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Balenciaga Le Dix Croc Bites

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008

balenciaga green crocodile.jpg

Are crocodiles the new endangered species? Designers are all rushing to cash in on the popularity of gator bags with sky high price tags these days. While some, like Hermes and Prada, make our hearts flutter with desire, others just make us shudder. Nicolas Guesquiere, the once punky rebel designer who started a revolution with his distressed motorcycle bags, has lost his edge. The Balenciaga le dix became uncool the minute W magazine called it a classic and this grandma worthy version in puke green croc has ensured it’s permanent place on our shit list. The original le Dix was made of soft distressed leather, which made it slouchy and wearable. Now in crocodile the shape seems awkward and all wrong. Why didn’t Nicolas design a different bag that would suit croc skin better? Because he’s trying to cash in on the le Dix bag and hopes we’re stupid enough to buy into it. Priced at $13,000, these bags are sure to end up at Last Call at Neiman Marcus.

Balenciaga Sellier

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008

balenciaga light blue suede sellier shoulder.jpg

After milking the success of the Le Dix Motorcycle bag for 7 years, Nicolas Ghesquiere is finally back to the drawing board to plan his next bag attack. The latest from his spring collection, the Sellier bag in blue suede with subtle silver details, gets the nod from the Bag Snob. Please, give the Le Dix a break for a few seasons and perhaps we’ll be into it again. balenciaga.com for locations or call 212 206 0872 .

All fakes are not created equal

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008

Dear Snob,

How can u spot a fake?


Dear Emichiee,
Reproductions of designer bags are everywhere these days. You can go on Canal street and pick up the “birkin” or the “spy bag” for a mere $50, but those are so obviously fake that you’d be chased out of Hermes if you ever took one in there (Louis Vuitton will actually confiscate a fake and try to have you arrested and fined!). Then there are some fakes called “AAA” that look so much like the real thing that the stores have a hard time spotting them. People even sell these fakes on eBay as authentic for thousands of dollars! So how do we spot the fakes? Here are a few pointers:

HEREMES: The blind stamp under the strap is usually the first giveaway. Hermes uses the alphabet in chronological order to date the bags(not too bright cuz how hard is it to figure out that A comes before B?), for example, year 2004 was H and currently we are on year I. The craftsman ID should also be next to the blindstamp. However, we’ve recently spotted fakes with the blindstamps so the next step is to check the zipper on the inside pocket. The leather pull strip should be horiontal to the zipper, which should have Hermes engraved on it. You should also check the glue on the inside corners, does it look sloppy? The borders on the exterior leather is very hard to reproduce, check to see if it’s smooth, the fakes usually have ridges. The keys and lock should have matching numbers and Hermes engraved on them (very easy to reproduce though). The hardware should be made of palladium or 24 carat gold plate, the fakes are made of flimsy steel. Lastly, check the feet on the bottom of the bag, do they look wobbly or screw off easily? Hermes no longer authenticates bags in it’s boutiques so unless you know the person you’re buying the bag from, I’d try to get on the waitlist and wait for the real thing. (More on tips to get on the Hermes waitlist later.)

LOUIS VUITTON: This is probably the single most popular reproduced line of bags. First of all, they are made of plasic (they call it “monogrammed canvas”, whatever!) that is produced in factories in Asia so some of the fakes are made of the canvas from these factories (which makes them “real” fakes right?). It’s really hard to authenticate these bags but this is what we suggest: check the borders on the exterior, does the monogram match up? Next, is the trim real leather (light colored natural cowhide)? There is also a serial number hidden somewhere in the bag, but again, very easy to reproduce. If you like to waste money and want to pay thousands of dollars for bags made of plastic laminated canvas, we recommend you purchase them from Louis Vuitton boutiques or at a major department store.

BALENCIAGA: The le Dix motorcycle bags are everywhere, on the arms of Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan as well as our cleaning lady. The only way to tell if it’s real is to check the inside of the bag. There should be a zipper that says “Lampo” and a Balenciaga tag with it’s serial number. You’ll have to call Balenciaga and give them that number to see if it’s real or not. But seriously, this bag is so over who cares if it’s real. Just get rid of it or do what we did and give it to your maid.

