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11 Tips To Fix Your Website’s Internal Search

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Know What Visitors are Searching For: Optimizing internal site search begins with understanding what visitors are searching for,??????????, how often, and why. Do users resort to site search because of poor site navigation? Are certain queries performed over and over? Your website analytics must answer these questions (Google analytics recently launched a site search feature). In addition, track what percentage of search queries return no results. As you improve this feature, you’ll have a metric to benchmark your progress. Intelligent Search Suggestions: An intelligent site search feature, that suggests common searches as you type, is an excellent usability feature that can prevent website visitors from making queries that return no results or irrelevant items. Checkout Foodnetwork for a great working example of an AJAX intelligent search feature. Show Non-Product Results: If you analyze your log files, you’ll likely find that many search queries using your internal site search are not related to products. For example, visitors will commonly search for terms such as “return policy” or “employment.” Make sure your site search can display results from your site content as well as your product database. Handle SEO Keyword Searches: If you rely on SEO or PPC to drive site traffic, make sure that your internal site search can return results for the keyword phrases you rank for or bid on. For example, if your site ranks for “ipod accessories”, you may find that visitors immediately perform that same query on your internal site search. If the search returns no results, you’ll probably lose your visitor. Filter by Department, Size, & Color: It can be frustrating when a site search query returns too many results. Allow your visitors to filter down the results to increase the relevancy. Common filter criteria are age, product department, color, and size. Sorting by Price, Age, &amp,mulberry bayswater; Rating: At times, prioritizing search results is more important than narrowing them down. Many customers will expect to be able to sort by price, the newness of the products, or user submitted ratings. Handle Misspelled Search Terms: By analyzing searches that return no results, you should be able to identify commonly misspelled search terms. Because search engines such as Google have become sophisticated enough to suggest corrected spellings of words, your customer may expect the same from your site. Eliminate Expired Page Errors: There’s nothing worse than hitting the back button on a browser, and getting “This page has expired” error. This preventable error occurs frequently on search pages that submit queries via the “post” method. Search by Item Number: Make sure your site search can handle item number queries. When a user enters an item number that matches a product in your inventory, take them directly to the product page rather than the search results. Show Last Search Query in Search Box: After a user performs a search, populate the search form field with the exact query the customer entered. This will allow them to realize if they make a typo when searching, and easily adjust the search query. Focus on Short Tail Searches: While long tail searches have been the focus of organic SEO for quite some time, you may find it more effective to optimize for more frequently searched keywords. You may find that a small percentage of unique queries make up a large portion of overall queries. In other words,burberry check wallet, grab some low-hanging fruit by optimizing for the most frequently searched terms on your site.

Google has raised the bar. If you misspell a word, it tells you. If you perform
a search returning millions of results, they prioritize the results by showing
you the most relevant page (usually). Compare that to most internal site search
features on eCommerce sites. Not only can they not handle misspellings, they
usually to a poor job of ranking results. Combine a poor site search feature
with a confusing navigation, and you’ve got a usability nightmare.

Why optimize your internal site search? For one, some research suggests internal site search users convert 3 times better than users who don’t use search, assuming their query returns relevant results.

Below I’ve gathered up 11 ideas for improving your internal site search

How To Make A Family Tree – Software and Website R

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On the upside, it is directly linked to Ancestry, so when you add a new family member it will check its database for details and offer you what it thinks might be relevant information about other portions of your family. You can check it and directly add any information you find useful from Ancestry to your family tree. There are many advantages to this including speed and ease of use. Ancestry will match you to other people in your family who might be building family trees of their own, because as they build, the database is updated.

“You think it was on my writing table? It isn’t there anymore!”

“Belinda! Where did that sheet of paper go with my Mom’s information, you know the one with my great, great Granny’s name scrawled across the top?”


Let’s take a closer look Geni.com one of the new sites on the Internet. It has built its reputation on a very simple marketing model – appeal to young people and non-techie types. The basic premise of this site is different than other genealogy software offerings. You fill in your details, fill in your family’s details and invite your family via email to expand on what you know.

With that said, I would like to share with you my experience with family tree software and the different websites out there on the Net to help you produce your family tree. First, there is a difference between websites that have research tools and information, and websites that offer ways to document your findings.. Initially I want to talk about those software and websites which keep track of the information you will collect and organize it into a usable form. I will also attempt to clarify what is, at times, a blurring of the two types of sites and software available.



