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Bottega Veneta Trunk Show in San Fransisco!!!

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 24 October 2009

Bottega Veneta

Alright, I am trying to contain myself, but it is a bit tricky. See, Bottega Veneta is having one of their amazing trunk shows tomorrow and it is in San Fransisco. It’s only a 7 hour drive from San Diego, so I am half tempted to get in my car and head north, like, now! Well, truth be told, I probably can’t attend, but for those of you lucky ones in the San Fransisco area, you have got to check out the BV trunk show tomorrow! Here’s everything you need to know:

What: Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2010 Trunk Show

Where: 108 Geary St. San Francisco, CA 94108

When: Saturday, October 24th, 2009 from 11am – 5pm

PS – Are you seeing the bag above?!?!?! GORGEOUS beyond belief! Bring on the new Bottega Veneta bags!

Bottega Beauties

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 12 April 2008

bottega venetta flower bag 1.jpgbottega venetta flower bag.jpg

In a season where most designers are rushing to create the next “it” bag even if it means sacrificing the artistic integrity of “design”, the house of Bottega has stayed focused on making beautiful bags. We love the signature Bottega weave chain strap and the fabulous floral appliques details on this limited edition hand tooled sienna intreciatto leather bag. But beauty doesn’t come cheap, retail price at $2750 on Net-a-porter.


This ain’t your grandmother’s old weave bag. Bottega Veneta has also released limited edition bags like this leather and velvet open weave bag(left) to hipsters around the world. It takes 48 hours to weave the leather strips by hand to create each bag ($3,850 each). Run and get your BV bag asap. They are sure to become collector’s items.

Bottega Veneta Velvet Beauty

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 12 April 2008


This Bottega Veneta velvet shoulder bag is to die for. It is super luxurious and the beauty is simple even in the embroidery. The details on the chain totally make the bag, they are silver flowers. The blush velvet and yellow leather trim make this the perfect evening bag for summer. The blue suede lining is super cool! $1650 at Net A Porter.

Bottega Veneta Litchi Fume

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 12 April 2008


Be still my heart! The Bag Snob is in love! We’ve been raving about the brilliant Tomas Maier for months now and he has proven once again to be one of few great designers left in the dying fashion industry. The latest in the Bottega empire, the Litchi Fume, is the cream of the crocodile crop this season. We love the slouchy hobo shape, which is casual, young, and fun. But the richness of the camel crocodile skin also makes this one of the most elegant bags to covet this year. And at $10,100, it is a steal! (compared to $18,000 for Chanel, YSL, Ralph Lauren, and Prada crocs). Available on special order from Bottega Venetta stores worldwide (5th Ave Boutique 212-371-5511).

Venus Satin Clutch

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 12 April 2008

louboutin BLACK SATIN.jpglouboutin shoes.jpg

Our obsession with Christian Louboutin (we own almost every pair of shoes he made in the last few seasons!) continues with this gorgeous black satin clutch. There is nothing sexier than a pair of stilettos and a silky bag, you can wear jeans with a t-shirt and still look ragin’ hot! The Venus is generously sized to hold more than the requisite lipstick and change. This is a bag for high maintenance girls (meaning me) who need her cosmetic case filled with 10 shades of lipgloss (for custom blending of course!), silver eyeliner, pink blush, and KAI gardenia perfume oil (this will make your man melt, I promise!) for an evening out. I also never leave the house without my cell phone, wallet, Hermes brag book with baby photos, and candy (those who know me know that I need to eat constantly!). $895 at Net-A-Porter (free shipping extended until June 30th for bag snobs!)

Still in Love with Bottega Veneta

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 12 April 2008


We are still in love with Bottega Veneta’s crocker hobo a year later (how many loves can you say that about?) and it’s back this fall in mouth watering chocolate. How can you go wrong with a bag that has just enough detail to show off it’s craftsmanship yet tasteful and easy to wear with anything? You can tell by the intricately braided handle and woven outer pockets that these artisans are descendants of those who built the Vatican (I just made that up. OK, maybe not literally but it’s the same kind of Italian blood). Pre-order at Saks for $1780 also availabe in black. More Bottega styles available at Net-A-Porter.


Also for fall are the Pepe flap bag with lock for $2380 and the Braided Handle Tote for $1550. These are also pre-order items through Saks.

Net-a-Porter Sale

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 12 April 2008

Yes, so Net-a-Porter is a little slow coming on the sale scene, but girls, it is worth the wait!! And since our job is to advise you on smart buying decisions, we picked a few sale bags that would be great for Fall. Hey, who knew we could be so practical? But how great is it to buy a bag on sale NOW for the next season? Too good to be true. But the sale is on everything, including super cute summer dresses that you still have time this season to wear.

The Celine Clandestine frame bag is a true classic. We loved it in pink but even better for long term use is the black. You will use this for years and it’s on sale for only $837 (originally $1395).

The Bottega Veneta Leather and velvet bag is a bag we absolutely love and red is THE color for Fall. The embroidered detail is sooo beautiful. $1,780 on sale for $1,068.

Amazingly, the uber popular Marc Jacobs Ursula Bowler Bag is on sale. Metallic is of course perfect for the holiday season and it looks like the trend is going to continue because a lot of Fall bags are coming in metallic. So all in all, this is a smart buy for $645 (was $1075.00).

The Bottega Veneta Karung Snakeskin Bag was $3,150 and on sale for $1417.50. It is a great price for exotic and it is especially good for the coming holiday season. We love this bag for the tortoise shell chain handle.