CHLOE: The Paddington is easier to authenticate as the locks are very heavy (half a pound each), the key and the rest of the hardware should also be heavy, “Chloe” should be engraved on the corners of the hardware. The lock and hardware on the fakes are light and the stitching is not as sturdy. Put it on a scale and if it doesn’t weigh 3.5 pounds, it’s probably not real.

GUCCI: Like Louis Vuitton, the line is very blurred when it comes to Gucci fakes. Look for an ID number somewhere inside the bag or take it to a Gucci boutique to get authenticated.

Best of luck!
The Snob

Balenciaga Fall 2006

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008


This collection is very “precious” – makes me want to go to London for a polo match and sip tea in my Lomonosov tea set ($10,000 for a set for 6). I was a little concerned after seeing the dress he did for Gwyneth Paltrow for the Golden Globes, I thought his whole collection was going to made out of doilies and curtains for Grandmothers. But thankfully Nicolas thought of designing for girls, it’s a good thing somebody is. The little balerina tops are girly and sophisticated and the ultra chic dresses are fantastic. I am, however, a little confused about the tent dress. Well, doesn’t matter, I feel so uplifted and happy (I almost want to delete the last entry, can’t stand to look at it).

The State of The Fashion Union

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008

Gauging from the current state of the fashion industry, like Nicole Richie’s ads for Jimmy Choo, Lindsay Lohan posing for Chanel, Mischa Barton at the Dior Couture show, Victoria Beckham at the Chanel Couture show, Madonna at the Jean Paul Gaultier show and Balenciaga doing maternity for Gwenyth Paltrow, I am going to make some predictions. Lil’ Kim will be the new spokesmodel for Prada, Star Jones Reynolds will pose for Armani’s new ads campaign and Vera Wang will have an entire maternity bridal line. This is what we have come to? Please try make us believe the fantasy and glamour that fashion still embodies.

Part 1 of a weeklong series on the State of Fashion as we lead into Fashion Week in New York. Hosted by Almost Girl and Fashiontribes.

The First Bag

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008

Dear Bag Snob,

First of all, I love your website…it is perfection, and your taste is impeccable. I, too, am a fashion snob, but one with limited means. (sob) I have decided to make a new purchase and have been saving my money to buy one handbag. My price range is between $500 and $800, unless you think that I should save my money and wait until I can afford the right kind of bag.

Bag criteria:

- Go from day to night, go with almost everything
- Medium sized (I want to fit things in it, but look chic, not like a peasant carting their entire life around town).
- Undeniably stylish (I am only 22, so it needs to be young. I have a classic style that’s also hip and modern. I want to be able to wear the bag with dressier oufits but it has to be able to go with jeans and white converse too)
- Not be over next season (like the Balenciaga bags… I saw that coming miles away, but still loved those bags).
- Unsnubbable (I don’t want anyone to be able to look down on my bag….and I mean anyone.)

Colors I am considering are white (but will it be over after spring/summer?), pale gold/metallic bronze (I love metallics when used as an accent in the right way, and don’t care if this trend is over) and dark brown/black (but not fun for summer, and does brown go with black/black with brown?)

Thank you, your expert opinion would be extremely appreciated!


Dear Eliza,

Your search is something we all want – the one perfect bag! Unfortunately that doesn’t exist but that’s the beauty, how boring would it be if we only had ONE bag? But we will attempt to come up with a few options for you. Your budget is a range many of our readers have asked us about but these days, top designers are pricing most of their bags over $1000. Marc Jacobs have some that are a few dollars under $1000. And you don’t want to be out-snubbed? Well, unless you have a diamond croc Birkin, there will always be someone out there who is a bigger snob than you. What you want is to be fabulous and that we can help you with! First off, say no to your white converse! Bags are the biggest fabulous makers and shoes are a close second. We hope it’s just youthful foolishness and you’ll grow out of that (and soon!!). You did hit a biggie with metallics so you are forgiven. The trend is most certainly not over. The light, subtle tones Prada, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors are doing are really beautiful and is perfect for going from day to night. White is fabulous but of course is seasonal. If this really is your only bag, I would stick to light neutrals.

The Marc Jacobs Julia tote is definitely a basic. It will endure many trends and although it is a respectable bag, you won’t be turning heads. $995 at Net-A-Porter.