- Ease of retrieval: Retrieve your information directly from Ancestry. – Cross family trees: Make crossovers to other people’s family trees. – Add extra information to genealogy: Add extra information like occupations, addresses, christenings, and the like.

You are, of course, relying on the company to secure and store details about you and your family, so you may want to be careful what you publish; however, Ancestry.com has a strong encryption algorithm which can give you some piece of mind.

Family Tree Maker 2008, as a result, has been less than well received by most people because of some of the aforementioned issues.. The 2006 version seems to work much better and is on the whole considered a much more stable product. Go figure..


Personal Ancestral File (PAF)

Other things that make this website less than ideal:

Geni.com has one of the simpler interfaces of any of applications I’ve seen so far. You can add whole family members in an instant! A great working plan, too, why do all the filling in of forms manually?

What I won’t do is bore you with a lengthy list of software and websites. I will only list the sites I know, the ones that are most well-liked.


On the downside, it still has limited print functions and exports and imports aren’t possible, so should you ever want to move your material to another area, you will need to retype everything you’ve collected.

- With the addition of many software packages for family tree building, it was decided that there needed to be a standard file format. This standard is called GEDCOM, and utilizes the extension *.ged. It is also a way to allow you to import data from other programs or family trees. Geni.com doesn’t support this format.

I would initially look into PAF: it is cheap, easy to use and has everything you would need for a simple setup. Meanwhile, I would download a trial version of Roots Magic to consider. At $30 dollars, it isn’t a huge outlay and will give you a lot for your money. Although FTM2008 links direct into Ancestry and has some more fancy bells and whistles, it’s not all that useful and can be downright frustrating according to many users. PAF will give you the ability to export GEDCOM files which you can then import into something like Roots Magic later anyway. It is excellent preliminary step if you don’t want to spend anything or not that much.

Roots Magic and FTM2008 allow you to produce standalone versions of your family tree on a CD (or share via email), so that you can give it to family members. You can also make a website that you can show relatives and friends.

As you get more into looking into your family tree, I propose that you keep all the source numbers you use for research. I will explain this in another article, but keeping links on how you got the facts, means that if you need to check it, you can get to it easy.

The ancestry online tool allows you to add multiple entries for addresses,????, occupations, and the like which, once you start to use the census information, will become increasingly significant.

Roots Magic comes in two variations for the UK and one for the United States. The US version is comparable to the basic UK version, and it might be all you will ever need. At a price of only $30 or £15, and you can buy and immediately download it online. You can also download a demo version (15 days) from the Roots Magic website. In my video tutorials, I will use the Roots Magic software, but will show also you how to do the same things in PAF.

Ancestry.com has some definite variations:

See the video here:

This free piece of software is provided by the Latter Day Saints as from their familysearch.org website. While the software has an easy to understand interface and you can add details as you like, it isn’t linked to any of the online databases and there are some entries for the LDS that can’t be disabled. There is a reporting tool from the same site that enables you to print your family tree viewing up to 3 generations and there is an extra addon for $6.75 which will allow you to produce 10 generation printouts with posters. While the free software is good, there are some reasons one would want a full fledged piece of software that has complete reporting capabilities and a better user interface. It does, however, do GEDCOM imports and exports.

Why bother? It seems bizarre I know, but why would you want software for making family trees? Well, first for most folks, you want a single place where you can store the mass of data you are going to detect. Let’s be honest. That’s not exactly what the software is about! When most folks start learning how to make a family tree, they are pretty much interested in seeing one of those big diagrams with all their names listed. You want a framed version on your wall with your whole history in front of you, right?

“Well, if it was there the other week, love, where it is now? I’m looking there, and it’s not there.”

On the downside, this site does have a few serious design and processing flaws which would give one pause for thought when filling in personal info. After all, you are putting in very personal stuff like mother’s maiden name,???EDM, family names, dates of birth and the like. Another flaw, although not confirmed is that when you add your relatives’ email addresses Geni will send emails directly to family members. As a result, they’ve gotten a reputation of being a bit spammy for their tactics. To date, they have denied this, but it is a well known rumor.

