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Renewable Energy Sector Boosted by Oil Price Rises

admin | Burberry | Monday, 10 May 2010

Along with carbon capture and storage technologies, carbon emissions trading, new nuclear capabilities, and energy saving and efficiency measures, renewable energy is part of the government’s plan to shift the UK to a low-carbon, more self-sufficient energy economy that addresses both climate change and security of supply issues.

Against a global backdrop of rocketing oil prices and concerns about climate change and security of energy supply, interest in renewables has never been more intense. Renewable energy is energy from natural sources – the wind, sun, geothermal, waves and tides,gucci horsebit, and water – which, unlike fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and oil, will never run out. Furthermore, most renewable energy technologies produce little or no greenhouse gases – the main cause of climate change.

The UK’s Renewable Energy Strategy 2009, published in July 2009, sets out how the government plans to achieve its ambitious renewable energy target. Specific objectives include generating more than 30% of electricity from renewable sources (compared to around 5.5% today), mostly on- and off-shore wind, but also hydro, biomass and marine power technologies. Transport energy from renewables will need to increase from the current 2.6% to 10%, and 12% of heat energy is projected to come from sources such as biomass, solar and biogas.

The key challenges with renewable energy are how to extract it, turn it into usable energy and deliver it to where it is needed. Not renowned for being the sunniest of places, the UK has some of Europe’s best wind power resources and is a world leader in marine power technology. Although wave and tidal power technologies are still in their infancy, the Carbon Trust estimates that marine power sources could provide up to 15% of the UK’s electricity. In May 2008, the world’s first commercial tidal turbine was installed in Strangford Narrows, Northern Ireland providing power to 1,gucci bullet bag,000 homes.

Growing at a global rate of 30%, wind power is the most mature and cost-effective renewable energy technology: worldwide in 2008 there was 121 GW of installed wind capacity, with the UK accounting for some 4 GW of installed capacity by the end of 2009. Under the EU Renewable Energy Directive, the UK government has signed up to a legally binding target of generating 15% of UK energy from renewables by 2020. This is a seven-fold increase from the 2008 level of just over 2%. Renewable power production in the UK is at a very low level compared to other countries such as Denmark, Spain, Germany and the US. There is a mountain to climb if the 15% target is to be met.

If the strategy achieves its goals, the UK will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by more than 750 million tonnes between now and 2030. Fossil fuel consumption will decrease by around 10% and gas imports by 20-30% by 2020. The strategy predicts that achieving the targets could create half a million jobs in the renewable energy sector by 2020,spring summer 2010, and leverage £100 billion worth of investment opportunities.

With Printer Prices Falling – Why Are Ink Prices S

admin | Burberry | Friday, 07 May 2010

Third option is to use a continuous-ink system. It is a great solution for mass printing customers, such as designers, graphics works, imaging shops and busy offices. Large bottles sit in a container next to your printer and administer ink continuously via small hoses into special cartridges, the ink flows from external ink tank to ink cartridges .You just purchase bulk ink and just fill the bottles and you then have a continuous supply of ink which is much cheaper.

My printer cost me $39 and my replacement cartridge cost me $49. Surely that can’t be right?

These are just some cost saving ideas that can help reduce your cost of printing and stop you from pulling your hair out at the thought of replacing your printer cartridges.

Every where you look today retail shops are selling discounted printers at reduced prices, some even as low as $39. With printers at record low prices you would think ink cartridges would fall in price also. Well they haven’t,bally briefcase, ink has become one of the worlds most expensive commodities.

What are the solutions? Well you can purchase compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges. They are a great way to save money and also help the environment by reducing landfill. The prints are of high quality and at a 3rd of the cost of originals, the savings are great. Third party manufactures have also done extensive research to ensure their products are of the highest quality and reliability. Another cost saving option is to use a professional refill service. By refilling your cartridges you can save a considerable amount of money, up to 70%. Cartridges will average between 5 and 8 refills,burberry check wallet, with some getting as many as 12 or more before their life spans are exhausted.

