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Givenchy Clarabell Handbag

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008

givenchybag3.jpgThe Givenchy Clarabell bag is not my usual style but I really like it. The big buckle threw me off at first but when I saw it in person at Barneys, I noticed the double flap over top (very chic!) and that the buckle is actually a magnetic enclosure (so convenient!). So you have the style of the buckle without the hassle of unbuckling when you want to get into the bag. I also love the beige distressed patent leather, it lends a lot of style to basic beige. Can’t you just see Kate Moss rockin’ this bag with her short shorts and a pair of scrunched up beige boots? $1025 at Barneys New York or 795 Euro at Luisaviaroma

Oscar Fashion Dis

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sunday’s Oscar fashion can be summed up with one word, pragmatic. I guess black is the new black again. I was so bored, I was hoping that someone might actually fall from tripping on their gown (Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner). I guess celebrities are finally doing what seems so simple, you know, look in the mirror before you go out. But not everyone avoided my wrath.

So how pragmatic are we talking? How about pockets on gowns to hold lipstick and awkward hands – Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams (her gown even comes with a sunglasses case).

Blushing Bride
It was very practical of Nicole Kidman to do a dress rehearsal for her wedding. It’s important to see how the gown photographs. Verdict: Go with it. You looked amazing!!!

In the Nude
Did Jessica Alba look naked to you? The color of the gown was so close to her skin color it was hard to focus my eyes. I would have loved it in another color.

This Givenchy tulle number on Naomi Watts could have been really fabulous, but the fit was so awful. Why is it all bunchy in the middle?

Wrong Season
Reese Witherspoon looked like one of those monochromatic Christmas trees you see at a department store.

Obstructed View
OK, Matt Dillon had the worst seat in the house. He sat behind Charlize Theron! The dude was cursing the whole night and you know he wanted to knock that big ass bow right off of her. Did you see him when Philip Seymour Hoffman was accepting his Oscar? He was squinting, ducking and diving around trying to see past that humongo bow.

If Only This Were the SAG Awards
I see now why Hilary Swank never wears bust revealing gowns. She has major sock boobs, like serious tribal ones. It’s so sad. There is an entire landing strip from her neck to her cleavage, which starts at her belly button. OK, Hilary, go back to wearing backless gowns, we won’t make fun of you for that anymore.

Best Dressed
salmahayek.jpgUma Thurman.jpg

Best Dressed of the night – Salma Hayek. Although I’m not sure why she was there. And Uma Thurman. Truly fabulous!!

Givenchy Nightingale

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008

(Photo courtesy of Barneys New York Dallas, thanks Nina!)
I loved this bag at first sight and loved it even more when I heard the name. Givenchy’s Nightingale is nothing short of fabulous. The dark silver metallic ostrich leg handle lends a modern twist to an otherwise classic shape and very simple bag. I played around with it and it was really light which makes it a great everyday bag to knock around in. It is one of those bags that will go with everything so you don’t have to think much about it. Dress it down or glam it up, you’ll look chic no matter what you wear it with. Can I say again how much I love the metallic python detail? It’s subtle enough that you won’t look like a Vegas showgirl but substantial enough to stand out. And the price is not bad for an exotic $1,895 at Barneys New York. Call 469.221.4725 to purchase!

Michael Kors Bags

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008


In my opinion, Michael did everything right for Fall ‘07 ready to wear. The eye catching bags are not so bad either, especially the brightly colored croc clutches (yellow is not my favorite but the electric blue and juicy orange will be worth the investment). I also like his interpretation of the structured kelly bag but am not so sure about the wrapped strap, will need to get a close up in person to see if it has magnetic enclosure like the Givenchy Clarabell. I do love the added brass hardware on the top handle. It’s an interesting element that is not often used and it will also help the handle keep it’s shape making this bag an even better investment. I am usually not a fan of big buckles but in this case, it makes the bags more youthful. It is also available in leather and should you not be ready for croc. And check out the cute patent leather man bag (bottom left) he showed that are cute enough for us girls! After a year of dissing Michael, we are definitely feeling the love again.

