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Five Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Web Site Sales

admin | Mulberry | Thursday, 06 May 2010

* Adding an “About Us” section,??????

When you run an online home-based business, your web site is more than simply a company location. It’s also your primary source of advertising and marketing. If you’ve noticed that sales are lagging or if you’re simply looking for ideas for a site you’re building, the following five tips can help you boost revenue and develop an even more successful web presence.

Furthermore, the guarantee expresses your confidence in your product and that confidence is contagious. Testimonials, client lists, and awards are also effective for building credibility.

If the numbers drop or stay about the same, go back to the drawing board. If the numbers go up, check one more week’s sales numbers and if the numbers are still high, you may have a winner.

Think of it as an answer to the question: Why should I do business with you? You may choose to focus on service, price, or any other special feature of your business that would appeal to customers. Whichever feature you choose should be stressed in all your web site’s content. Don’t shy away from telling others what sets you apart.

The problem with most unsuccessful business owners is that they jump right in to things without ever taking the time to test their site,mulberry bayswater, their product, their layout, even their links. The result is that too much money is spent on things that do not work.

4) Test Everything

* Providing complete contact information

3) Stress Credibility

No one wants to buy a product from someone they don’t trust, so building a sense of credibility with your site is crucial to your success. You can accomplish this in a number of ways:

While it may only take a visitor to your site once trip to make a purchase, you want to give them reasons to come back. Otherwise, how will they know when you add new products? The key is to continue to update your site, perhaps with articles or news, that may be of interest to your target audience.

When you do business online, your web site takes the place of your sales force. If it’s not pulling in the numbers you had hoped for or if you’ve seen your numbers going down recently, you need to evaluate your site and decide where changes can and should be made.

Possibilities include message boards,bally briefcase, polls, chat rooms, and surveys. By adding these types of elements, you are giving visitors more of a reason to stick around, to return, and to recommend your site to their friends.

5) Provide Reasons to Return

Consumers are shying away from passive activities where they just sit and watch. Instead, they want to be a part of the action, so you need to give your potential customers several ways to participate at your site.

These methods work for several reasons. An “About Us” section allows visitors to get a picture of who they will be doing business with while the contact information gives them the security of knowing they can reach someone in case there is a problem.

Also consider having a mailing list. A mailing list will allow visitors to provide you with their email addresses so that you can send them notifications of updates, specials, and changes to the site including ads and marketing materials for new products. These email messages will also provide them with a reason to come back.

In this case, UPS isn’t referring to the delivery company. Instead, it stands for Unique Positioning Statement and it’s one of the most important ingredients of your business. Your UPS is basically a statement of what sets you apart from your competition.

1) Stress Your UPS

* Offering a money back guarantee

If your site becomes one of your visitor’s primary resources for the latest information on a subject they are interested in, you can be sure they will bookmark your site and come back frequently.

Any changes you make to your site need to be tested before being adopted permanently. For example, if you change your headline on your home page, compare your sales for the week of the change and the previous week.

2) Add Interactivity

Content, layout, graphics, even navigation all play a role in the success, or failure, of your site and your company. Don’t let a small problem with your web site become the reason you go out of business.

Perfume From Exotic Flowers – Smelling Heavenly!

admin | Mulberry | Tuesday, 04 May 2010

Flowers have almost always played a vital role in perfumery. While most early perfumes were made from spices and barks (they were easier to transport than flowers), it is known that flowers were being used for scents as early as 2000 b.c.

What gives a certain flower or plant its fragrance is called the essential oil. The finest essential oils are called the “absolutes” and only come from certain plants. The most important absolute essential oils,mulberry bayswater, as far as perfume is concerned, come from jasmine, roses, and orange flowers. Every high quality perfume has at least a small percentage of at least one of these oils.

These flowers are harvested right before dawn, when they are the most fragrant. They are put in special baskets so the flowers do not get bruised; this would unbalance their scent, and the quality of the scent would suffer. The flowers must be processed into absolute immediately,????, so the freshness of the flowers doesn’t fade. It takes eight thousand jasmine flowers, just to make 1/25th of an ounce of absolute.

There are so many ingredients that go into perfume that it is baffling. Many of them are derived from flowers or other plant parts. These 3 flowers, jasmine, roses and orange flowers, produce absolute pure essential oils that are basically the foundations of fine perfumery.


Jasmine is maybe the absolute most commonly found in perfumes. It is estimated that Jasmine and synthetic versions of it are found in 83% of women’s perfumes.

