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Jimmy Choo’s Shiny Suede

admin | Jimmy Choo | Sunday, 08 March 2009


I vaguely remember bashing Jimmy Choo bags a while back, probably Nicole Richie’s fault but I have to say, this is not a bad looking bag. I love the color and the mix of suede and shiny calf leather – it strikes some kind of perfect balance of exuberance for me. Although, I can do without the bottom exterior zipper, it throws things off a bit and from a practical standpoint, what are you going to put in there? A pencil? Tampon? Eh, I can do without it.
Saks for $1895.

Anya Hindmarch – Janie Straw Clutch

admin | Jimmy Choo | Sunday, 08 March 2009


Looking at this bag makes me want to jump on the plane and head to one of the Maldives Islands. Every summer I am tempted by the straw bag because it is quintessentially summer and equates to warm fun days. Well, what can be more fun that this clutch with chunky turquoise embellishment that will be showing up everywhere this summer (yeah, I know, as in all summers but trust me turquoise is really really in this year). The quality of natural straw gives the rich texture and color variance on this dainty frame clutch so you can leave the beach and head to a she-she-fru-fru luncheon without feeling like I do when I show up in flip flps and everyone else is in Jimmy Choos. At Vivre for $275. Get free shipping with coupon code: BSBVIV.

Jimmy Choo Kaaren Clutch

admin | Jimmy Choo | Sunday, 08 March 2009


This reminds me of Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in Scarface with her heroin chic appeal (it was cocaine actually which makes it so much more 80’s). This clutch would be perfect with everything she wore in that movie – the glistening metallic suede, gold michellepfeiffer.jpghardware, even a wrist strap so she can properly seduce men on the dance floor. First you get the money, then you get the power and THEN you get the bags!! But you certainly don’t need to resort to drug dealing for this bag, it is only $995 (petty theft maybe but nothing major like organized crime). Seeing that this bag is able to bridge the gap between the 70’s, 80’s and today (this bag’s personality is too clear and collected to be 90’s), it is a safe bet that it will let you get along for quite a few years more with it. And who says this has to be strictly an evening affair? I would love to run around during the day with my girlfriends being carefree and chic without my giant tote with laptop weighing it down like a ton of bricks. I wish I had used clutches more before I had kids and a job, because now I feel like it is such a luxury when I do get to use a cute little feather light clutch (even giant clutches are light to me, anything less than 10 pounds is considered light). But I guess it just makes me love it and appreciate it so much more when I get a chance to use them. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $995. Free shipping with code HOLIDAY7.

Saks Fall Sale Rocks!!

admin | Jimmy Choo | Sunday, 08 March 2009

dior_pythonpumps.pngAre you having as much fun as we are with all these sales? With sluggish sales figures reported so far for this year, retailers are starting sales early and it looks like it’s all the good stuff, too! These are the bags we have been salivating over but couldn’t justify so now that it’s on sale, no need to justify! The Zac Posen Antonia Patent Shoulder Bag in my favorite color, purple, has to be the best buy of the sale season. It is now $840 down from $1200. And trust me, the purple trend will continue. We are seeing big colors for Spring so you’re totally safe with this here.

The Ferragamo Laser Cut Patent Tote isn’t something that I would consider full priced but $875 from $1250 sure changes the tune. They have done an amazing job making the bags younger and I’m telling you, I see cute young girls with Ferragamo all the time now!! It is an iconic brand so there is not much risk in being seen with one. This giant tote, 22″ X 13″, is great for those who need to haul the world around with you (I am guilty of this now that I have 2 kids). I love this green, it is totally luscious and in the distressed patent it is neutral yet bold. I also love the thick braided handles. For all that, I can even deal with the laser cut logo. I was in love with this Jimmy Choo Kaaren Clutch from the start. Perfect timing now that it’s on sale with the holiday parties you’ll be attending. But you’ll be using this beyond the cocktails and finger food, this is a keeper! Was $995, now only $696.50.

Ohhh, Tina is not going to like seeing these Dior Python pumps go on sale because I know she bought this at full price. She is all about instant gratification so I guess she pays for being able to have it. These are the ultimate in lux shoes, like a museum piece!! On sale for $840, was $1200.

Free Rush shipping with code: RUSHNOW. Make sure you select “Rush” as your method of shipping for the code to work.