This has made consumers angry and annoyed at the price of replacement ink cartridges, which has lead to resentment towards Brand manufactures and rightly so. It has become an increasingly expensive grudge purchase, as much as putting petrol in your. What has this all lead to? Well consumers are now being tempted by third-party substitutes, which cost considerably less, up to 70% less. “If you were to buy blood from the Red Cross it would set you back just 40 cents a ml. Where as a HP black ink cartridge costs 71 cents a ml” No wonder people are turning to the cheaper option.

Plus the refilled cartridges usually have have more ink, some even double the amount of ink, depending on where you get them refilled. The prints will also be just as good as the original cartridge and there is plenty of recycling benefits. If you print in large volumes consider buying a laser printer. Laser toner cartridges are more expensive initially but print price per page is lower as low as 2 cents per page compared to 15 cents for ink cartridges. Inkjets printer cartridges offer low initial costs with the best photo quality,??????????, but higher printing costs in the long run. For business, monochrome lasers are your best choice for offices, as the cost is the lowest and replacing a toner cartridge involves only purchasing the black toner instead of all 4 colors.

The printer supplies industry charge low prices for your printer, then hit you with expensive cartridge replacements, they make hefty profits on the sale of cartridges. The manufactures sell consumer printers at cost and even sometimes at loss, they then rely on the sale of ink cartridges and paper to subsidize the relatively low cost printers. Replacing your ink cartridges can cost you as much as buying the printer in the long run. All these higher costs have given birth to the aftermarket ink and toner business. Third party manufactures have refilled and remanufactured cartridges and developed compatible cartridges at a third of the cost of originals and offered an alternative to higher priced originals.

Comparing Individual and Family Health Insurance

admin | Burberry | Monday, 03 May 2010

There are some important considerations to make before you decide what type of plan you want to go with other than what the premiums will be.

What are the deductibles? The premium is just one part of what you will pay for health insurance. You also need to know what the deductible will be once you need medical attention. If your deductibles are too high, you may always feel like you are paying a fortune in medical bills before the insurance ever kicks in.

Generally, there are two ways to go – individual health insurance plans or family health insurance plans. An individual health insurance plan will do just what you would expect, insure just one individual, by name. A family health insurance plan on the other hand will cover all the members of your immediate family, usually two parents and all their children.

Is your doctor included? If you are very fond of your particular doctor,signature bag, you need to make sure that person is in the plan that you go with. Different insurance companies have different networks of doctors that they approve of. Make sure your doctor is included.

Are there preexisting conditions? If anyone in your family has preexisting health conditions, you could be in for trouble. Many insurance companies will not accept individual policies for those who have preexisting health conditions like diabetes or cancer. In this case you will have to look back to a family plan that must accept all the members of the family.

Do you have high-risk habits? Health insurance companies are keeping an eye on a lot of health conditions these days to see who is at risk and who is likely going to be less of an expense to them. Two of the things they look at are if the candidate is a smoker or overweight as both of these are linked to medical conditions down the road.

If you have a large family, what you need to have may be a no-brainer – have family insurance that will cover you, your spouse and all the kids. But what if there aren’t as many of you? Today’s families come in all sizes. Some couples have only one child. Other families have only one parent with a child or two. In these cases,mulberry bayswater, a family plan may not be the best deal out there.

For the most part the price of a family plan is meant to cover two parents and two children. If your family is smaller than this,????, it is a good idea to compare the price of individual policies for the members of your family as well as the price for a family plan.

If you are working to have your family covered by a health insurance plan, you may be looking at a number of options for how to best get everyone the coverage they need.