Flowers continue to be important in the manufacturing of perfumes. In fact, they may be more important than ever. Modern transportation has made it easy to deliver flowers to anywhere in the world before they die. This has made it possible for perfumeries to include the scents from flowers all over the world in any one of their perfumes.

Orange Flower

The bitter orange tree is very versatile for producing essential oils. Orange flower absolute can be obtained from the flowers, orange flower oil, or neroli oil also comes from the tree. Distillation of the leaves and twigs produces yet another oil, oil of “petit grain”.

If you know you have a fondness for any one of these particular fragrances, you should try to find a perfume that uses one or more of them. This is even easier than ever to accomplish. There are websites online that offer fine perfumes at discount prices. In order to smell the perfumes you are interested in, take a trip to your local department store, and then order them at discount. The added savings is worth the added effort. There are literally thousands of perfumes on the market, so you are sure to be able to find what you like.

Orange flower absolute is fairly scarce, but neroli oil is commonly used in perfumes and colognes. Bitter orange trees grow in southern France, Italy, Spain and North America.

Roses are the most fragrant before sunrise, so they are gathered at night. The two types of roses that are used most commonly for perfume are Rosa centifolia, a southern French variety,burberry check wallet, and Rosa damascene, or the Damask Rose, which is found mostly in Arab countries. Roses are gathered at night since they are at their most fragrant before sunrise. The two main species of roses used in perfume are the Rosa centifolia, found in the South of France, and the Rosa damascena (Damask Rose) located primarily in Arab countries.


Roses have been used for perfume since the times of the ancient Greece and Rome. The essence of them can be found in 75% of perfume today, and is one of the most valuable ingredients in fine perfume.

Reconditioned Mobile Phones – An Easy Way to Own S

admin | Mulberry | Thursday, 29 April 2010

Factors to be considered while purchasing reconditioned mobile phones,??????

These are the ones that are returned to the company by dissatisfied customers. They are returned before the completion of the warranty period or the trial period. These phones are equipped with all the general essential features but the customer could not find the features they want to have for their specific needs.

As can be seen from the above discussion,mulberry bag, reconditioned mobile phones are in no way ‘less’ than new phones. So, own a reconditioned phone at half or even less of the price of a new phone, and enjoy all the cool features for a low price.

Many of us want to try smart phones that have been released in the recent past. But how many of us can afford such high prices of around four hundred dollars? Very few; yet you do not have to be disappointed and settle for your standard phone. Here is a discussion on reconditioned mobiles that cost little compared to new phones.

Some of them are returned for minor repairs. Defective ones are repaired by certified professionals and are put back on sale as reconditioned mobile phones.

If you are purchasing the phone in store,??????????, check its functionality. If you are making an online purchase, check the customer feedback about the quality of the products offered by the site.

These can be obtained from any retailer. However, it is a good idea to purchase from dealers certified by phone manufacturers. If you cannot find a store in your local area, visit the company website and search for reconditioned phones. Manufacturers such as Apple, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, etc offer great deals on such phones.

How to purchase reconditioned mobile phones?

The foremost factor to be taken care of is the dealer from whom the phone is being purchased. Make sure to obtain a warranty period of at least six months. If you already own a mobile connection, see that the new phone suits your current plan. The existing SIM card should fit in the new phone and its technology should be compatible with the current service provider. A little research over the internet can help you find all the details.

What are reconditioned mobile phones?

Benefits offered by reconditioned mobile phones:

  • The appearance, functions, and all other features of these phones are same as those of new ones.
  • Reconditioned mobile phones cost very little compared to new phones. If a new phone costs about ninety dollars, reconditioned mobiles can be obtained at half the cost or even less. For example, you can obtain a reconditioned Nokia Surge model at just ten dollars. Isn’t this astounding – to enjoy all great features such as GPS, Bluetooth and a color screen – for just ten dollars?
  • You can enjoy a warranty of six months even at such a low price. New phones generally have a one- or two-year warranty.

Another set of mobiles that falls under reconditioned mobile phones category are those phones that have remained with the retailers for quite a long time and are returned to the manufacturer.

Revealed – How Dr Sears Fish Oil Compares to Other

admin | Mulberry | Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Dr. Weils Omega 3 complex contains seventeen percent DHA in each soft gel with 10,Lowest Prices,020 per bottle. Dr. Weils retails at $23.99 which comes to $2.40 each serving. Dr. Sears contains more DHA per serving more per bottle. It also costs more per bottle but less per serving. While New Zealand fish oils is higher in DHA and cost less than Dr. Weils and Dr. Sears.

