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Chanel 2.55

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008

255black.JPG 255silver.JPG 255white.JPG

There are two bags you need to know about, the Birkin is one and the other, the Chanel 2.55. A typical Chanel handbag you say? Well, helllooooo, it?? called an icon! History was made when Coco Chanel introduced this bag in February 1955 (as in, 2.55). Coco wanted a shoulder bag to free up her hands. Hey, she had other things to carry. The quilts were inspired by jackets worn by jockeys (yes, jockeys). This classic is being reissued for this season in white, black and silver, which we love the most. For the collectors out there, this is a must.

Chanel’s New Crooked Face

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008

We are deeply disturbed by the news that Selma Blair will be the new spokesmodel for Chanel. I’m sorry Karl, but you are losing your touch. Your touch of reality, that is. I mean, there is nothing interesting about her except that her face is lopsided. Well, we’ll give her one thing, she is edgy, her face is full of edges.

“I saw her at the bar at Border Grill, and she’s even less impressive in person. I just don’t understand this choice.” Comment by CrankyBiscuit

“From Nicole to Selma? Bad.” Comment by Paz

“I hate her. I never understood Karl’s fascination with her. She’s replacing Kate and Vanessa Paradis? WHATEVER!!!” Comment by Cherry

Chanel Alligator

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008


This bag is one of those prized possessions where your opportunity to get one comes around only once. Or more accurately, once a year around Christmas time when Neiman Marcus publishes their Christmas Book. This is American white alligator dyed in silver. Available in The Book for $18,500.

Karl Lagerfeld Has Lost His Mind

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Lindsay Lohan will pose for Chanel. OK. I am speechless!!! WTF?? First Selma Blair and now Lindsay Lohan? Karl needs to get a new prescription for those glasses he’s wearing. Or maybe its just plain glass in there and he needs to go see an optometrist. I thought Chanel stood for something else. Like style, class and beauty but what do I know, I’m being sued.

Oh Delicious Bag Snob,

I couldn’t possibly adore you more than I did this morning when I read that “Karl Lagerfeld Has Lost His Mind”. You are delightful! Please NEVER lose your marvelous sense of happy slander!

Your devoted subject, “Hello Kelly” - Comment by Hello Kelly

Yes, the executives at Chanel have gone insane! From Catherine Deneuve and Vanessa Paradis to two American who are hardly the standard of beauty and style is absurd! Comment by Ann

How We Spend $10 Million

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008


How fabulous of the Harrod’s and Barney’s girls at I Am Fashion to come up with this week’s topic for the Carnivale of Couture.

We will start out with bags of course, the first being the diamond croc Birkin, at $80,000 even we don’t own this. Let’s throw in a couple of Kelly’s and the red croc Birkin I’ve been hankering for, that’s another $45,000. It would also be great to walk into Neiman’s and pick out this season’s trendy bags just for kicks, like the white Fendi Spy, the whole Prada’s croc collection, the Chloe Edith and ALL of Marc Jacob’s Fall bags. Total about $24,000.

Chanel couture is definitely second on our list of must haves. A couple of suits and an evening gown will run us a cool $400,000. And to go with all that fabulousness, we will need bling from Fred Leighton and Harry Winston, which we will allocate $1 million to. We’ve also come across a rare meli melo coral colored pearl necklace from Sotheby’s, estimated at $1 million.

To get us around town while we shop, we will need the Aston Martin Vantage Volante DB-9 in pacific blue with connolly cream leather. Cheap at $280,000 considering we are paying more than that for 3 Chanel outfits. And when we get tired of tooting around town, we will take off in our Gulfstream V using our Marquis Jet Card (only $115,000 to have access to an entire fleet of jets) to our vacation ocean liner, The World, where we buy the 3 bedroom suite for $3,575,000. The ship even has a La Prairie spa. We can spend a whole week just getting head to toe treatments. Considering that $10 million is not quite enough to buy our own jet and the Tuscan Villa I want, this will do.

The rest of the money we will need on our daily shopping jaunts around the world.

The art of collecting handbags

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Some people collect paintings from great masters such as Monet and Degas, others prefer sculptures from Rodin, for the Bag Snob, it is handbags.

Top of the bag chain. My Hermes collection.

Since the first Gucci logo handbag and matching wallet given to me in high school, I have been smitten. In jeans or gowns, there is nothing more sophisticated than finishing it off with a chic handbag! Whether you are a seasoned collector or looking for your first special bag, it is important to remember that you should only buy the bag if you really love it. Don’t fall into the trend trap and don’t buy something just because all of your friends have it. The key to having a great collection is to buy the best bag you can afford in your price range. Do not buy a knock off or fake bag if you can not afford the real thing. Instead, look to moderately priced designers such as Coach, Cole Haan, Kooba, or even Isaac Mizrahi for Target! Develop your own unique sense of style by studying bags from different price ranges and designers. Neiman Marcus and Saks both have wide ranges of bags, if you do not live near one, check their websites often. And If possible, go to vintage stores and look for bags from other eras. My current obsession are bags from the ’60’s when an explosion of young European designers took over an industry previously dominated by couturiers such as Chanel.
The iconic Chanel 2.55 collection

