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Anya Hindmarch Carker

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008


If you’re sick of carrying around the same black bag day in and day out, you’ll love the Carker from Anya Hindmarch in creamy leather and subtle golden hardware. The fabulous Editor of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman, assured Bag Snob loyalist furlagirl this is the bag to invest in this season and we absolutely agree! Plus it’s so chic to carry a winter white bag during the dreary dark days of winter. It’s not as difficult to maintain as you think and it is actually easier to wear than basic black or brown. The structured clean lines of the Carker is classic and chic and the functional outer pocket is roomier than most bags which means you can shove all of your lipglosses in there. Its double handles are long enough to fit in the crook of your arm or you can attach the optional shoulder strap. And really, at $895 the Carker is a no brainer.

I love the contrast of a light colored bag against a stark black dress, the cutesy frock from See By Chloe with gold sphere buttons is perfect for a simple bag like the Carker. Both at Net-a-porter.

chloseedress.jpgSee by Chloe dress $385

Anya Hindmarch

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008

Clockwise from top left: Carker blue mock croc $1006/Carker black patent $987/Prague clutch in light bronze $460/ Perroz in bronze $1120 (all prices in approximate USD)

Designer Anya Hindmarch (named after two cool streets in London) and her line of classic bags, shoes, and well tailored clothes have been sought after by style-philes worldwide since the first bag she designed for British Bazaar in 1991. I used to shop at her boutique on Robertson(one of four in the US) often when I lived in LA and would always score sumptuous sweaters and cute shoes. One of our favorite readers, furlagirl, recently acquired a fabulous mock croc Carker which she absolutely adores. The structured top handle Carker bag has clean lines and no fuss details, which makes it an instant classic. She knew her choice was right on when the editor of an esteemed publication assured her it was a very worthy investment. Classics are always a smart choice, timeless chic never goes out of style! Select styles at net-a-porter. Check Anya Hindmarch for a location near you.

Roberto Cavalli Satin Clutch

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008


It’s the season of parties and Galas and the question is not, “What am I going to wear?” the real question is, “Which bag will I use?”. For the Bag Snobs, this is always the first question of the day and outfits are built around our daily bag of choice. And it is no different for formal affairs. That is why this Roberto Cavalli Satin Print Clutch is so appealing to us – it is especially easy to build an ensemble around and unless you’re in Chanel couture, this clutch will be the highlight of whatever you have on. Black and white is hot this season and the gold details makes this bag exquisite and lush. Yes, there is a big snake on this but I like it, it reminds me of something from Guiseppe Zanotti, my fave shoe designer for special occasions. But for the holidays, a little embellishment is acceptable, as long as they are not snowman, snowflakes, reindeer, trees, ghosts, pumpkins, etc. on sweaters (or any other article of clothing for that matter). Roberto Cavalli satin print clutch at Net-a-Porter for $1065.

Holiday Little “Black” Dress

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008

graemedress.jpg hindmarchprague.jpg

This isn’t your typical nondescript little black dress, in fact, it isn’t even black. This Graeme silk gown in tobacco is stunning yet it is understated enough for multiple wears during your holiday party season. The cummerbund stitching detail makes it super flattering, so go ahead and pig out! How much fun can you be having if you’re chewing on carrot sticks all night? And have another glass of champagne or two while you’re at it. The color of the dress is so soft it is screaming out for a fab gold bag to go with it and the Anya Hindmarch gold Prague clutch would be absolutely perfect. It will also go with just about everything you have in your closet. Gold is like black in many ways, except way less boring. Graeme dress on sale at Net a Porter for $1410. Anya Hindmarch clutch at Net a Porter for $424.

Free Shipping at Net a Porter

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008


Net-a-Porter is doing free shipping with promotion code HOLIDAYS thru Dec. 4, 2006. This is the perfect opportunity to get the winter white Marc Jacobs Stam for the holidays. I prefer to use this bag without the chain (picture is the back of the bag) but of course the chain is the big to do about this bag – I guess it’s a good thing the chain is detachable. And I don’t understand why the rumor got started that white cannot be worn this time of year, it is the perfect time for white, that is why any designer that is worth mentioning is doing white bags for winter. $1275.

