European cabbage. Not sure about the amount afterall, but it did rank in the mid-4 digit price range.

For the mortals, there is another sexy way to carry around French designer deliciousness with you. The YSL Nadja Mini Hobo not only sounds like a girlfriend you’d let sublease in your shack, but is also a gorgeous compact hobo by the frechmen that gives our eyeballs orgasmic twitches. The ruffled golden metallic leather floral appliqu?? looks like it’s blossoming on its front and the straps are held together by golden hardware. Yves Saint Laurent has done a wonderful job on this bag, and you can get your paws on one for $545 at Neiman Marcus.

Jessica Simpson#8217;s Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Handbag

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather HandbagWho of you watched Newlyweds religiously? Yeah, me too.

Jessica Simpson is always sporting the latest fashion and doing a fine job at it (if only we could all look like her everyday when we woke up right?) Did you see the cute green Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Handbag she was sporting at the end of this season? I bet you didn’t even know what the bag was but wanted so badly to figure it out so you could possibly buy the bag and hope to wake up in the morning as gorgeous as she is.

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Handbag it is. Jessica was seen sporting it in a green color and right now Saks is carrying Capri Blue. The bag shows off a big silver buckle (the signature lock closure) with a zippered top. Best part is the three inside pockets: one zip, one open, one cell phone. This leather hobo is large enough to carry a whole lotta other cool stuff that you may or may not own measuring in at 17″L X 9″H X 3??”W. Slight draw back, the price. I suppose if you are Jessica Simpson $1,080 means nothing, but to the everyday Jane that’s quite the tag. My advice, work harder.

L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani Hella Hobo

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

Gwen Stefani LAMB Large HoboThese days you can not call yourself a successful female spotlight celeb without getting your name out in a way other than in your usual line of work. For attention whoring sl*ts like Paris Hilton periodic leaks of dubious smut tapes and Sidekick hackin’ does the job, while other femmes rely on sporting their own fashion or fragrances.

Gwen Stefani, sexy lead singer from No Doubt contracted Le Sport Sac in ‘04 to release her line of stylish handbags (along with other fashionable clothing articles that we don’t care about). The L.A.M.B. Series II bags promptly sold out everywhere, the contract ran out and turned the limited ed handbags just as quickly into rare collectibles.

The large Hella Hobo Mega Lamb bag was one of the more successful ones. Even media starlett Paris herself was spotted wearing the hobo in public. The bag features a large inside zip compartment, the interior is fully lined in red canvas fabric and features a L.A.M.B. signature stitched on tag, and a detachable signature silver-metal L.A.M.B. charm is included. Unfortunately, it’s quite the task getting your hands on one of them these days, you may be lucky on Ebay.

Ghurka Kalahari Short Shoulder Bag

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

Ghurka Kalahari Short Shoulder HoboWe apologize sincerely for the lack of constant updates, but due to the Purse Blog Personal travelling around the world and the arrangement that had to be made, we just didn’t get to it. The next few days hold a whole bunch of exciting updates, so bear with us!

Let’s kick things back in gear with the gorgeous Ghurka Kalahari Short Shoulder Bag. It does not only carry the name of an desert, but also carries unique african features that make this hobo an eye catcher ne plus ultra. Polished natural horn details and waxed cotton cord stitching augment aquastag leather. The shoulder straps are knotted and are long enough to fit over your shoulder. A zipper secures keeps its insides sealed to the outside world. The african beauty will be tamed on your arm for $495 at Ghurka.com

Kenneth Cole #8220;Love It or Weave It#8221; Hobo Handbag

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

Kenneth Cole HoboI am well aware that the most of the fantastic shoulder fashion on our blog is pretty pricey for the average working Jane. Dropping 300 U.S. dollars on a designer bag can be an investment that money needs to be put aside for, and the choice for the right bag has to be thought through thoroughly. Sure, there’s plenty of impulse shoppers among you women (Megs being one of them *cough*), that only spare a fraction of a thought on the price when they just gotta have that bag. However, for the more ecomonically conscious purse blogger, I’ve decided to start featuring handbags that don’t just blow a hole in your bank account but sure will be a bomb when you get to wear ‘em!

