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Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

Louis Vuitton Monogram DenimI hope you all had a wonderful day, honoring the mothers and praising the days on which you bursted through their placentas and lost your innocence. This afternoon we introduce the Limited Edition category, in which special and limited makes of popular handbags will be featured. A good candidate is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim series with croc trim that goes for about $4200, excluding the sidekick — that goes for another $350. The series with croc trim is limited to 200 pieces.

Generally, I dislike the new denim canvas on their bags. I believe LV would be better off reinventing their bag shapes and using the classic monogram canvas, instead of overdoing the whole fruit thing and making their bags look like Marc Jacobs threw up on them. If you dig the denim, you can check Vuitton.com for more of their Monogram Denim bags… for me they mean just wasted space on the blog front page.

Dior Paris #8217;50s Print Saddle Bag

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

Dior Print Saddle BagDo you remember grabbing tugging on your daddy’s pant leg when you were a little girl and crying and begging for a pony? If you just nodded your head all I can say is, “What a selfish brat!” Wait. Just kidding, I did it all the time. A pony among many other things. In fact, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting my wonderful father, don’t even ask him if I was a difficult child (because he would obviously say No, Duh!) Anyway, what does a pony have to do with anything you ask yourself. Well, as much as many of us ladies wanted a pony, we also should want a Saddle. The Dior Saddle Bag of course! Now this isn’t just any Dior Saddle Bag, this is the Dior Paris ’50’s Print Saddle Bag, and I can tell you I really really want it worse than I ever wanted a pony!

This bag not only a limited edition but also manifests a whimsical Parisian chic style, and shows off some of the most beautiful monuments and scenes in Paris through iconic sketches including Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, and of course, fashionable women. “Prettied up with canary yellow and lilac flowers, this artful take on the classic saddle is truly a piece to treasure.” I could not agree more. Of course this classy little number is trimmed and piped in smooth leather, has the focal point at the oversized polished silver metal “D” charm dangling from the top flap, and a leather shoulder strap with polished silver metal “CD” charms. All of which I adore. Back to the pony. When you begged your daddy for that pony you just had to have, the answer was usually no. I have a feeling I will get the same response again for the much loved saddle. The Dior Paris ’50’s Print Saddle bag could be a down payment for a pony; coming in at a hefty $1,015 via eLuxury.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Panda

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

Louis Vuitton Monogram Panda Porte-cles

Takashi Murakami stikes again in full force. After creating the Monogram Cerises line along with Marc Jacobs, his creative talent gave birth to the new Monogram Panda line of bags and accessories. Don’t be fooled, this series is not new. Murakami released limited editions of monogram bags with Pandas and other characters a few years ago. However, the limited eds were only available in Japan. The line then included a variety of bags featuring the Panda, including the round coin pouch, agenda, billfold, the vavin and others.

To me, the Panda looks a little freakish. Not to mention, it might be cute on a different backdrop, but on the classic monogram…? More than questionable. But as long as it sells and the Vuitton fanbase is not revolting, Murakami must be doing something right. As about only online store, ELuxury sells the pictured Panda keychain for $140.

Searching online archives, I’ve managed to collect two images from the past Murakami Panda collection for you to appreciate:

Flower Hat Man, Panda and Onion Head:

Tanner Krolle Boxing Bag with Mini i-pod Holder

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

How to be a totally trend setting man: buy a man bag and carry and iPod. I’m too late for the invention. Tanner Krolle and oki-ni have collaborated for the first time to produce a special limited edition leather bag with a Mini i-pod holder. We have seen purses out there that hold an iPod, but not a man bag! For sure not a man bag. I dig this because it shows me that other people out there think about the men who do care about being trendy and unique.

This highly versatile and functional bag made from perforated soft Italian leather, is off set with the celebrated Tanner Krolle contrast stitch detailing. The bag; large enough for a full gym kit, has a practical waterproof compartment inside, with a discrete magnetic pocket hidden behind the embossed Tanner Krolle logo at the front. The outside zips are lockable and come complete with Tanner Krolle branded padlocks and embossed oki-ni and Tanner Krolle leather zip pulls. The mini i-pod attachment slides on to the shoulder strap for easy access but is also detachable so the holder can be used independently. The screen and navigation dial can be viewed through the holder window with the mini i-pod still secure in its case. The bag is fully lined with an exclusive print created for especially for oki-ni. Available in three colours: black, dark brown and cream these bags are extremely limited. Dimensions of boxing bag: length 32cm x width 49cm x depth 20cm, please note that the mini i-pod pictured is not supplied.

The bag just rocks. No other way around it. I even know that many of the man bags I have written about might be too trendy for many of the males out there, but this is perfect. The bag comes in black, dark brown, and cream and will cost about $ 1,269 via oki-ni.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Panda

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

Louis Vuitton Monogram Panda Bags
As we reported over a month ago, Takashi Murakami brought his exuberant art to Louis Vuitton with the release of their limited Monogram Panda series. Availability for the US had been very limited thus far, but finally you can get your hands on one of those rather extravagant LV creations. For $585, you can grab the LV Monogram Panda Trotteur, for example (left). The bag features the Monogram Panda canvas with natural cowhide trim and golden metal hardware, and an adjustable leather shoulder/cross-body strap. The leather corners and bottom are reinforced for long life span. A smaller version of the Panda’ized classic Monogram is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Panda Pochette Accessoires for $345 (link). Featuring the same materials, this pochette sports a removable leather strap with 5″ drop which can be linked to the D-ring found in many Louis Vuitton accessories. Both available now through eLuxury.com.