Anya Hindmarch Alessandra

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008


One of our favorite bag designers is once again making us weak in the knees with this amazing elegant and ladylike calf hair chain bag. I love the combination of the chain and leather handle, it makes it less bulky and easier to carry. We’ve all had to deal with the annoying chain slipping off our shoulders! The leather detail along the center with the hardware makes this bag absolutely perfect. You can’t go wrong with this bag, it just says to the world, “I am a classic beauty!”. Net-a-Porter for $1125.

All Hail Anya

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008

AnyaHindmarch.jpgThe biggest perk of being the Bag Snobs is being able to interview incredible figures in fashion. One of our favorite designers, Anya Hindmarch was kind enough to allow us a 40 minute interview last week. She was excited to speak to us because she is a Bag Snob fan! How flattering is that? We are so incredibly excited to bring you an exclusive.

Anya Hindmarch is the epitome of a classic English beauty with flowing blonde locks and bright blue eyes. She kind of reminds us of us, speaks very fast and gets excited when talking about bags; she is a true girly girl who adores all things beautiful. She is a mother of five, 3 from her widower husband whom she married in her early 20’s and two more that they had together. She has passed down her good taste to her beautiful daughter who is already designing bags.

She is as obsessed with politics as she is with fashion. She is a notable environmental activist and thinks about the future she is handing to her children. An interesting piece of trivia no one knows about her is that she is a classically trained opera singer.

So how did this well rounded beauty become a heroine of handbags? It seems like Anya came out of the womb a bag snob. She made her first bag at the age 6 out of paper and made sure to include little compartments inside. She understood the importance of being organized even at an early age. When she was 16 she became fascinated by the psychology of handbags after her mother gave her a nice bag and it made her feel fantastic. It didn’t matter if you were dressed in sweats, a great bag instantly altered your mood. Something we can all relate to! Her future was sealed when she attended a fashion seminar given by a bag designer and right then and there knew that that was what she was meant to do. She immediately went home and designed a bag. At 18 she had her first complete collection of bags. In 20 years, she still sees herself obsessing over and designing bags.

With such inspiration behind her, it is no wonder she won the 2006 Glamour Accessories Designer of the year. There are currently 30 Anya Hindmarch stores worldwide. 17 new stores are slated for next year in New York, Asia and the Middle East, to name a few.

The “Be a Bag”, a photo customized tote bag, was created by Anya in 2001 for a charity campaign. The proceeds benefit 20 charities around the world and the campaign is supported by over one hundred celebrities including Heidi Klum, Elle MacPherson, Trudie Styler, Emma Thompson, Elton John, Boy George and Vivienne Westwood.

bespoke.jpgAnya’s favorite bag and the one that makes us flush with excitement is the Bespoke Ebury bag. It is a totally customized bag in either matte crocodile or calf leather, 2 sizes, 7 colors, silver or gold hardware and a handwritten message and your name embossed on a metal plate inside the bag. The box the bag comes in also has your name embossed on it. “The Bespoke Ebury is a very special experience and is luxury at it’s best,” says Anya. And we couldn’t agree more and cannot wait for ours to arrive!! The large calf is $1650 and the large croc is $9950.

So what suggestions does she have for fellow Bag Snobs? She thinks that a woman should pick up a new bag every season as it will update her wardrobe. carker.jpgOne like the hot Carker bag. It was designed 10 years ago but was brought back because Anya was sick of over-embellished bags. She wanted to get back to the basics because she feels that fashion is experiencing a shift towards classics. Her must have bag for Spring is the Elrod, a ’60s inspired retro bag with clean lines.

Anya?? bags are absolutely the hottest thing in London right now. They??e not the celebs??”It” bag, they??e the fashion editors??”It” bag. That is why the Anya Hindmarch client is a sophisticated bag snob.

Best of 2006

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008

It is so fun to look back at our favorite bags of the year and rank them in order of love! This was harder than you might think because we wanted to take into account bags that we feel really made an impact as well as made us swoon. At the top of our list are cherished collectibles we are sure will endure fashion ups and downs. We would love to hear what your favorite bag was for 2006 so send us a comment.

10 YSL Personalized Monogram Muse

personalized Muse. 2.jpgpersonalized Muse.jpg

This was a limited edition monogram Muse offered at Neiman Marcus last year. This was a huge bag for 2006 (by huge we mean important although it was also known as the gigantor bag for the year which we don’t love. Only in the smaller size, please) The personalization on this classic style makes it collectible worthy and distinctive.