Salmon Oil Plus soft gels are each sixteen percent DHA with 14,400 mg of DHA in each bottle. This fish supplement retails for $32.50 and comes to $2.26 per serving. When compared to Dr. Sears’s fish oil it contains four percent DHA per soft gel and 2,400 more mgs per bottle. Salmon oil plus cost less per bottle and serving than Dr. Sears fish oil.

Natural Made Omega 3 Max Strength’s soft gels are fourteen percent DHA each with 14,400 mg of DHA in every bottle. They come to $1.04 per serving at a cost of $14.99 per bottle. While Dr. Sears cost more than natural made omega 3 max strength it also contains more DHA than this supplement does. Natural Made is also lower in DHA than New Zealand Fish oils,black scarf, and DHA is the most important of the Omega 3 fatty acids.

It is clear that New Zealand oil is the better of the two. Overall New Zealand oil would be ideal as far as costs and the fact that the levels of DHA and EPA do not exceed the recommended levels for daily intake.

New Zealand Omega 3/DHA Fish oils has a DHA of twenty-eight percent in each soft gel. There are 17,400 mgs of DHA in each bottle at a retail cost of $16.85. This comes to 97 cents per serving. Dr Sears has a lower DHA content and costs more to purchase than New Zealand Omega 3/DHA Fish oils. When considering the overall content of the fish oils and the price Dr. Sears isn’t as high quality of oil as New Zealand Omega 3/DHA Oil.

Living Fuel Omega 3&E has eight percent DHA in each soft gel with 9,600 mg in each bottle. It retails for $34.97 a bottle which comes to $3.64 a serving. Iceland health max strength omega 3 has twenty percent DHA in each soft gel and 6,000 mg in every bottle. It retails for $49.95 and comes to $8.32 a serving. Dr. Sears contains eleven percent more DHA per soft gel and 2400 mgs more per bottle. It also cost less per bottle and per serving.

Dr. Sears fish oil falls somewhere in the middle when compared to other supplements, as far as DHA content and price. One Dr. Sears soft gel is twenty percent DHA; each bottle contains 12,000 mgs of DHA. The cost for a bottle of this supplement is $26.95 making it $2.16 per serving. How is this when compared to other fish oils supplements?

Coromega soft gels contain twenty-three percent DHA per soft gel with 20,700 mg per bottle. A bottle of Coromega retails for $39.95 and is $1.92 per serving. While ProOmega (Nordic Naturals) soft gels are also made up of twenty-three percent DHA but only contain 13,500 mg per bottle. They retail for $26.95 and come to $2.00 a serving. Both of these have more DHA than Dr. Sears however Coromega costs more to purchase, ProOmega cost the same for a bottle but less per serving.

When comparing Dr. Sears fish oil

to other supplements it may not be the best one on the market, but it isn’t the worst.

Omega 3 PGFO has twenty percent DHA in each soft gel with 18,????,000 mg per bottle. They retail for $23.75 a bottle which comes to $1.32 each serving. There is twenty percent DHA in omega 3 PGFO and Dr. Sear’s fish oil although dr. sears has 12,000 mg of DHA per bottle compared to the 18,000 mg in a bottle of Omega 3. Dr. Sears also costs more per bottle and serving.

Comparing Auto Insurance Rates

admin | Mulberry | Tuesday, 27 April 2010

,burberry check wallet

Before buying anything else, or even before renewing your old policy,??????, you’ll need to re-evaluate your position and see how to get more for every dollar you spend. This requires you to compare auto insurance rates. This is the most basic way there is for you to find the right coverage at the right price. Just because you know the person selling you the insurance does not mean he has the best offer in the market. People you don’t know can offer you better deals. All you need to know is to find them. Do some research online and read the different statements that insurers have included on their Web sites. These things will give you an idea of what to expect from a particular company.

When you compare auto insurance rates, your objective is not only to find the insurer that gives you the lowest price. Instead, you should find the five companies offering the lowest prices. You should also try to find out who among those companies offering the lowest rates have the best reputation for customer service and claims processing. It’s important that you know these things so that when the time comes for you to make a claim,louis vuitton porte monnaie, you will know what to expect.

Will you welcome a few hundred dollars savings from your insurance premium? If your answer is a big yes, then, read on. It’s very seldom for a person not to grab at an opportunity to lessen his expenses in every commodity and service he is purchasing. In buying a coverage for your vehicle, there are many ways for you to get a few hundred dollars off your payments. There is no need for you to keep on paying for a policy that is way too expensive compared with others in the market.

