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Alexander McQueen’s Novak

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008


This bag has all the qualities of being ‘cult status’. First of all, Brit Alexander McQueen is as cool as can be. His unique combo of edgy and ultra luxe has both uptown girls and downtown chicks panting for more.

The Season’s Worst

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008

It’s been a while since we lashed out with a list. These bags are this season’s absolute worst!

At the top of our list is the B Bag. We are only bringing it up again because this damn bag is all over magazines. This only proves that editorials brainwash the fashion world and this must be some cruel joke.

This Etro bag would be good if you are an insane rodeo clown.

Versaces is known for over the top looks but this is totally ridiculous. I mean, does this not remind you of an Afghan dog?

Luella had one bag design and made an industry out of it and now to do something different, she comes up with the idea of adding random shit to her bags.

The absolute worst trend of the season is patchwork. Patchwork is gross. Why would Chanel do a bag like this? And what? You wear it with this baseball cap and go to the county fair to churn some butter with your friends, Holly Hobby and Raggedy Ann?

Alexander McQueen is usually pretty cool in our opinion, always something interesting and innovative but making a bag out of a giant bra cup is not exactly what we had in mind.

This Botkier bag looks like you just went shopping in Chinatown. You know, those striped plastic trash bags they give you.

This Isabella Fiore bag is exactly like the one I got on my last vacation to Mexico. Except I paid $5 for it, after some heavy negotiations. Nobody beats me at bargain shopping.

Crochet Novak

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008


We first featured the Novak by Alexander McQueen last September when it made its debut and labeled it the next cult classic. It has gotten a lot of press but we feel this bag will really hit the big times with variations like this leather crochet in white. Brilliant! If you love white, this is a great bag to get because white really shows off the amazing detail, I can’t do this with yarn much less leather! We are betting Fall will bring us other creative versions of this unique constructed bag. It’s about time for the backlash of the slouchy hobo bag (which we love but fashion is all about rebelling against itself to stay alive). We like the size of this bag, it’s not the monster that is so in right now – we are rebelling that trend by only wearing wristlets and clutches this season. But then we will be back on big bags later, just not the body swallowing ones. At Net-A-Porter for $1915.

Web Snob for October 13, 2006

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008

Snob worthy reads of the week:

Now you can carry your birkin and smell like one too. Fab Sugar has the scoop on Jane Birkin’s latest venture, a fragrance called L’air de Rien.

It’s so embarassing to return make up, Elke the Beauty Newsletter shows us how to test eyeshadows and blushers before purchasing to avoid the hassle!

The Jewelry Weblog disocvered chain link necklaces from Yochi designs that we have to have for fall!

Fashiontribes shows how to steal an elegant & monied Armani Prive Couture Fall 2006 look with lots of the former for less of the latter.

Aesthetics Economics provides a look at metallics for Spring 2007 in “Precious Metals”

Second city style shows how to dress like the uber city sophisticate you secretly are.

Wish you are “less than zero” like Nicole and Lindsay? Our Glamour Diva Mattie Roberts teaches you how to count every calorie so you can rock the skinny jean look this season!

Trashionista breaks down Galliano’s Spring show in Paris.

Beauty Addict reports new shipment of Black Satin nail polish on its way to stores, call Chanel NOW!

Blogdorf Goodman sends her wish list to Santa Gloss early this year!

Girlawhirl rocks the chained necklace trend.

eBeautydaily gives us the rundown on Project Runway and requests they take it back to the basics of the first season that we all loved!

PapierDoll features Alexander McQueen spring collection, to die!

Are you a Rocker Chick, Style Maker or Global Chic Chick? Style Bites has the perfect bags to fit your personality.

We are displaced L.A. girls and we rely on L.A. Story to keep us hip to the scene! Check out the podcast on up and comer Josh Rabin!

No One Asked But Might We Suggest…..

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008


The power of photoshop is truly amazing, but if you ever want to walk around in the clear bright daylight, you really need to take care of your skin. You should use something for the wind chapped leathery skin, like the Alchemie Forever Kantic Lights Off Night Cream, which hydrates, softens and helps with redness. Get the Eye Balm too, in fact, get two and slather it on real thick.

nicolerichiearm.jpg novakclutch.jpg.

Everybody wants to feed you but we only suggest that you consider a smaller bag – like the Novak clutch. This is a good choice for you because you like super popular bags, which the iconic Novak is, and the smaller clutch version won’t look like it’s going to topple your avian-like frame.