Chloe Paddington Bags

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

Chloe Paddington Handbag

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I need all of your help for this one. It is about time I purchase a Chloe Paddington bag for this fall. But what color is the question? I know the bags are practically sold out everywhere, but I will keep my eye out and make some calls to see if I can get one (hopefully I can work some magic). So which color shall it be – blue, red, tan, or black? Let me hear what you all think and why!

Bottega Veneta Intreciatto Leather Floral Leather Applique Bag

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

Bottega Veneta HandbagSometimes you can never truly appreciate a bag and really understand its beauty until you see it up close. While I spent all of August in Europe, I indulged myself in shopping and browsing which helped me truly understand many designers and the workmanship that goes into their pieces. A key example of this is Bottega Veneta. They are a fairly new company, but their bags have made a loud entrance into the purse and handbag market. When I went to their stores around Europe I could see the intricate design and feel their product up close- let me tell you something- it is divine! You have never felt such a soft supple leather until you feel some of their bags- not to mention they become softer with time!

While not unpacking my new place, I ran into this Bottega Veneta Intreciatto Leather Floral Leather Applique Bag. Quite the long name for quite the beautiful bag. This bag is a limited edition sienna intreciatto leather bag. What I happen to love are the floral leather applique and really nifty leather chain strap. The strap just seems so innovative and cool to me since it is like a chain-link strap made of woven leather. The bag has a flap front with press stud fastening, two small fabric flowers at each side of bag where the strap is fastened, and a small inner pocket with zip fastening. I just realized that the bag may look a little bit country to some of you- but I still think with the right outfit it could be perfectly cute. The price is, of course, a heafty number- this bag is available via Net-A-Porter for $2750.

Coach Supports the Fight Against Breast Cancer

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

For those of you who are not aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am sure many of you know women or have personally been affected by Breast Cancer. I have not only had family members who have died from it, but dealt with my own huge scare just a year and a half ago. Luckily, I am fine, but from that day on I began to try to help support the cause. Whether it is donating money to research, taking part in triathlons, or just telling the woman next to me at the cancer center that she would be another courageous and beautiful fighter, I have tried to be a part of fighting for a cure.

Coach Positively Pink WatchCoach has joined the Fight Against Breast Cancer for the month of October by giving $100 in proceeds from each Positively Pink Watch toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Coach Positively Pink Watch is not only cute but also will make your heart feel good since it is for a good cause. As if the specs really even matter, since all of us as women should be contributing to breast cancer research, but this watch is made beautifully with some of the most gorgeous details. The watch features Swiss quartz, mineral crystal, and a silver dial with Swarvoski crystal. The theme is pink, so the watch has a pink bezel, a pieced pink leather strap, and has an engraved ribbon logo on the back of the stainless steel case. If this isn’t enough, you can also count on the watch to be water resistant to 99 feet. On sale for $298 via Coach (remember $100 of those dollars goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation), this watch could not be for a better cause and could not adorn you in pink any better.

Coach Multi-Jeweled Keyfob If you want to really go all out, or chose between one or the other, Coach also has Special Edition Multi-Jeweled Keyfob. If you have been looking for a cute little key ring, this one may be the winner- not to mention 50% of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This pretty little key ring is decorated with a cluster of crystals set in silver Coach logos. To spread the hope, the enamel of the keyfob is in a pretty pink color. The keyring is nickel and measures 1 1/2a??. If the watch was too much, there is no reason all of us can’t spread some hope and love by buying this keyfob- which is a mere $58 via Coach (remember half of the proceeds of this will go towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation).

Banana Republic Floral Geisha Bag

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

Banana Republic Floral Geisha Bag

Lookin’ for a floral print bag with a little something extra? Personally, floral pattern is not always my thing- it is very hit or miss for me. Many times a miss, but a few times there has been a hit. Banana Republic’s Floral Geisha Bag is on the brink for me. This bag is part of the new limited edition collection from Banana Republic, made of silk and showing off some dangling tassel knots. Actually, I think if I could just chop off the tassels I might really like this bag. I haven’t seen a silk bag in a while, and this one is pretty cute. Along with the dark purple/blue silk body and floral pattern of the bag is pink rose-motif handles (acrylic handles) which I dig. The rose- motif and the rest of the bag intertwines a little Orient with a little flavor. Other specs on this bag that you might want to know about are: a magnetic flap closure, an inner zip pocket, satin lining, and overall dimensions being 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ x 3″. Nab this flavorful bag just under $50 { $48 via Banana Republic }.

Fendi Crackled Suede Spy

admin | Limited Editions | Monday, 26 November 2007

Fendi Crackled Suede Spy

I can’t ever get enough of the Spy. And neither can Fendi. This Fendi Crackled Suede Spy is part of the Limited Edition line of Spy bags, there are only 15 available for the US. What a flashy bag that is… not only do you get the brilliant Spy shape, but also the eyecatching effect of shiny metallic suede. Love it!

Extra info: This bag runs for almost $5,800, for those of you who might be interested in putting it on special order.