Family Tree Maker and Roots Magic

In base functionality Family Tree Maker and Roots Magic are very comparable and both are similar to PAF. The major difference comes in user input of the free version and in their reporting capabilities. The reports from the paid for software are very customizable, and as a result produce some great storyboard type reports.

You will want to be able to develop full charts with your software . It is great if you can develop other reports, such as story boards, which give a semi-automated story for your family depending on what details you fill in.

Roots Magic video here:

Another area that needs improvement is in the reports and graphs produced by Geni.com. They are limited as it only allows you to input a limited data set. That is sufficient for some users; however, if you want to do an in-depth tracking of your relatives over their lives or from census to census, it is less feasible. You will wind up having to log one data set for each person while a viable workaround, it is time consuming and extra work.

When I began my family tree research, conversation between me and my wife went something like the above. It was wild. I had a pile of indispensable facts that sat on my desk in no particular order. It consisted of every document and photocopy I could find or buy about our family’s history, cocktail napkins with bits of the past on them, and assorted tablets filled with data. In next to no time, I was losing track of vital pieces of information, some of which I couldn’t remember I’d lost until weeks later. It was an expensive lesson and hopefully one you can avoid. Information and birth certificates needed to be reordered and once again attempts were made to organize it. I began to wonder if I’d taken on too much. It was then that I discovered the wonders of family tree software to help a build a tree but organize all my thoughts, bits and random errata into a coherent, usable form

“Darling! Where is my grandfather’s certificate of birth?”

- There is the inability to share information across trees, even if you have the exact same names and email addresses.

Okay, so what we have figured out is that you will need somewhere to put all your info. Unless you are thinking to keep thousands of napkins strewn about or if you are super-organized and keep paper records in a neat system, you will want to be able to keep everything in one place. When you start doing your family tree, you will want to record all the facts you come to,??????, like birthdates, addresses where your family lived, occupations, etc.

- Geni.com – Ancestry.com – Tribalpages.com – PAF from LDS – Family Tree Maker – Roots Magic

Ancestry is the next website we will review. In actuality, it is pretty similar to Geni.com in conception; you enter your details online, store and retrieve your saved information from a single location. Ancestry.com in essence, serves as a hub for all of your family genealogy info There are, however, some very significant differences between them. Ancestry.com has been around for a while and their attention to security is top-notch. When you put your personal, family details out there on the Internet, security is a real issue. You want to know who is reading your material.

Family Tree Maker 2008 will cost you $10 more at $40, but it does have the advantage that you can link directly into Ancestry. While you will have to wait for the CDs to arrive, it is a very nice piece of software. I have never personally been all that thrilled with its link to Ancestry, but that and the wait is its only downside. The link is indiscriminate at best and at times returns all sorts of nonsense.

While Tribal Pages.com is very similar to the other two online based systems, it does take steps in the import/export area by introducing GEDCOM and it also sports some really fine reports. The interface, unfortunately, isn’t very user friendly and at points is downright hard to understand. It also seems to continually mix up family trees making it an altogether frustrating journey.

Software and websites to consider include:

Geni.com is, however, free! And while some may say that you get what you pay for, I find some things about this site that is worth considering. I can tell you that I am not entirely convinced that this is the most appropriate tool for all but the very beginners.. It doesn’t present you with credible tracking tools or reports and your data is potentially unsafe if the company is sold.

Quality of a Good Furnace Contractor

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Of course there is another scenario, if the scope of work is different and prices are the same. Reasons for this situation are similar to having different prices. For example, one contractor may look to provide more services in order to be chosen. He may try to sway you to use his services, even though he may not be as experienced as other contractors. Another example may be perhaps one contractor has higher overhead costs or works for a big company and needs to charge more than his competitors.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Though the answers to these questions are important, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you trust your contractor and he is licensed and insured.. Remember, if you are not satisfied with the answers you receive when interviewing your contractor; it is acceptable to get additional quotes.

For the past 8 years I have renovated condominiums, built new homes and remodeled old ones. To date,???EDM, we have worked on over 50 projects. If there is one piece of advice I would give to a homeowner looking to get a furnace repair or installation done, it would be find a good contractor and get at least 3 quotes from local contractors. This article will focus on choosing a contractor to install or repair a new furnace.