Jimmy Choo Keeya Tote

admin | Jimmy Choo | Sunday, 08 March 2009


I find this Jimmy Choo Keeya tote very appealing, the subtle metallic color is absolutely gorgeous and the leather detail is funky and interesting on a simply designed tote. It kind of resembles woven leather but upon closer inspection, it’s slashed in a very punk rock and fun way, not a crazy way that we’ve come to associate with Jimmy Choo bags. Actually, you would never guess it was from Jimmy Choo until you see the engraved metal hardware. Two side pockets and three divided interior compartments also make it easy to stay organized while looking impossibly chic. A great summer travel bag for trips to Portofino or St. Tropez. At Net-A-Porter for $1,395

(Bag Snob would like to correct a statement made in an earlier article about Sandra Choi being the designer behind Jimmy Choo bags. She is only responsible for the fabulous shoe collection, which you all know we adore.)

Things that make you go hmmm- Weinstein buys Halston

admin | Jimmy Choo | Sunday, 08 March 2009


Thanks to Michelle, our helpful intern, for bringing this New York Times article to our attention. Harvey Weinstein (boyfriend to Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman and one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood) has just purchased Halston, the legendary fashion brand that dressed the likes of Lauren Hutton and Bianca Jagger in Studio 54 heyday of the ’70s. Touted as the best American designer in like, ever, Halston was responsible for many of the styles we still embrace today. Tamara Mellon, of Jimmy Choo fame, brought the deal to Weinstein and will provide creative direction (is there anything this chick doesn’t do? I’d like her to help us brand Bag Snob, someone have her people call my people please) So how does this translate into your life and why should you care? Because Hollywood actresses will be jumping to be seen in Halston on the red carpet which means you’ll be coveting it as well. I mean if your boss buys Prada wouldn’t you be wearing it 24/7 too? And we heard from a very reliable source that LVMH has major stakes in Weinstein’s company… hmmmmmmmmm

UPDATE:Rachel Zoe(Nicole and Lindsay former stylist) has just been tapped to join Tamara Mellon on the Halston board to lead creative direction. Another major hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Can’t wait to see what they come up with, we are always in need of fodder for our site :)

Jimmy Choo Malena

admin | Jimmy Choo | Saturday, 07 March 2009

With all the bright bold colors of the season, I am starting to feel over stimulated. Which is why I am so drawn to this subtle shade of taupe from Jimmy Choo! It’s calm and neutral, and after my latest purchase- an electric blue Tod’s tote (my “Trend” bag of the season)- I really need a bit of settling down from all this color overload! While Jimmy Choo has not been my favorite brand in the past, it’s one that I am slowly becoming a fan of. From the Carolina eel clutch to the Malena above in contrasting leather and suede; I see huge improvements at Choo from its first attempt at bags as I am sure you have. Though frame bags in general may seem a bit mature and restricting, I love juxtaposing it with a pair of old faded jeans and a funky blouse. After all, it’s all about the attitude and how you carry the bag, not how the bag carries you. $1,975 at Net a Porter

Jimmy Choo Tube Mirror Clutch for a Rockin’ New Year’s Eve!

admin | Jimmy Choo | Saturday, 07 March 2009


The State of The Fashion Union

admin | Jimmy Choo | Saturday, 07 March 2009

Gauging from the current state of the fashion industry, like Nicole Richie’s ads for Jimmy Choo, Lindsay Lohan posing for Chanel, Mischa Barton at the Dior Couture show, Victoria Beckham at the Chanel Couture show, Madonna at the Jean Paul Gaultier show and Balenciaga doing maternity for Gwenyth Paltrow, I am going to make some predictions. Lil’ Kim will be the new spokesmodel for Prada, Star Jones Reynolds will pose for Armani’s new ads campaign and Vera Wang will have an entire maternity bridal line. This is what we have come to? Please try make us believe the fantasy and glamour that fashion still embodies.

Part 1 of a weeklong series on the State of Fashion as we lead into Fashion Week in New York. Hosted by Almost Girl and Fashiontribes.

Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo Look-a-Likes

admin | Jimmy Choo | Saturday, 07 March 2009


I don’t know who is copying who but these bags are identical. OK, so they aren’t twins but they certainly are close resembling siblings but to me they are the same because they both serve the same purpose (that purpose being to sit on the store shelf and stay there). But if I had to pick between the two I would pick the Choo. The Marc Jacobs bag has those weird tab hardware on the sides making it look like the bag needs reinforcement because it is about to explode at the seams. Just doesn’t make any sense and definitely is not a good looking feature. I like that the Jimmy Choo has a bit of bad ass in it with the thick straps and chunky hardware but is still chic and easy to wear with most things. Marc Jacobs Sofi at Saks for $995 and Jimmy Choo Mahala $1895.