OK, let’s see, where do we start. Well, pants. Even though leggings are not our favorite, I think it might be what you are going for. And when people talk about leggings, they don’t mean pantyhose. A brush might be good here, or if that is too much work, how about a hair band for a quick easy ponytail. And you need a new bag, please you’re a celebrity how can you still be using the clearance bin Balenciaga motorcycle? Get a cute updated bag, like the Chloe Betty in anthracite, which seems like your style, not too structured yet big enough for your obvious need to carry your house around with you. As for the shirt, if you want that sloppy look without actually looking sloppy, the super trendy kimono shirts like the cashmere wrap from Roberto Cavalli is your answer and it works well with leggings if you must. Baby steps, that’s all we ask.


There is no hope for you but at the very least, have an incredibly strict beauty regiment, one rich in oils. The Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil is anti-aging and anti-oxidant and restores much needed oils back in your skin. The Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream is known to perform miracles but even so it will not get you back to your usual Botox face, however, it will at least make you feel good about doing something natural. As for your misaligned jaw, that will require major surgery or the end of the full moon.

Net A Porter 50% OFF Sale

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008

OK, girls, get your credit cards ready because you will not want to miss this!! Starting tonight (Oct. 25) through Nov. 6, Net A Porter is having a Fall Treat Sale on a wide selection of products, including bags you want!!
Forget trying to find a “good fake”, get the real Aubergine metallic Paddington for only $895.


Alexander McQueen’s iconic Novak in quilted leather is $960. Be a part of history, this bag is already legendary. And you can get it cheap (not that you have to tell anyone).

Looking for a really good deal on a low key bag that is super hip and rich in details? The Anya Hindmarch braided leather bag is a mere $447.50. You can search high and low, you will not find anything close to this bag for the price.

For our professional friends, you must get the fabulous Celine Icon leather tote. It’s only $575 so you can be the budget conscious accountant without looking like one. This sale is so fantastic and includes amazingly good deals, like True Religion jeans for $97.50. I think Gap jeans are about that price, right? The good stuff will go fast so get the must haves now and go through every single sale item to see if there is anything that is worth buying because it is cheap, later.

Gift Ideas on Sale

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008


Net A Porter’s sale on bags has a great selection for gift idea for yourself and your loved ones! These are really great prices for those who want the best but can’t justify the prices. Don’t compromise your taste, shop sales!

Get the Alexander McQueen Leather Novak for only $735. It is an iconic bag you will want for your collection.


The Chloe Washed Tote is perfect for the everyday to kick around and at $996 you won’t feel bad carrying your shoes in them.


For those who are looking for the one great bag to buy, this Bottega Veneta Umbria is a classic you can wear with everything. It also makes a great gift for your mom, at 40% off for $1428 you can be the golden child without going into your 401K.

We give Marc Jacobs a bad rap but we are ok if you get his stuff on sale (which you always can) and this Capra satchel is a nice bag for only $810.

Skin and Bones

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008

mocadress.jpg I spent the last two weeks in LA and I can not tell you how great it was to be home with my family and close circle of best friends! In addition to spending quality time with loved ones, I went to fantastic parties and restaurants, including the opening party of Skin and Bones- Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture- at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown LA.

This exhibition explores the common visual and intellectual principles that underlie both fashion and architecture. Both disciplines start with the human body and expand on ideas of space and movement, serving as outward expressions of personal, political, and cultural identity. Architects and fashion designers produce environments defined through spatial awareness–the structures they create are based on volume, function, proportion, and material. Presenting the work of international fashion designers and architects, the exhibition examines themes such as shelter, identity, tectonic strategies, creative process, and parallel stylistic tendencies including deconstruction and minimalism. The exhibition is curated by MOCA Curator of Architecture & Design Brooke Hodge and is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue.

The exhibit showcased contemporary architects alongside designers such as Olivier Theyskens (my new obsession, watch for him at Nina Ricci next Spring), Elber Albaz (my hero), Alexander McQueen, and Viktor and Rolf. In addition to expanding my knowledge of architecture, I got to rub shoulders with A list celebs such as Demi and Ashton, Debi Mazar, and Eva Mendez. The exhibition was beautifully presented as were all those in attendance.

After viewing the exhibit my friends and I hung out at the party, the bar was set up under a giant contemporary sculpture in the courtyard and kind of scared me as I was expecting it to drop on the bartender at any moment. But all was well and we drank the night away gazing the stars in la la land, literally.