If you get quotes that are wildly different, don’t automatically assume the lowest price is the best. As with choosing any product, you need to weigh the quality with the product you are purchasing. In this case the product is the work of the contractor. It is important to know the answers to the following questions to make a decision when the prices are different and the scope of work is the same. Do all the contractors have insurance? Is the quality of one contractor better than the others (gauged by references, checking the BBB, etc.), and are all the contractors licensed? The answers to these questions may affect who you choose as a contractor.

Price matters,burberry check wallet, but so too does quality. By getting more than one quote,??????, you can gauge the current market. If the three quotes are approximately the same (within 10% of each other), then you can be relatively comfortable choosing a contractor based on references. Make sure the three contractors are providing the same scope of work and guarantee. For instance, will the work be completed in the same amount of time? Will they guarantee the work for the same length of time? Are they installing the same brand or quality of furnace?

When to Use a Loss Leader Pricing Strategy

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For example, it’s a hot summer day and you want to run out to your grocery store to buy fresh strawberries and ice cream for dessert. You check the local paper in the morning before your shopping – you are shopping by price comparisons (most retailers advertise their seasonal fresh produce). You notice that the store a little further down the road has strawberries for sale at $1.99 per pound; compared to the usual price of $3.39 per pound. You decide it’s worth the drive down the road and while you’re at the store,Hermes Kelly bag, you spend $63.98 in total (not just on the fresh strawberries and ice cream). By the way, the ice cream that you bought with the low priced strawberries was a higher price than the ice cream at your usual grocery store.

The low (loss leader) price is the ‘hook’: consumers want to buy at that low price, but while they’re at the store, the psychology of this strategy is that they are at the store so they’ll usually buy more and spend more than what ‘hooked’ them into the store to begin with. Retailers can make up the loss on the low-price item from the sale of the other items or services that the consumer buys.

Do not use this strategy for products in their introductory or growth stages of their life cycles. Lowering the price to cost or below cost is seen by some as a good introductory pricing strategy however often buyers think that should be the real price (that low cost or below cost price with little or no profit in it) and will resist paying more when you try to raise the price to where it should be. If you want to introduce a new product in a way to ramp up sales, try different product and promotion strategies rather than a loss leader pricing strategy.

While it is not used as frequently in the business-to-business marketplace, loss leader pricing can be an effective strategy as well for business-to-business pricing. For example, if you are a distributor selling to the construction industry,???????????, you might want to price your nail guns at cost for a weekend construction special with the expectation that while these contractors are in your shop they will buy other tools. Or, if you are a lawyer selling your services to startup small business owners, you might price your services to incorporate their businesses at cost because you plan to sell your other higher priced services to them (e.g. partnership agreements) once you’ve developed that first relationship.

In business-to-business selling, consider using a loss leader pricing strategy for products or services in the mature stage or declining stage of their product life cycle. By pricing these products or services, which are in declining demand, at,gucci horsebit, or below, cost, you should see an increase in sales (extending the product’s life, even if just temporarily) unless the price for that product is inelastic (in other words, price movement up or down has no effect on the demand).

Loss leader pricing is a strategy used commonly by retailers: They price one item at cost or below cost. They advertise that low price. And when buyers come into the store, they will often buy more than that one product. Building strong retail marketing plans have helped business owners focus and earn a profit with a loss leader strategy.

Pricing Your Business

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If you are considering sale or transfer of your business you need to have established your own idea of the value of your business. It essentially means looking at your business as a dispassionate investor or buyer instead of the emotionally committed owner.

4. Different buyers will accept different prices, terms and conditions. They usually range from the passive investor looking for a reasonable return with reasonable risk; to the active investor who sees the potential to do better than your forecast under his own management; to the strategic investor who sees even greater opportunity in buying a competitor,??????????, supplier or customer and merging it with his existing business to increase revenues, eliminate unnecessary overheads, and substantially increase profits. The selling price will increase accordingly.

What is the P/E multiple for your company? Typically, small owner-managed businesses can support a P/E multiple of about 5x. It may be higher if earnings are very secure and not dependent on the current owner/management team and lower if future earnings are risky and very dependent on current relationships with the owner. The buyer will usually look at operating income or EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) to determine profitability before financing,??????, taxes and capital costs. That means an equity value of $500,000 based on your $100,000 per year operating income if you accept a 5x P/E multiple.