Our taste has varied from the latest “it” bags to classic birkins, hobos to structured carryalls, and exotic skins to distressed leather, all in more colors than the rainbow. The only constant being my love of a well made bag. To date the Bag Snob has collected over 100 bags, all lovingly stored in it’s original dust cover and/or box. Each bag carries with it special memories of its acqusition. The brown ostrich Dior saddle bag purchased in Paris during a summer thunderstorm (each time I carry it I am reminded of how beautiful Paris is even in the rain), the first Chanel bag for my 21st birthday, the bleu nuit Chloe paddington from Paris that a friend picked up and sent to me, and the red lizard Hermes kelly purchased from Hermes over the phone and brought to me at Nobu to be inspected over tuna tartare and champagne. There are way too many other memories to mention so I will just share with you my top 25 favorite bags of the moment.
Old favorites such as the YSL mombasa, Fendi baguette, Tod’s white Rodeo bag, Prada pink hobo, and Dior saddle will always have a place in the Bag Snob’s heart.

It’s a Mod Mod World

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008

marni.jpgALLESANDRO DELL'AQUA MIRROR BAG.jpgchanel vinyl.jpgcalvin patent.jpg

(Clockwise from top left- Black and white patent frame bag by Marni. Patent Mirror bag by Allesandro Dell’Aqua. Black patent top handle bag by Calvin Klein. Vinyl Bag by Chanel.)

Dust off your go go boots cuz the ’60’s are back in full swing! We have not seen so much patent leather since Goldie Hawn was bouncing around in a cage. From cult fave designers Marni and Dell’Aqua to classic favorite Chanel, it seems everyone has gone psychedelic. My favorite is Allesandro Dell’Aqua’s patent mirror bag, how fabulous to be able to look at yourself all day long! But vanity doesn’t come cheap so start saving up now, early fall deliveries of bags begin mid-summer.

Demi as Coco?

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Demi Moore is going to play Coco Chanel in an upcoming movie about the designer’s life including her younger days when she did a stint as a singer (Coco was her stage name, she was born Gabrielle). She would have been a fantastic lounge act but we’re thankful she sucked or lost interest and decided to be a designer instead. We love Demi, she is ultra cool because Ashton is super cute. But will she do the legend justice? If her acting is still as rusty as it was in Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle, she will have to rely on the fact that she is a little mannish and can look spot on in Coco’s signature suits. That is, if she can figure out how to handle wearing clothes in a movie.

Not Your Average Wallets

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Now that you have the greatest bag in existence, is it important what goes in the bag? Well, of course! You can’t exactly carry a Chanel 2.55 and pull out your nylon Velcro wallet from high school!!! (That would never happen, of course, because you never owned one, right?) We have received a lot of emails asking us about wallets, so here they are. These are not your run of the mill so go ahead and get the Prada nylon if you want, you just don’t need us for that.
The Chloe C-Buckle wallet has everything you need on the inside, including zipper coin compartment. It will hold all the credit cards you need and has plenty of room for cash and receipts and other loose pieces of paper but does not have room for a check book (but who uses checks anymore?). $480 at Net-a-Porter.

The Chloe Paddington wallet is smaller, it’s the kind that folds over in half, with the coin purse on the outside which you open with the C-buckle. I like this one better for its functionality and cool Paddington style without being overly bulky. This will still hold lots of cards with its 8 slots. $445 at Net-a-Porter.

My first reaction to this Marc Jacobs Ursula wallet is that white would not be the best color for a wallet, but it is chalk patent and if you think about it, the wallet is well protected inside your bag so unless you have grubby hands, it will stay relatively clean. It opens up to credit card slots, cash holder and zipper coin compartment. This wallet is very classic for our proper ladies out there who want to change up their Chanel wallets for the warm seasons. $425 at Net-a-Porter.

I love this Padlock wallet not only because Miu Miu has been a-Miu-zing us lately to no end but the gold leather is sublime. It has a lock enclosure with a zipper coin compartment and credit card and cash holder on the interior. The gold chain is detachable. $295 at Net-a-Porter.

Fall 2006 Couture

admin | Chanel | Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Couture is an interesting thing, it is highly specialized and tailored to fit a very small niche so in that sense you get a periscope view into the lives of the women who buy it. In the case of Christian Dior’s Fall 2006 collection, JG is designing for a highly select group of trust fund debutantes who are fed up with their parent’s expectation and demands and have decided to join the circus. In all seriousness, this is a dazzling collection perfect for medieval court festivities complete with jesters and jousting. Totally fabulous.


On the other hand, Chanel’s clientele is very predictable and so we get a very predictable collection without any shortage of embellishments and perfect suits. I do like how everything was shown with skinny jeans and boots. But there were a couple of pieces that were highly questionable. Is der Kaiser suddenly being charitable to FIT students and allowed them to show senior projects on his runway?? These are awkward, clumsy and amateurish. Or is there some cross promotion with Project Runway that I don’t know about? You better take a better look at the new recruitment, Karl. And stop obsessing over Lindsay Lohan.