9 Gerard Darel Satchel


This bag is on our “it” list for 2006 because we love the new designer, the bags are absolutely fab AND totally affordable. There aren’t many bags out there that can live up to Bag Snob worthiness and is cheap so this was a no brainer.

8 Tod’s Bensonville


Derek Lam’s new direction for Tod’s was a breath of fresh air and the Bensonville made a mark last year with its breezy, young and hip appeal. We always have been loyal to Tod’s for their quality but their strictly classic mature basics didn’t always fit with our party moods. The Bensonville started a change in the traditional house and we can’t wait to see where it takes us in 2007.

7 Anya Hindmarch Carker


Anya Hindmarch will be on everyone’s must have list this year. She brought back the Carker because she sees a shift towards classics and this of course is the perfect classic staple bag. The clean lines and simple elegance will have you cleaning and conditioning this bag until your arms are too weak to carry bags.

6 Chanel Bowling


You don’t normally associate Chanel with cute, fun and young but this bag is all that and still maintains everything that is Chanel. The round shape with the tucked in corners make it just different enough to be unique but is still timeless as all Chanel bags are.

5 Lanvin Monsieur


Lanvin appeals to the serious bag lovers because of it’s edgy and vintage feel. You cannot help but be marked as a fashionista with a Lanvin on your arm because it shows your sophisticated understanding of design and style.

4 Miu Miu Coffer

miu miu bag.jpg

This is our huge break out star of the year! No longer the secondary label, Miu Miu ranks above Prada as the bona fide trendsetter in Miuccia’s empire. (Prada did not even come close to being on this list). This cutest bag of the year is just a tad off beat and that’s why people can’t get enough of it, in fact, it’s one of the top selling bags of the year on our list.

3 Bottega Veneta Litchi Fume


Oh the love! Looking at this bag makes me fall in love all over again because unfortunately it was not one that landed in my closet last year. It is perfection – the slouchy croc and the go anywhere shape will be forever stylish. Bottega Veneta had an incredible year with uber fab crocker and it looks like Spring will bring us more exotic beauties as well as their signature woven leathers.

2 Pierre Hardy

pierre hardy.jpg

Pierre Hardy had a long illustrious career with Dior, Balenciaga and Hermes and finally started his own shoe collection in 1999. So it doesn’t surprise anyone that when he debuted his bag collection it would be nothing short of genius. This Besace bag dazzled fashion insiders and if you ever had the joy of seeing this bag there is not much mystery as to why. It is simply striking and beautiful.

1 Balenciaga Edition


The literal gem at the top of our list is the Balenciaga Edition. We love Nicolas Ghesquiere for honoring Cristobal Balenciaga with a replica of a historical brooch on this modern wristlet. We absolutely agree with his philosophy of respect for the old while celebrating the new. This is not only our favorite bag of the year but we feel it is the most important because in the midst of their mass market motorcycle bag craze, they still remember how the house got to where it is now.

Anya Hindmarch Elrod

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008



When we interviewed Anya Hindmarch she said the Elrod was THE must have bag for Spring. I am really digging all the details, including the gold ball on the strap that hangs over the opening. What an ingenious way to keep a bag closed while having total access! While mod is definitely the hot look right now, this bag doesn’t over do it and leaves you the option to Mod up or down. Imagine all the cute dresses that would be perfect with this bag! I love this Fendi (due to arrive at Net A Porter any minute) but if the 60’s is screaming at you, the light and airy Miu Miu pleated cap sleeve dress is absolutely adorable and would tone it way down. Elrod bag at Net-a-Porter for $975.

Anya Metallic Alessandra

admin | Anya Hindmarch | Thursday, 10 April 2008


I am still in Vail, a beautiful small mountain resort town that boasts some of the best skiing in the world but without a single worthy boutique to exercise my wallet in (and trust me, it desperately needs the workout as I have not bought a thing all year). Thanks to wireless modem however, I am able to shop online! I just placed an order for this fabulous metallic Alessandra bag by Anya Hindmarch. We lusted over the haircalf version but this rockin’ subtle gold color is just too divine to pass up. $895 at Anya Hindmarch, Soho, 115 Greene Street, New York, T: 1 212 343 8147 Anya’s online boutique or Saks Fifth Avenue (but they’re backordered til March so I’d try Anya’s boutique first!)