For example, Google’s price today (Dec. 10,2007) of $718 yields a P/E multiple of 56x based on current earnings of $12.78 per share. But if we use the current analysts’ consensus of $19.51 for the next 12 months the P/E is a more “reasonable” 36.8x. Still high compared to the its major competitor, Microsoft, at 22x.

1. The value to the owner is unique to that individual. Ego may artificially inflate the price, but more importantly the role and relationships established by the owner may change drastically with his/her departure and thereby affect the price.

Discounted cash flow

Other investors will take the pure financial approach of calculating discounted net present value (NPV) or the Return on Investment (ROI). Again the future net cash flows will be forecast to arrive at a valuation. The buyer will then discount at his required rate of return, typically 15% to 20%,compare prices, or calculate the expected ROI compared to that required rate of return.

For more ideas on how to get the maximum value for your business, contact us or visit Business Solutions from DirectTech at http://www.directtech.ca.

The first step is to package your business for sale. Packaging your business for sale helps you to make it a better business that is more valuable to a future owner and also easier for you to manage until transition occurs.

Some buyers will insist on looking only at net cash flow and payback period to arrive at an acceptable price based on expected earnings. They will consider their net investment, after allowing for financing, taxes, incentives and payment terms to determine how long before they get their investment back and start earning positive cash flow. They will likely have a minimum payback period, depending on risk, of from 3 to 5 years.

3. Current owners tolerate more risk, uncertainty and “fuzzy” circumstances than new owners/investors. You may be OK with the fact that you are dependent on one key supplier because he is an old high school buddy; or that you have no signed lease but the landlord is your uncle; or that your best sales rep is also your only son and he wants to be president. Prospective buyers will be much less enthusiastic unless those issues are all resolved to their satisfaction in advance of any offer to purchase or invest.

P/E multiple

In establishing the value of your business, some basic principles apply:

Payback period

Del Chatterson © 2007

The price/earnings multiple is a well recognized valuation method and widely reported for public companies. Current price divided by last reported annual earnings per share is a simple concept and a simple calculation. Unfortunately, it is not usually very relevant since the price today is based on the expectation of future earnings, not last year’s.

Are you managing your business to maximize its value?

Several valuation methodologies may be used and it is often a good idea to test different approaches to see what values they yield and then select a “market” price that can be reasonably supported by any method of valuation.

Using these same methods will give you a range of valuations depending on the various forecast scenarios to establish your own best estimate of fair market value.

2. Value is always determined by an evaluation of the future income relative to the uncertainty or risks associated with obtaining the expected returns. Regardless of the valuation method, (P/E multiple, payback period, or discounted cash flow) the forecast future income stream has to be solid and the known risks have to be reduced to get the best possible valuation.

Compare Car Insurance Online 1

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However, despite the many positives there are dangers of comparison sites which you should be aware of. Some comparison sites will receive money from the providers to ensure their company details come up all the time even if it is not the cheapest or best suited. You will need to look for an independent comparison site who favours no company more than another. These will truly find the best price for what you are after.

10 years ago, would you have contacted one car insurance provider and agreed to commit to that initial quote? Of course not, you would have phoned three, four or even more because the bottom line is that ‘you want the cheapest price for the product you want’. It has always been this way, and always will be. Especially with today’s ever so competitive markets,gucci horsebit, you have a range of companies constantly at war,Pink Gucci bags, fighting to secure more clients than their competitors. This is the perfect opportunity for you to save a fortune!

Price comparison websites are an extremely useful tool,mulberry messenger bag, you type in your criteria and they search a range of companies who meet your needs, displaying the prices of all results in seconds. The results provide you with the relevant details from every provider as if you yourself had contacted them. So, no more do you need to scan through the directories phoning numerous providers, being put on hold and wasting hours of your precious time. Imagine how much time and effort this would save?

Comparing Bank Car Loans

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One option is to rent a car. However this means paying a monthly sum that we won’t ever see again with nothing to show for it at the end. On the one hand it involves savings on tax and insurance,Pink Gucci bags, though on the other you will not get to own the car making it a bad investment over a long period of time.