Web Snob

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008

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Hogan White Tote

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Dear Bagsnob,

I’ve been reading your blog religiously and absolutely LOVE it. It made the process of selecting the most suitable and stylish bags so much easier for me! As a matter of fact, I need to ask for your help and advice. I desperately need a perfect white bag and I’m in love with Givenchy Maxi Clarabelle in white. However, it’s almost EUR 1,600 and the maximum I can do right now is about USD 1000. Could you be so kind and suggest any possible alternatives for me for that price range? Your help is much appreciated.

Best regards,

hoganwhite.jpgDear Anna,

Your query is something many Bag Snob readers can appreciate. Spring/Summer is upon us and we are all desperate for the perfect white bag. Luckily my shopping expeditions lately came across something that is the absolute perfect answer to your question, the new Hogan tote in white is $995, just under your limit and it is such a great bag. The size is perfect, the shape of the bag is ergonomic, there are 3 interior compartments – the center with a zipper closure and there is a really big outer pocket for your quick access items. I actually want this in silver metallic but the white is so perfect for S/S with the durable and easy to clean leather. The Givency Clarabelle also has clean lines but the hardware is a bit much for me and it doesn’t have nearly the functionality of this bag. Have we ever lead you astray? This Hogan is a sure thing for the price. Available at Neiman Marcus.

Givenchy Bettina

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008


We are constantly looking for bags that stand out in design and are different from the norm without being crazy or horrendous. As Tim Gunn, our Fashion Buddha says, ‘there is funny and there is witty in fashion, you want to strive for witty”. What’s the difference you ask? Because funny is ridiculousness like the Bulga bag and witty is the fabulous bag pictured above. The Givenchy Bettina bag took a traditional tote shape, added straps hooked with cool hardware, and created a brilliant new silhouette. You can also un-hook the strap and it becomes a big effortless tote again, simple right? I love bags like this, simplicity in design but incredibly well thought out and ultra functional. The large outer pocket makes it easy to keep valet tickets, receipts, and other small items organized. The grey is my favorite, a neutral color that will also work with any wardrobe and style plus it will carry you into Fall. But it is also available in black, beige, and white, you can’t go wrong with any of the colors. $1,395 at Barneys New York Or call 469.221.4725 to purchase!

Givenchy Nightingale in Marrone Patent

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008


How can you resist this candy apple colored Givenchy Nightingale? I have been thinking about the Nightingale since I discovered it six months ago, it is really an effortless bag to toss around. I loved the charcoal version with metallic ostrich leg trim but this slick patent for Fall is also gorgeous! I love all the unique shades they are coming up with in patent leather this season, so much more fun than basic black. Color brings so much style to a wardrobe and can liven up the most drab of outfits! I have never been afraid of color, I was running around today wearing a yummy plummy dress and carrying a hot pink bag and got stopped everywhere from bag snobbers who wanted to compliment me on my bag. Go ahead, try some color for yourself and you’ll be surprised at how wearable it is! $1,695 at Barneys New York. 469-221-4725

Givenchy Shopping Sac

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Don’t be fooled by this picture (laid out flat like this makes it look like some cartoon rabbit robot), this is an unstructured tote that is slouchy and has an interesting twist. Notice the handles aren’t placed in the front and back like all other bags, they’re from the sides and when put together the shape of the tote is more bucket like and has an interesting geometric, almost triangular shape. It fits so comfortably under the arms and stays put because of the way it’s made. Very smart and very cool! This is a great bag for those who need a regular tote for convenience but want something a little different and a lot stylish! It is a good size bag, 15″x14″, but because of how it collapses against the body, it is not overwhelming. I promise you will be seeing this on a hip, chic celeb. At Barneys for $1395.

Givenchy Two Tone Shopper

admin | Givenchy | Wednesday, 11 June 2008


This is the first studded bag I have approved of, I love the contrast and interest it brings to the leather tote. Givenchy is a new love of mine and I am intrigued by its designs. Avant-garde and stylish, this is also an ergonomically sound bag, your arm slips right through without fuss to tote it around town or it can be slung on the shoulder without fear of slip and slide. Sure I hear some of you with the rabbit ear inference but really, are you not sick of shoulder straps doing everything but stay on the shoulder? Give this a whirl, I know you will love it. $1,600 at Barneys New York.