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Dooney Bourke New Tapestry Collection

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007


dooney-burke-tapestry.jpgDooney and Bourke is now offering 11 new bags as part of its new Tapestry Collection. Most of the bags are the same styles that we’re used to seeing from Dooney such as bucket bags, satchels and totes, but now with the new tapestry materiel. Each bag comes in nine different colors including mint, lavender and light blue. Shown to the right is the Small Soft Satchel in sunflower, my personal fav. The prices on the Tapestry Collection range from $135 to $195 depending on style.

Dooney Bourke Marchesa Mini Duffel

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007


dooney-marchesa.jpgThe Dooney & Bourke Marchesa Mini Duffel is made of leather and includes a 4.5 inch handle drop. Measuring 10 x 3.75 x 5 inches, the bag sells for $225 and comes in seven different colors. As far as I am concerned, the Marchesa Collection could only be described with a big sigh of relief. Sorry to anyone who was digging the whole signature/really-young-looking handbag thing, but I will have to say I am glad to see Dooney & Bourke starting to get away from that stuff a bit. Now don’t get me wrong, I like all the cutesy colors and girly patterns but enough is enough. When they came out with the Charm collection I wondered if I would ever be able to carry a Dooney again. Every rich 14 year old on the planet had one of those crazy things. No matter how much I tried, I just could not find it in me to like that bag. It reminded me too much of a serial killer’s ransom note. The worst part was that Dooney was the serial killer and I felt like the victim. At any rate, as I was saying, I am happy to see D&B going with some leather and classic designs again. I have missed you Dooney, welcome back.

Dooney Bourke’s Double Handle Shopper

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007

dooney-bourke-shopper.jpgListed as an “exclusive” on Dooney & Bourke’s site, the Double Handle Shopper shows a very fresh and sleek side of the company in black leather with contrasting khaki canvas. I can’t say enough about Dooney’s improved image with the addition of some solid-colored fabrics and elegant shapes. Measuring 14.5 x 5 x 11 inches, the shopper could easily house a 12-inch PowerBook, or be used as an everyday carryall if you prefer. The bag comes in eight colors total including lilac, red and green although I personally like it in black. Very lustrous and ladylike, Dooney??s Double Handle Shopper sells for $285.

Dooney Bourke Wine Bottle Picnic Tote

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007

dooney-wine-tote.jpgAs part of the beautiful leather Alto collection, Dooney & Bourke’s Wine Bottle Picnic Tote comes equipped to hold two wine bottles, has a comfortable 20 inch strap and besides natural (shown), can be purchased in brown, black or red. While most of us have real lives and jobs, I sometimes imagine a place where people exist only to plan picnics and drink wine all day. This would be perfect for that very population, however, is pretty useless to the rest of us. Nevertheless, the Dooney Wine Tote is still damn sexy for $245.

Dooney Bourke Tattoo Heart Banana Bag

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007

dooney-crap.jpgOk, so it’s got tattoos on it… and I do mean all over it. And the tattoos are of little red hearts and flowers. And it??s without a doubt Dooney??s latest attempt at luring every teenage girl with $175 and a ride to the mall into buying one. And it just might possibly be the most clich?? piece of crap I’ve ever laid my eyes on, but for some reason… a reason that I can’t quite find a way to explain nor can I fully comprehend myself… I sorta, kinda like it. I’ll totally understand if you never want to talk to me again.
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Dooney Bourke Drawstring Slouch Bag

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007


The Dooney & Bourke Drawstring Slouch Bag with glove-soft leather features an equestrian inspired double buckle handle. Measuring 12×10x6, this very stylish looking bag has an interior zip pocket, cell phone pocket and key hook. Available in black or tan, you can purchase this sporty little bag at Norstroms for $265.

Dooney Bourke Quilted ‘Medium’ Dome Tassel Satchel

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007


I am really loving the new Dooney & Bourke handbags that have been popping up lately and this Quilted “Medium Dome” Tassel Satchel seems to top off my list of favorites. It features canvas with an allover signature print, leather trim with tassels and signature charm accents. Fully lined with an interior zip pocket it’s available in avocado, black, brown, desert and sea. This enchanting bag measures 11 1/2x 7 1/2x 6 1/4 and sells for $225 at Nortstroms.

Dooney Bourke “New Bumble” Wristlet

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007


The Dooney & Bourke “New Bumble” Wristlet is cute, durable and for the young at heart. This unique, stylish bag is made of coated canvas, accented with leather trim and features a flap/snap closure. This very affordable wristlet measures 4×6x1.5 and is available in black or white. You can buy it at Macys for $45.

Dooney Bourke “New Leather” Small Slouch Bag

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007


This sporty, yet stylish Dooney & Bourke “New Leather” Small Slouch Bag is constructed of signature pebbled leather and features contrast stitching and goldtone hardware. Accented with a metal duck-stamped charm and an embossed logo on the front it carries with an 8-inch drop adjustable handle. Loaded with zipped pockets, this very attractive bag measures 8 1/4x 9 3/4×6 and is available in honey, black and pure white. You can buy it at Macy’s for $275.

Dooney Bourke ‘Zebra Large’ Sac

admin | Dooney & Bourke | Friday, 02 November 2007


Dooney & Bourke is getting wild and a little crazy with this ‘Zebra Large’ Sac, and I’m absolutely lovin’ it! Trimmed all out in deep red accents and goldtone hardware, this Zebra-stamped leather bag fastens with a magnetic snap closure. Available in black or red, it measures 17 1/2×13 1/2×7. You can pick up this outrageous bag at Nordstroms for $395. And for an added bonus, you pick up the matching Zebra Zip Wallet for $195.