High Wind Penetration – Solution For Small Markets

admin | Burberry | Monday, 03 May 2010

Many islands face severe financing limitations and therefore often chose the PPA path (Power Purchase Agreement), where an independent power producer (IPP) supplies renewable energy. In cases where the wind penetration is initially set at 15-20%, the vendor with the lowest price per kWh may win the concession. But, there is a string attached -and it’s a big one-. Most traditionally designed windmills are aimed at low wind penetration. Their natural behaviour destabilises the grid, simply because the wind comes not constant, but with fast rising peaks. As long as the grid is stable enough this works well -for low wind penetration-. But it also closes the door for higher wind penetration and that’s the real pitfall.

· High wind penetration is no longer an unreachable wish, but a technically feasible and economical solution

The past decades, wind energy has been the underdog in energy world, where government subsidies and idealists were the main driving forces. The rapid increase of oil prices, global warming concerns and oil dependency made the need for subsidising obsolete. In small markets the situation is even more extreme as the fuel cost per kWh is amongst the highest due to the small size of the operations.

The 2 MW wind generators have the additional advantage as having a higher tower. A 100 meter tower makes economic sense with a 2 MW, but a 900 kW stops at 65 meter for the same reason. That difference mean significantly more wind. For good order, with the high wind penetration it may be necessary to upgrade the diesel plants (and if applicable hydro) as the central control system must be able to switch them on or off or at a particular (efficient) load. These costs have not been brought forward here, but neither are the savings associated with these measures. Finally, for those markets with hydro power installed, pumping up water to the reservoir before the hydro plant, is a very attractive energy storage option, cheaper than any other form of energy storage. Renovations may be required to be able to switch the plant on and off, in addition to pumping water but these costs are very acceptable compared to the savings.

· For markets that (will) have hydro, the high wind penetration is the only sensible choice offering dramatic savings.

With a highly favourable wind regime it is no wonder that the Caribbean is now seen as a prime market for wind energy. However, current plans are not very aggressive, aiming at a net wind penetration of up to 20%. While this is better than nothing it does not really address the underlying concern and is more a sign of good will than truly solving the issue. The example situation described below shows a typical island energy situation.

But, there is more. To obtain really high wind penetrations, energy storage is necessary. Typical solutions involve energy storage of 4-8 hours [of the peaks]. This allows to control the diesel plant and let it run in the most optimal fashion, i.e., at 80% load or even switch off in a high wind situation. These windmills are indeed able to run stand-alone! Because of the stabilisation measures needed to support a higher wind penetration, the cost per kWh increases with wind penetration. However, as the effective kWh cost (mix of wind energy cost and diesel cost) goes down with every step, high wind penetration really pays.


The reason why the energy industry in the Caribbean is not massively moving forward towards high wind penetration is the same reason why wind energy in the region lagged behind. This is understandable as this is a complex matter, but I am glad to report that there are some utilities who -assisted by external specialists- have seen the ‘high wind’ light. Another issue that need to be clarified is reports that say the maximum size that can be installed in the Caribbean is 900 kW. However, the state-of-the-art windmills are in the 2 MW range. This statement was true for monopole designs where large cranes were necessary that even made installing the 900 kW windmills a challenge, while traditional lattice towers were considered to be too maintenance-prone. However,burberry check wallet, in recent years (the recommendations originate before that) new tower constructions were developed, based upon the traditional lattice tower, but with tubular segments. Compare it to a high tech Eiffel tower… The weight is less than a third of the tubular tower at improved strength and without maintenance issues! By placing a top crane on the top of the tower that can lift up the very heavy generators etc., the main crane only needs to have a capacity of 18 tons, even less than required for 900 kW tubular towers.

&middot,??????????; Advanced 2 MW windmills can be installed in Caribbean islands using the latest tower and lifting technology.