I love this gold Napa Drawstring tote from Prada. The color is so beautiful in person. This is definitely glitzy enough to make your friends jealous. The $1560 at Neiman Marcus.

This is not my first choice but again, the subtle tone of the metallic makes this bag so beautiful. The shopper style tote is clunky for evening but as an overall bag, it is very functional. $1195 at Neiman Marcus.

This Marc Jacobs Military Metallic Tote is super cute for a young girl. I love the shape and color, this is near perfect as an all around bag. The tote style is great for night because it won’t take over your shoulder if you are wearing something delicate or a strapless. (Just so you know, I am considering getting this bag.) The best part is, it right within your budget, $895 at eLuxury.


Based on your age and your budget, this is the bag I like most for you. This Miu Miu is young and hip yet classic enough to make it through many seasons. It is a good everyday size and comes in brown, tan and white (I love the white the most). The lock feature is a variation on the padlock – it is a little storage pouch, super cute! It’s just over $1000, available at Barneys New York (not available through their website).

We hope that helps and please let us know what you end up getting.

Your fabulous stylist,

The Bag Snob

B is for “Banal”

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008

balenciaga B bag.jpgbalenciaga_B_bag_2.jpg
Is this what large conglomerate fashion houses do to young talent? (the infamous Gucci group owns Balenciaga) Because Nicolas Ghesqhiere (and given his latest bag creations, I don’t give a damn how his name is spelled or pronounced because he is no longer relevant in the Bag Snob’s world) hasn’t designed anything remotely interesting since the motocycle bag. And if it weren’t for the extensive Balenciaga archives for him to copy from, his clothes wouldn’t be worth a crap either. This is his contribution to the fall season, banal bags with a giant B embossed on them. Is it me or do these bags look like they belong in the Bellagio gift shop in Vegas? I have no idea what he was thinking (or that’s just it! he no longer thinks for himself) but this is the stupidest and trite bag collection I’ve seen in a long time. In fact, Cristobal Balenciaga himself is probably turning over in his grave.

Pierre Hardy

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008

pierre hardy.jpg

PIERRE HARDY, remember this name because soon you will be coveting everything this man creates. Hermes‘ low profile shoe designer (he is also responsible for the edgy Balenciaga shoe collection) has become so hot in Hollywood he is receiving requests from Nicole Kidman for custom made shoes and handbags for the Oscars and SAG awards. Known mostly in the fashion industry for reviving the House of Dior’s shoe collection in the late 1980’s, he has since struck out on his own and created a loyal following of die hard fashionistas who keep his name to themselves. His fall bag collection is a breath of fresh air compared to Fendi and LV’s pathetic collections and we predict that mass hysteria and consumption will soon follow. This gorgeous black bag with silver piping is on the top of our list for fall! Order yours today! $1400 @ Pierre Hardy Paris Boutique- 156, galerie de Valois Jardins du Palais Royal. 33 (0)1 42 60 59 75. Worldwide.

Balenciaga Red Patent Bowler

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008


This is quite a departure from the distressed leather motorcycle Le Dix bag we’ve come to associate Balenciaga with and we absolutely love the change. The red patent leather is slick as laquer and the rounded kelly shape is adorable. Unlike the B Bag, the logo on the polished hardware is subtle and tasteful. It is the perfect bag to wear to a luncheon with this season’s Balenciaga bubble skirt suit. We usually don’t like modern interpretation of the kelly bag but in this case, it works beautifully. $1095 at Barney’s New York 212.826.8900

Balenciaga Spring 2007

admin | Balenciaga | Thursday, 10 April 2008


Did NASA have a garage sale of leftover materials used to make the Lunar Module? I mean, it has been over 30 years since the last one was made so clearly the House of Balenciaga bought up the stock in some back alley of Florida, which is entirely possible because in his own words Nicolas Ghesqui?re said his goal was to produce, “Robotic articulation. Car parts. Droids.” I mean unless there is some Star Trek convention in the Spring where I need to impress Trekkie dorks (which would never happen), how would this collection be relevant back in the real world? (which is a different reality than the one Trekkies live in). OK, so he is doing something different than the obvious flowy floral girlie dresses, but unlike Prada who aslo went another route, this collection is not wearable and is a complete departure from his Fall line which we loved.