Of course the bank also needs to be willing to accept you and so if you have a bad credit rating you may need to try several options and look for slightly worse deals. In this scenario you may stand a slightly better chance going with the bank that currently handles your accounts. Good luck and happy motoring!

Be careful to look out for hidden costs however such as loan repayment insurance which some banks include in the price of their loan (and often don’t include in the quote). These can be expensive and cover only a small variety of cases, so make sure you can opt out of the insurance and go private if you want to save extra money.

For many people cars are a big emotional weakness, and while we may skimp and save on every other aspect of our lives,gucci horsebit, often a new car seems like an opportunity to treat ourselves to something fancy. This is for many reasons – because we will be spending a lot of time in our new vehicle,louis vuitton porte monnaie, because we see it as a sign of status, and because we’ve had experiences with cheap and old cars before and found them to be more hassle than they’re worth.

When choosing your bank loan you need to take several things into account and should shop around and compare deals before you sign a contract. The first thing you need to do is decide how much of the cost you want to pay upfront and how much you want to pay in installments. You also need to decide how big you want the instalments to be and how long you’re willing to pay them for. In other words, you should decide on the type of loan you want before you go looking for one so that you can choose the bank car loan that best matches your plans – if you go in without a plan you may find yourself coming unstuck several months down the line.

This will already cut down the number of bank car loans to choose from. Next you need to find out which one offers the lowest percent finance. You can do this on price comparison websites, which will allow you to enter your details and terms and then calculate the cost of the loan.

Often then, looking into a way to finance a car outside of our budget can be a sensible option and a way to treat ourselves without feeling that pang of guilt. In this case there are many different options available and many ways to get a vehicle that you pay for over time.

Another option is a finance lease, often provided by the retailer or manufacturers, which allows you to pay back the price of the car over a set period of time. In most cases you pay more (except in rare cases of 0% finance, though this is rare), but with it split over that time it will feel like less and be more affordable. A similar option however would be a bank loan which is both more flexible and usually offers a lower interest rate (unless you do find 0% finance).

Compare Prices and Save Huge Amounts

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If you do have,gucci horsebit, some money left over save the money put it back somewhere and save it for some hard times. The money can also be, used in an emergency like if you should have less money than normal for groceries.

Most people budget their household money and then divide it buy 4 or 5 weekly amounts for the month. Then take one amount and shop for that week staying within the budget. You should be able to have some money left over if you are a wise shopper.

If you are a smart and wise shopper then you can compare prices and save huge amounts on the product and the groceries you buy. Here are some tips on the ways that you can compare prices on things like appliances, house goods and even food items.

Look at the advertisements you can pick up the advertisements before you begin your shopping or call the places that you shop the most and have them to send their advertisements to you in the mail.

Make you a list, go over the advertisements,compare prices, and see what products you need that are on sale; for the lowest price and what store has the product for the least price. You may have to travel to two or three different stores to get all of the items on your list. If the stores are close together this is a good deal. However, if the store were all the way across a large city then you would be using more gas and not saving money.

Some coupons are worth as much as $1.50 or more depending upon what the product is. Some of the coupons are worth as little as $0.25 cents however even the small amount off can save you money the small coupons can add up to several dollars if you use them regularly.

You can save as much as twenty or thirty dollars every two weeks by shopping this way. Another way that you can save on food items and household products is by using coupons. Coupons can save you several dollars a week just by using them weekly.

You can also do this same thing with small and large appliances you might need for your home. Compare the prices of several different stores first then when you find the appliance for the lowest price simply go to that appliance store and purchase the appliance.


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Prada Messenger Bag

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Prada Messenger Bag BeigeToday, I’m just feeling this whole safari thing. Brings out the beast in me… rawr.

The warm camello beige of Prada’s Messenger Bag is the perfect accessory for all urban city huntresses among you. It’s roomy, it’s practical. Fits your Powerbook like it was made for it. Made of Prada’s signature vela nylon, it features a generous 40 inch strap, allowing you to sling it across your chest. With tons of puches and compartments, you’ll less than likely to ever run out of space.

At $239.00 ($600 retail!!), this tres chic messenger bag won’t even make much of a dent in your bank account. Available at MetroLuxury.com.