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Celine Double Tote

admin | Celine | Saturday, 12 April 2008


Remember our contest with the Celine ad featuring this bag? The double tote is now available and it is totally fab and quite ingeniuse to boot. The double tote has a removable frame clutch in either solid canvas or logo jacquard Blason canvas. It is actually 3 bags in one, you can use the whole thing together, use just the clutch or use the tote without the clutch for an extra roomy interior. The clutch is a good size so it is funtional either in the tote or by itself. Imgaine the practical use of this bag! Take the bag to work during the day and remove the clutch for your evening excursions. We love the Lady version in Opal croc, the contrasting use of the different croc pieces draws attention to a timeless bag. Leather in Luggage is $1750 at eLuxury and Lady in croc is at 667 Madison Avenue, New-York (212) 486 9700.