New Year’s Party

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008

It’s time to welcome the arrival of a new year again, whether you choose to celebrate at a black tie gala or kick it at home with loved ones, you will need a new outfit! Here are Bag Snob’s favorite looks of the party season for snobs of every taste and budget :

The High Maintenance Snob:
Black tie- Bottega Veneta’s single strap “Goddess gown”, the name – self explanatory, the look – timeless. A gorgeous evening gown with gathered bust details and pockets on each hip, now you have a place to put your hands when posing for the papparazzi. $2,480 at net-a-porter

highmaincocktail2.jpgCocktail- Alexander McQueen’s embroidered tulle cocktail dress is a true work of art. Layers of nude silk and tulle with black floral embroidery floating delicately on top, it is an item for a serious collector of fine clothing. As I always say, collecting handbags and clothing is an art, as evident by the current exhibit of Nan Kempner’s couture collection at the Costume Institute at the Met. If you happen to be in the city, you must go view this magnificent collection. Alexander McQueen Dress $8,280 at net-a-porter.

highmaincasual.jpgCasual- Loro Piana’s crystal cufflink silk blouse is understated glamour with subtle feminine allure, I love it when a woman wears cufflinks, it just oozes self confidence and major sex appeal without trying too hard (I often steal my husband’s cufflinks, it’s so much fun to share jewelry with him!) Pair this silk shirt with leather pants and you’ll have a sublime outfit for a casual party with friends. $785 at Vivre.

highmainbag.jpgSnob worthy bag- Bottega Veneta’s metallic suede box clutch is an immaculate finish to a fabulous outfit. $1,980 at net-a-porter

highmainshoes.jpgThe Shoe- Rene Caovilla’s crystal strap shoe with 4 inch stiletto heel is the ultimate in high maintenance glam, imagine having to wear these all night wiating for the ball to drop! $995 at Vivre

The Sensible Snob:
sensibleblacktie.jpgBlack tie- Vera Wang’s satin v neck empire gown with pleated ribbon detail is stylish and elegant. We love Vera, who else can transition from designing wedding gowns to designing mattresses without being cheesy about it? The price is so reasonable you’ll be able to splurge on shoes and a nice evening bag. $760 at net-a-porter.

sensibcocktail.jpgCocktail- Anna Sui’s metallic cocktail dress really gets us in the mood to party. The little bow is tres adorable but not too cutesy and the low v back is sexy without being skanky. It’s a yummy little dress to party the night away in. $304 at net-a-porter

sensiblecasual.jpgCasual- Sass and Bide’s satin blouson top with a pair of skinny pants and fab wedges is a hot look for our LA or Miami readers. The navy piping and lace up front detail on silk are flirty and fun touches to the classic silk blouson. $325 at net-a-porter

diorwedge.jpgThe Shoe-Dior’s metallic wedge in shimmering snakeskin is seductive and sexy for any occasion. Wedges are here to stay so get yourself a nice pair to party in. It’s also on sale at eLuxury for $375 with original retail of $650.

anyaclutch2.jpganyaclutch3.jpgSnob worthy bag- Anya Hindmarch’s gorgeous metallic frame clutch will keep you organized as you drink the night away. If you are like one of my girlfriends who will remain nameless and loses her credit cards at nightclubs, you will love the card slots, bill slot, and zippered compartment inside the clutch! Anya Hindmarch has been making bags with lots of useful compartments since she was a little girl, with this chic little clutch you won’t need a wallet!$295 at Saks Fifth Avenue

The Frugal Snob:
frugalevening.jpg Black tie- You’ll be white hot in Vera Wang’s Grecian style gown in ivory draped jersey. The horizontal draping at the waist will make you look tiny and the small train in the back will make you feel like a princess. On sale for $304 at net-a-porter

frugcock.jpgCocktail-Milly’s sexy little solange silk strapless dress will make you the envy of the party, especially if they find out you got it on sale for $144. At net-a-porter

frugalcasual.jpgCasual-Rock the night away in Munthe Plus Simonsen’s silver metallic shrug. On sale for $74 at net-a-porter

frugalbag.jpgSnob worthy Bag- Disco glam is back with this gunmetal mesh clutch from Scoop. If you haven’t noticed, we’re big on metallics and this is an easy and inexpensive way to get the look. In fact, at $98 you should buy one in every color! at net-a-porter

Alexander McQueen’s “Queenie”

admin | Alexander McQueen | Thursday, 10 April 2008


How fabulous is this new bag from McQueen??!! He is usually known for his boldness so we were surprised by this new bag, but it is certainly not any less striking with the sleek style and classic shape. The simple but big statement hardware is so perfect and we of course love the pony hair and croc which adds interest and luxury to the overall minimalist look. This bag will be a fixture for Alexander McQueen for many seasons to come (and I think he knows that, that’s why it’s called “Queenie”). Pony hair is $2330 and arrives mid Feb; Croc is $15,090 by special order only. Available at Alexander McQueen boutiques: 417 West 14th Street, New York 212 645 1797 and for our good friends in the UK, 4-5 Old Bond Street, London 44 20 7355 0088.