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Sweet Loly Bag from Isabella Fiore

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007

isabella-fiores-loly-bag.jpgSo it’s no secret that I’m not the biggest Isabella Fiore fan in existence. As a matter of fact I can??t really think of anything she’s done that I’ve been really thrilled about. Having said that, today while over at the Standard Style Boutique, I ran across this Sweet Loly Bag and am now thrilled to say the least. The framed leather bag has a short, single strap and features detailed, contrast stitching. The front of the purse focuses on a cutesy bow with a “love” charm dangling down while the back has a large zipper pocket. Isabella Fiore’s Sweet Loly Bag comes in both yellow and green and sells for $320.

Isabella Fiore Studded Leather Hobo

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007

isabella-fiore-studded-hobo.jpgSo, as I stated in a recent post, I swore off Isabella Fiore for a while because I had reason to believe she had lost her mind. (Don’t believe me? Take a look at this and this!) At any rate, I’ve been accepting some of her recent styles and have even become quite attached to this bag. The Studded Leather Hobo has soft, distressed leather with whipstitched trim and stud accents. Shown here in brown leather, the bag from Isabella Fiore also comes in bronze and sells for a reasonable $385. Now if we can just get her to stay on her meds.

Isabella Fiore Sheer Delight Hobo

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007

isabella-fiore-sheer.jpgSomething about this bag makes me crazy! I’ve been staring at it on my desktop for a week and although I swore I was going to lay off the metallic bags for a while, this one has to be shown to the world! Isabella Fiore’s Sheer Delight Hobo is made of soft, bronze leather and sports a short, braided strap and interior canvas lining. Brass grommets and a long tasseled pull complete this free-spirited look that sells for $325 at Saks. The Sheer Delight Hobo also comes in brown.
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Isabella Fiore is off her meds again

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007

isabella-fiore-ingrid.jpgShe’s at it again. After a half dozen successful, normal looking designs, Isabella Fiore is back to her same ol’ freaky-looking bags with the Ingrid Patchwork Hobo. This bag is so busy with its honeycomb shaped, multi-colored patchwork and various tassels that I feel like I’m in sensory overload. At $575, I’m Sorry to say it girls, but Isabella Fiore has again gone bananas.
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Isabella Fiore IKat Tote

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007

ikat-tote.jpgIt??s not everyday that a purse has the ability to scare the Bejesus out of me. As a matter of fact, it’s so rare that when it happens, I find it necessary to highlight it here on Purseuing as a way of warning my readers not to make the same mistake of looking directly at it without applying some sort of protective eye equipment first. When I saw this bag today I literally jumped back in my seat, almost dropped my Powerbook and covered my eyes in fright. It kind of reminds me of that guy you see all the time on the internet and on TV that has like a gazillion piercing in his face and/or head and although you want (and need) to look away, you just can’t seem to take your eyes off him. And who’s behind the IKat Tote — you guessed it — Isabella Fiore. At $675, Neiman Marcus calls it a “Day Trippin’” style bag. I call it a mean, green, magic carpet riding purse machine. Puke.
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Isabella Fiore Hugs And Kisses Sydney Tote

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I can’t think of a better gift than a new bag. This Hugs And Kisses Sydney Tote by Isabella Fiore measures a whopping 9.5×21x7, and has a leather frame with topstitching and brass hardware. The ring and side drawstring detail and the multicolor braided detail top this bag as being a real hot item. But, being a romantic at heart, I really love the X’s and O’s that adorn it the most. Tell your honey he can pick up this little tote at Saks Fifth Avenue for $695.

Isabella Fiore Hacky Sack Angelina Hobo

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007

isabella-fiore-hacky-sack.jpgInstead of voicing my usual dislike for Isabella Fiore’s designs, I’ve decided I’m actually quite attached to this one. The Hacky Sack Angelina Hobo is a woven bag with stud detailing and an inside canvas lining. I’ll admit, the flowery beaded ornamentation is a bit much for me, but I’m pretty quick to forgive considering how gorgeous the leather and embroidered detailing is. Measuring 10 x 17 x 2 inches, the bag is available at Saks for $475.
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Isabella Fiore ‘Knight Rider – Britta’ Hobo

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007

knight-=rider-britta-hobo.jpgI remember saying quite a few times that I wasn’t a big fan of Isabella Fiore bags, but I’ve again changed my mind due to the ‘Knight Rider – Britta’ Hobo Bag. This adorable bag features antiqued brass studs with outlined ornate laser cutouts on leather. With top zip closure and whipstitch detail, this bag is available in blue, brown, and black. Measuring 15×11 1/4×5 3/4, you can buy it at Norstroms for $695.

Isabella Fiore Pretty Picnic Meg Clutch

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007


Sporty, and very stylish, the Isabella Fiore Pretty Picnic Meg Clutch is just one of the newest hot little bags to accent your spring wardrobe. Made of wicker and accented with leather trim, it has a top tab with a push lock closure. The perfect size for an evening out, this adorable clutch measure 9×2x4.5 and holds your bare essentials such as credit cards, cash, lipstick, and a cell phone. You can buy it at Zappos for $229.

Isabella Fiore Live To Love Jeni Hobo Bag

admin | Isabella Fiore | Saturday, 03 November 2007


Whether you’re a biker babe, or the ultimate road warrior, the Live To Love Jeni Hobo Bag by Isabella Fiore can rightfully become your new best friend. Fashioned in rich leather detail, this rather urban bag has a hidden magnetic closure with tons of zippers. Accented with an airbrushed leather applique and embroidered wings, you can tote this outrageous hobo anywhere you want, if you dare! Available in black and brown, this bag measures 18×12x5. It sells for $695 at Saks.