Bottega Veneta Large Ostrich Tote

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 12 April 2008


bottegahome.jpgLook at this woven ostrich office tote. It is meant for holding documents and magazines for work (I suppose not everyone’s work requires the reading of magazine but whatever, you know what I mean). It is the ultimate in luxury to have your entire home and office appointed with Bottega Veneta furniture and accessories. It is a little too much testosterone for me but each individual piece is oh so deliciously Bottega! Tote is $21,260. Available at Bottega Veneta stores, call 646-292-5888.

I Have Things To Carry, Too!

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 12 April 2008

“The male kangaroo doesn?? have a pouch; only the female has it. So the male has pouch envy. Why should she have this huge pouch, and I have nothing? I have things to carry, too. At least give me a pocket.” – from Seinfeld

terrence_howard_croc_clutch_sm.jpgOh the hilarity of Seinfeld, yes we miss it. And so true. We get a lot of emails from men asking about man bags – not computer bags, backpacks or Jack Bauer type messenger bags. They want real bags, the kind that stand up to the fashion rigour of women’s bags, like Terrence Howard at last year’s Oscars with an alligator clutch any girl would envy. I mean, it totally makes sense and completely acceptable for men to carry bags. Again referencing Seinfeld, remember George’s over stuffed wallet? He clearly needed a bag because his back became misaligned from sitting on his 8 inch thick wallet. Men carry lots of things around with them, like an iPod, PSP, Treo, camera and maybe some snacks. Where do they put all that? What if it’s warm out and they don’t need a jacket with 10 pockets? Fret no more. Here are our picks for our male snobs.

John Varvatos Folio Messenger


This bag is very masculine. It is basic and simple so he won’t get grief from his buddies for carrying his girlfriend’s bag. This is an all around functional bag, it is just the right size for the everyday as well as for sightseeing when on vacation. Neiman Marcus for $695.

Ferragamo Bleeker Messenger


I love this adventurer’s bag! Doesn’t it look like something an archaeologist would carry? A cool archaeologist like Indiana Jones. This is perfect for those with a 10.1 megapixel Canon Digital Rebel. This bag screams manly and is ultra stylish. Neiman Marcus for $1400.

Martin Margiela Travel Bag


Every man needs a carry-on that looks like this. Don’t use a raggedy old duffel bag when you travel, please. You’re not going to the gym. The flight attendant will be so much nicer to you if you look respectable and she’ll even help you find a nice big spot overhead for this beautiful bag. At Aloha Rag for $1500 (currently sold out).

Bottega Woven Messenger Moro-Nero


Now we get into the fuzzy area of the “He-She” bags. But of course, this is Bottega Veneta so it is going to appeal to the super polished custom tailored suits, special designer washed jeans on the weekends, funky shoes that would be totally girlie if it weren’t in a size 13, kind of men so on him this bag would not stand out as odd. At Bottega Veneta online for $2650.

Bottega Veneta Pepe

If the woven leather Bottega Veneta looks like something your girlfriend or wife will steal from you, this alternative is just as stylish without the risk. The woven detailing is on the gusset so you still get the fab BV look with a little more testosterone. At Bottega Veneta online for $1350.

Prada Travel Tote


I’ll admit this bag is iffy for a guy but if you’re a DJ, imagine how cool you would be showing up with this? Just make sure you are prepared to impress the crowd because if all you have up your sleeve is Fergie, you would be a total poser. I do love this bag though, it would be perfect for lawyers or anyone who needs to transport documents. The leather is so yummy! At Saks for $1910.

The hunt for the perfect wallet

admin | Bottega veneta | Saturday, 12 April 2008

Chanel wallets
It seems everyone is on the hunt for the perfect wallet, we’ve received numerous emails from readers who can’t seem to find one that fits all of their needs. I’ve gone through half a dozen wallets myself in the last few years and my favorite is my Chanel long caviar leather wallet with separate compartments for foreign currency, checks, cash, and credit cards. Wallets are very personal as they contain our entire lives in them and they are used more than any other accessory so we want them to look pretty, be functional, and they need to be sturdy enough to stand the abuse they are put through on a daily basis! With that in mind, here are a few of the best choices online:

todskatewallet.jpg If you are looking for a wallet that will stand the changing styles of time, Tod’s is your answer. Kate long wallet has many useful compartments all zipped up so you won’t have little pieces of receipts and/or money hanging out. Tod’s wallets are just as well made as their bags so you can expect this wallet to last you for years but why would you want it to? It’s so boring to use the same wallet forever. $345 at eLuxury

marcjacobswalletquilted.jpgMarc Jacobs quilted wallet in cream quilted leather is subtle and pretty. Unlike some of his latest atrocities, I wouldn’t be embarassed to carry this, logo and all. $425 at Net-a-Porter

redpaddingtonwallet.jpgChloe’s Red paddington wallet is trendy and fun, I absolutely love the miniature padlock and outer compartment, you can hide valuables that aren’t used often in there. It’s also cute enough to double as a clutch without the hefty Paddington bag price tag. Let’s just hope it doesn’t weigh a ton. $590 at Net-a-Porter

bottegawalletbrown.jpgBottega Veneta French flap wallet (4.5 inches long) or Bottega woven wallet (8 inches long). I love the signature Bottega woven leather on the wallets, as for the size, I prefer the longer wallets because I have so many things that need to be with me at all times! $410 – $530 at Saks.comBottegawallet2.jpg

Louis Vuitton French purse wallet is a good basic in its classic Epi leather, durable and scratch proof, this is a good choice if you throw your wallet around alot. The coin purse is on the backside rather than inside, which comes in handy if you like to lug around lots of coins but there are only 4 credit card slots, which is actually plenty, how many credit cards do you need to carry around anyway? $635 at eLuxury

pradawalletcontinental.jpgIf your style is sleek and chic, Prada’s Continental wallet is perfect for you. How fabulous is the metallic leather? I have a Prada checkbook made of the same leather from college and it still looks new. $385 at Saks.