To keep the path to high wind penetration open for tomorrow, the right decisions need to be taken today

Below I describe a (real) case of a Caribbean island’s energy situation. The described solution is to use windmills that -rather than destabilising the grid- support the grid. There are state-of-the-art windmills out there that first convert AC to DC and then generate a highly defined AC. For the specialists: this opens the door to compensate an inductive grid -which it usually is- by a programmable cosine phi, in addition to frequency support. But the AC/DC/AC process has another significant -until now less recognised- feature: the ability to stabilise the output of the wind generators. As long as the nominal output of the wind generators is less than about 80% of the base (minimum) load, a large capacitor bank will do the job and convert the peaks caused by the wind in a smooth output. That is a major winning point for the AC/DC/AC based systems as this allows the wind penetration to be roughly double -without further measures-! This more than justifies the higher cost of these best-of-class windmills; not even counting the other positive effects as described above.

&middot,???EDM; The initial investment in the first Megawatts of state-of-the-art AC/DC/.AC windmill capacity may be higher than traditional wind turbines, but it already pays off in the first stage of high wind penetration, not even considering the positive effects on the grid.

Numis Network MLM Review – How to Read Long Term G

admin | Burberry | Thursday, 29 April 2010

Back in 1979, the price of gold rose from $220 an ounce to $870 an ounce. Fortunes were made in both the gold futures and options markets. These are basically commodities that are publicly traded on the New York Comex Exchange. However these commodities are incredibly risky.

Dollar-cost averaging is a proven wealth-creation system that has been used by investment advisors successfully by simply investing a fixed amount of money at consistent time intervals for the long term. There is proof that gold investors who have literally made fortunes by applying the dollar-cost averaging principle to their gold coin portfolio: buying less when the market is at it’s peak point in an uptrend and buying more when the market is bottoming out in it’s long term uptrend.

Numis network is a new company that offers gold and silver Numismatic coins for sale through a network marketing channel. They are the first MLM company to offer coins to their distributors. You are probably wondering why bother buying coins from them when you can buy it directly from other reputable companies. The answer is quite simple. With other companies,mulberry bag, you are not going to get compensated for referring your friends,??????, colleagues and potential prospects to this business. So,Hermes Kelly bag, in essence, you are getting paid two ways: the value of the coins going up in value and the commissions from referrals. But now you probably have a question about the stability of gold coins in relation to risk. I am going to show you how to read the long term gold charts so you can see for yourself that gold is in a long term uptrend and why you should be on board this huge wave of prosperity.

How Does Numis Network Gold Coins Compare To the Gold Futures and Options Markets?

A great alternative to the risky gold futures contract is an option contract. They function pretty much the same way like a stock option where your risk is strictly limited to the amount of your investment. On the other hand, gold futures involves unlimited risk where your losses can exceed what original investment.

I hope this will get you excited about what I am going to reveal to you on how you can easily repeat history again. As a matter of fact, history has already repeated with gold breaking the all time high of $870 set back in the Carter Administration. Gold is trading at $1200 an ounce at the time of this writing.

Look at Numismatic gold coins as a moving average of the wild up and down fluctuations in the gold market. Have your investment advisor ever educated you on the importance of moving averages. They are considered a great tool to predicting long term stock market trends. Are you familiar with the principle of dollar cost average with your 401K plan?

Fact: Gold Was At An All Time High of $870 An Ounce During The Last Years of The Carter Administration

I have heard success stories of people buying gold options as cheap as $10 per option. That $10 option got exercised at a price of over $10,000 easily. What is the rate of return on your investment? Just imagine how many $10 options can you buy and do the math. Pretty astronomical?

Options, on the other hand, can be purchased at a steep discount compared to the futures contracts. If you invest in stock options, you already know that you can buy stocks at a huge discount. But the problem with options is that there is an expiration date attached to it. That simply means that if gold doesn’t rise above a certain price (also known as the strike price), you would lose money. But with the right timing, you can literally make a ton of money.

There is no downside risk. You have a lot of unlimited upside potential. Although gold coins do rise and fall in value in relation to the gold futures markets, the great advantage of buying Numismatic gold coins is that they do not fluctuate wildly like the futures markets.