Kicking off the Emperor’s new groove is the Kenneth Kole Kenneth Cole “Love It or Weave It” Hobo. The bag is made of basketwoven, sunshine yellow leather on its sides, sports leather handles and shiny silver hardware. The open top shuts via magnetic closure, and measures 13.5″ long x 7″ high x 5.5″ deep in size. You can get this pretty spring bag for not even a single Benjamin – the Hobo goes for $99 at Smart Bargains.

Isabella Fiore Whip Flash Audra

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

Isabella Fiore Whip Flash AudraThe name alone might suggest you’re dealing with a devastating paladin retribution spell straight out of some MMOPRG, but in fact it’s one of the must-have bags of the fall season. The Isabella Fiore Whip Flash Audra is made from pebbled semi-shiny Italian leather with whipstitch detail and stud hardware. Designers Jennifer Tash and Trang Huynh originally created the bag for celebrities only, but popular demand forced them to incorporate it into Fiore’s fall collection. As soon as photos of Katie Holmes (with Tom Cruise, of course – duh) surfaced with her clutching this beauty in Rome, the glamorous rest of Hollywooda??s ing??nues could not escape the hype. Kate Bosworth and Salma Hayek both ordered theirs just last week, while Mena Suvari and Alyssa Milano have already scored their own. In best designer bag manner, there is a waiting list and it is longer than the list of females jealous over Katie’s new lover. The price for he Audra ranges around $380, and will be available in September at Saks Fifth, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

P.S. The purse can be pre-ordered at Adasa – thanks Jared.

Juicy Couture Superstar Hobo

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

Juicy Couture Superstar HoboI am not sure if this hobo will make you feel like a superstar, but it sure looks like one might wear it! Glamorous accents in form of golden metal chains and dangling charms adorn the Juicy Couture Superstar Charm Hobo, including a pave filled heart, a lucky horseshoe and a Juicy signature ‘J’. The shoulder strap features a chain insets, and the zip top comes with the solid signature “J” pull tab that we all love. In addition, the hobo sports a leather ‘J’ heart tag. There’s also an inside zippered compartment and a cell phone pocket. The hobo goes for $295 and includes a Juicy Couture logo dust bag. The dimensions: 14″W x 6.5″H x 2.5″D. Order it at Adasa.

Vin Baker Handbags

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

I don’t feel the writer in me much today, hence the late update. Sorry peeps, I blame it on the weather man. Still, not to be short of an update, I stumbled across some really cute handbags from a rather unknown bag designer, Vin Baker. Here are some of his new 2005 bags, as offered by Zappos.com.

Vin Baker Handbag Erin Too
Vin Baker Erin TooShoulder bag in distressed leather, single strap, silver tone hardware – $417 via Zappos

Vin Baker Handbag Kate Hobo
Vin Baker Kate Hobo – Large hobo shoulder bag of soft leather and tassle accents, silver tone hardware, magnetic flap closure – $466 via Zappos

Vin Baker Distressed Jill
Vin Baker Jill Distressed Shoulder Bag – Shoulder bag made of distressed metallic leather, slim 12″ drop shoulder strap and slim magnetic closure – $300 via Zappos

Vin Baker Shannon Croco Handbag
Vin Baker Shannon Croco Hobo – Croc embossed leather, silver hardware and interior leather lining with back wall and cell pockets – $480 via Zappos

To my best knowledge, the quality of these bags is pretty good but whether to drop pretty significant amounts on a less known brand bag is your choice. More of them here.:)

Gianfranco Ferre Hobo Bag

admin | Hobos | Friday, 23 November 2007

Gianfranco Ferre Hobo BagI think we can all agree that a spacious shoulder bag in natural colors is an absolute essential accessory that no woman should miss in her closet. Not only can it be (ab)used for all your daily matters, but also fits just about anything you happen to wear, whether it’d be casual, elegant or sporty.
For a mere $150, the Gianfranco Ferre Hobo Bag provides italian craftmanship and quality for less. The shoulder bag is made of beige canvas and caramel color leather trim. Its front pocket opens with a snap, inside two small extra pockets for small objects. It comes along with a signature dust bag.

Via Forzieri.