Vinyl Replacement Windows – Compare Various Brands

admin | Burberry | Tuesday, 27 April 2010

You can buy the Milgard Tuscany vinyl windows for your residential home. I have found them to work great except that they do not tilt-in especially this single hung one. This really makes it difficult when trying to clean them. Despite all that when I considered the other brands like Amerimax, Atrium and Simonton – Milgard was the cheapest of them all.

Next up are Anlin. In my opinion these are okay but I have heard someone who had bought them to try and save energy telling me that they didn’t perform as good. Don’t be fooled by the sales person telling you these are the best energy saving windows. I think there are better options when looking into energy efficient ones. Besides that,mulberry bag, these work well,signature bag, however,Lowest Prices, they do not necessarily come cheap.

As for Pella – this is a great company with great windows buy I am not impressed with their Pella ThermaStar. In my opinion they are low-grade vinyl windows for those people looking for a cheap price.

I have written a number of vinyl replacement windows compare or comparison-based reviews. Each time I consider various aspects of the subject matter. Today I have picked some few brands that I want us to look at. I have not limited this article to only these so do read right to the end.

When looking at vinyl replacement windows – compare various things not just the price. You need to look at the service, durability, functionality and proximity of the supplier.

You can also try your luck with Polybau. I seriously cannot complain about their price – when compared to some I have seen. The only issue that I have picked up with these is the service offered by the seller. Although I do not have personal experience with this but I have read in my blog comments about how the service guys are always late or don’t even show up.

Then there is also Amerimax. They are quite nice. One thing I love about them is that they make the house a quieter and these are really energy efficient. You can go for the double hung ones so you can clean them easily.

A Powerful Strategy to Bring Down the Crude Oil Pr

admin | Burberry | Wednesday, 14 April 2010

1. The unwillingness of OPEC to raise production or disconnect delivery prices from future prices.

World’s top leaders including US President George Bush have requested OPEC to increase oil production and thereby check the price manipulation by speculators so that oil prices may come down and adjust to their natural level as guided by true demand-supply forces. However, OPEC is not interested in increasing oil production and thus leaving oil prices for manipulation by speculators.

4. The constant depreciation of dollar against other major currencies like euro etc. is prompting speculators to hedge their dollars in oil futures. The trend of dollar depreciation may continue is a common perception.

2. Low margin requirement in futures market is giving enormous financial leveraging to speculators. Currently,compare prices, it is about 6 percent which means to take position of 100,000 dollar one is required to pay only 6,000 dollar as a margin. This gives speculators a financial leverage of about 16 times of their money.

We are bound to have high energy prices situation in future also because following factors which are working in favour of speculators today may continue in future as well :

Dear friends, if you feel that by above strategy we can collectively bring down oil prices then please tell your friends and relatives to visit my blog so that we can trigger a collective action globally.

Damaging effect on global economy

2.Make protest for margin rise : My US friends should make a strong protest to their government to direct NYMEX to raise margin on oil futures from current level of about 6 percent to the higher level of say 25 to 50 percent. This will reduce financial leveraging power of speculators considerably and will force them to cut their positions. As a result, crude prices will start downward journey. My British friends should also initiate a similar action for ICE Futures Exchange.

However, by not taking a positive step, OPEC is indirectly supporting speculators.

The crude prices has taken world economy into a danger zone. In today’s integrated global economy, we all are interdependent and our fortunes are linked. Therefore, all of us are bound to face dire consequences of high energy prices. Should we silently watch OPEC’s inaction and oil speculators price manipulation? I feel, we should not. Then, what should we do? I have a two pronged action plan as detailed below :

Our collective action is the only solution

Abnormal Oil price rise is due to speculation

Rich people, especially of oil importing nations, will not be spared either. They will see massive erosion in their wealth. Sensing the possible global industrial slowdown, Industrial Assets i.e. Shares are biting the dust all over the world. Real Estate prices are also on southwards journey. In India, bank deposits have already started giving negative returns i.e. inflation rate has exceeded interest rate. This may be true in other countries also, I presume. The negative wealth effect leading to reduction in consumption and investment will accelerate economic downturn.

All of us are hit hard by high and rising Crude Oil prices. Since the grains are being used to produce bio-fuels, food prices too has risen sharply. Due to rise in both food and fuel prices the inflation is scaling new heights across the globe. In India,???????????, current inflation rate is at a 13 year high.

Most of the nations, for their oil need, are dependent on OPEC (an organisation of 13 oil exporting nations). For OPEC nations, the production cost of one barrel (1 barrel equals 158.9 litre) oil is around 15 to 20 dollars(Source: Business Today). In last one year, world oil consumption has increased from 85 million barrel per day to 86 million barrel per day. However, the oil production is stagnant at last year level of 85 million barrel per day.

Alternatively, Even without raising production OPEC can stabilize oil prices by completely disconnecting delivery prices from future market prices. If OPEC starts delivering oil at a fixed price for example @ 80 dollar a barrel, irrespective of future market prices, then even future prices will cool down immediately.

Why Oil prices will not come down ?

Production cost and Demand-Supply situation

1.Reduce oil consumption : We, the oil consumers of non-OPEC nations (as OPEC nations citizens are rather insulated) in general, and individual vehicle owners in particular, should take a collective step to reduce our personal transport oil consumption by 10 to 20 percent in litre terms for next few months. Since personal transportation accounts more than one third of global oil consumption,??????, hence, our collective action will result in about 3 to 6 percent lesser global oil demand. This will completely reverse the demand-supply equation. In the changed scenario of supply exceeding demand, speculators will not be able to hold prices higher for a longer period as they will be forced to unwind their positions. And, this will bring down oil prices.

Even though there is only 1.2 percent mismatch between demand and supply, the oil prices in last one year has doubled from about 70 dollar a barrel to 140 plus dollar a barrel. Clearly, this abnormal rise is not reflecting natural market forces of demand and supply.

All this shows that we, the oil consumers, are totally at the mercy of producers (OPEC) and price manipulators (speculators) and are bound to pay exorbitantly high prices for our energy needs. Moreover, recently OPEC Chairman has indicated that oil prices may rise to 150 to 170 dollar a barrel in coming months.

The OPEC’s inaction

In addition to quick transfer of non OPEC nations wealth to OPEC nations, these high crude oil prices will damage global economy seriously. As per an IMF research report, a permanent 5 dollar a barrel rise in oil prices reduces world GDP growth rate by 0.3 percent(Source: Business World). It may be noted that last year world GDP grew by 3.7 percent. The rise of about 60 to 70 dollar a barrel in oil prices in last one year, if it sustains at these levels, will not only reduce world GDP growth drastically but may even trigger a global recession.

Due to slowdown in global economy, there will be large scale of job cuts across the globe and millions of people will become jobless. Grains, in larger quantity, will be diverted for production of more bio-fuels as a oil substitute, which in turn will take already high food prices to newer heights. This will hit hardest the poor people. Millions of poor people will be forced to die of hunger. Out of desperation, many of them will indulge in food riots, a phenomenon we have witnessed in recent past in more than 30 countries.

3. The low cost of capital. Since last year, when US sub-prime (bad housing loan) crisis came to surface, the US central bank Federal Reserve has continuously reduced interest rates to save the real economy from going into recession. This low interest rate is a boon to speculators.

Windfall gains to OPEC nations

This abnormal rise in oil prices is a result of very high level of speculation taking place in oil futures at NYMEX in New York and ICE Futures exchange in London. As per one estimate, speculators have taken huge positions of more than 12,000 billion dollars which is roughly seven times of world’s annual oil bill of previous year(Source: The Economic Times). Since OPEC decides actual delivery prices on the basis of prevailing future prices, therefore, we (the oil consumers) are forced to pay an additional speculative premium. According to some experts, this premium is about 50 to 60 dollar per barrel.

In fact, OPEC has vested interest in high oil prices. At current price level of about 140 plus dollar a barrel, the OPEC nations will get 1,000 billion dollars extra, for same oil quantity, in current year compared to past year. And, this amount is equal to India’s last year GDP i.e. the value of goods and services produced by 1100 million Indians in the whole year. And don’t forget, India is world’s tenth largest economy. In this manner, non OPEC world’s wealth is quickly transferring to OPEC nations.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Diaper Bags

admin | Burberry | Monday, 05 November 2007

Kate Spade Large Diaper Bag If your mother is a new mother, a new diaper bag is not only a nice idea but a necessity for new mommies and their babies. There are two diaper bags that can be either for a baby boy or girl and can show off the mother’s sense of style (even when she is actually beyond exhausted). First I want to delve into the glorified simplicity of designer Kate Spade with her Kate Spade Large Baby Bag. The baby bag is made of cotton canvas with adorable doodle-print nylon changing pad and lining. Other necessary features include double shoulder straps, leather tie closure, four open and one zipper pocket inside and comes sized at 10??”H X 15″L X 5??”W. I would chose this hot number for a mommie with a new baby boy, because the blue color is simple and divine. For a not so bad price, you can find this baby bag for $325.00 at Saks.

Burberry Quilted Diaper BagNow for my pick for the mommie with the new baby girl. I know it almost seems arbitrary to buy blue for a boy and pink for a girl, but I like the old-fashioned idea, and can not believe that it would ever go out of style. At first I was going to chose the Burberry Diaper Bag with the signature burberry check style, but decided on this lovely Burberry Quilted Diaper Bag in pink. I assume the store has it in blue also, but online I only see pink, so this is my pick for girls. Not to mention the quilted outside adds a feminine touch. Back to the bag. Burberry features a pink quilted fabric. Making sure it is evident that the bag is made by Burberry, the shoulder strap back is printed in the signature novacheck pattern along with other outer accents. Also it has a flap front with snaps, side pockets, and of course unzips to a changing pad. The bag can be purchased for $216 at Neiman Marcus.

Burberry Flat Portrait Tote

admin | Burberry | Monday, 05 November 2007

Burberry Handbag

If I didn’t know better, I’d think the US National Treasury melted a few gold bars from Fort Knox and handed them to Burberry to mold this wonderfully shining piece of bag! Ain’t it pretty? The large Burberry Flat Portrait Tote bag features long double shoulder straps and a magnetic snap closure, while goldtone ring and stud detailing add even more shiny to the shine. The inside is lined in cotton and holds and inside zipper and a celly pocket.

Of course made in Italy, the 14″ X 14″ X 1″ tote goes for just under 600 bucks. [Saks Fifth]

Burberry Heather Suede Bag

admin | Burberry | Monday, 05 November 2007

Burberry Heather Suede BagWhen I was a little girl, I remember my first trip to London. For some reason all of the women (and men!) wearing Burberry really still sticks out in my mind. I wasn’t aware that it was a super designer brand, but I remember tugging on my mom and telling her I wanted something like it to. My mom informed me that a girl my age didn’t need something like that. What is that about? Depriving your child from something like Burberry??! JK mom, I won’t still hold it against you. But with time, the checkered pattern started to un-grow on me (yes, as in the opposite of grow). I guess it became too plentiful, although I still love my cashmere scarf from them.

When I saw this bag, it didn’t call out to me like Burberry has in the past, but I still felt drawn to it. From the Burberry Prorsum Handbag line, I seem to have a liking to the Burberry Heather Suede Bag. This little number is made olive suede and is accented with a brown leather adjustable strap and brown leather trim. For a little more accenting, there is brass hardware that looks more like vintage gold than brass. Just in case you want to carry your pet hermit crab that needs to keep warm this fall, the inside is lined in wool flannel. The dimensions are 13 1/2″ x 7″ x 4″. If you are like me and you like this bag, it is available for $840 via Burberry.