US Increases Public Transportation Use in Record N

admin | Mulberry | Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Add to the environmental concerns,burberry check wallet, public transportation helps one economically as well.

One of the ways President Elect Barack Obama plans to stimulate our economy is by increasing the transportation infrastructure investment of the government. Investing in public transit can quickly create hundreds of thousands of green jobs for Americans and help get our economy back on track.   

As climate change and global warming become more mainstream concerns, the ecological aspect of public transportation seems to have become more appealing.  

If the average American car is driven about 12,000 miles per year and The Environmental Protection Agency reported that the average MPG of 2008 model cars was 20.8; then the C02 emissions (pounds of Co2 per year) for the typical US automobile is 11,781. The biggest factors in calculating one’s carbon footprint and harm to the global environment are housing, transportation and food. It seems that many Americans have found a way to cut down on one aspect at least.  

The cost of gas can be looked at as a catalyst that caused Americans to look to other means of getting around, but the environmental impacts and savings associated with daily public rides  might be the reason why, even as gas prices decrease, mass transit use increases.&nbsp,??????

At Big Bucks Auto(TM), we fully concur. In our last newsletter we compiled a comprehensive list of the best cities in the US for living without cars just based on the numbers of people searching for this information. One thing is clear, Americans, now more than ever, are finding reasons to use their cars less or, in many cases, they just sell their cars outright.

“To sum it up, public transportation is good for the economy, good for the environment, and good for energy independence”, concluded APTA President William W. Millar regarding the new study. &nbsp,Hermes Kelly bag;

A person can achieve an average annual savings of $8,416 per year by mass transit instead of driving, based on today’s gas prices and the average unreserved parking rate, according to the APTA’s Transit Savings Report. The report is a monthly analysis that shows the average annual savings represents almost a third more than the average amount a household pays for food in a year, according to the Food Institute ($6,111). The site shows the 20 individual cities with the highest transit ridership levels and the savings associated with living in that particular city with the highest saving in New York at over $12,000 per year based on just gas and parking prices. If all aspects of car ownership are calculated such as vehicle maintenance, insurance, tolls, then the average cost of owning a car is closer to $20,000 for a year! No wonder so many New Yorkers come to Big Bucks Auto(TM) to sell us their cars! 

In addition, increases in public transportation demands are bound to create increases in availability which in turn creates more jobs.

Record numbers of Americans have used public transportation according to a new survey completed by the APTA. The increased use was pinned on the increase of gas prices earlier in the year, but now, even as gas prices decreased to the lowest levels since 2004, the APTA reports the biggest increase in highest transit ridership in the past 25 years.  

Price Contributes Revenue – 11 Pricing Strategies

admin | Mulberry | Wednesday, 14 April 2010

You can test price elasticity by increasing, or decreasing, your price and seeing how responsive the market is to that increase or decrease. If sales drop as your price goes up or if sales rise as your price goes down, your price is elastic. If there is only a small change or no change in demand, your price is inelastic. Test your price elasticity on all your products or services.

Most small business owners consider pricing strategy indirectly, directly they look at costs and apply a mark up. Others might go further than that to look at the market and their competitors when they set their prices. Yet price is often one of your customer’s most important decision making criteria. When you look at setting your price, review and consider at least these eleven different pricing strategies:

I have known small business owners who were afraid to increase their price, even though their costs had gone way up and their profit margin had gone way down. They feared losing business. When we devised a strategy to test their price elasticity, we found on numerous occasions that the price was inelastic to a certain price point. Increasing price up to the point did not result in any demand changes; past a certain point (which each business should test for), demand started to slow or fall. If the businesses had not engaged in price elasticity research, they would not have raised their prices and they would have been reluctant to ask for more money for their products or services.

Pricing is the only element of marketing mix that provides revenue (the other three of four marketing mix elements – product, promotion and place – are costs). It is an element that, if human, would be considered by many to be taken-for-granted and not seriously analyzed or even well respected. Well,??????, my advice is to consider price a human element of your mix: treat price well and learn to understand price (how it can help you sell your product or service; how price is tied to brand perception and identity; what the price tells your customer about your business and your product or service).

Price is an important element of marketing mix. Do not overlook the different pricing strategies you can use to increase sales and increase profit. After you have selected your pricing strategy, review it on a regular, consistent basis to ensure that changing market conditions do not necessitate a change in your price strategy.

  • loss leader pricing,
  • market penetration pricing,
  • value pricing,louis vuitton porte monnaie,
  • price skimming,
  • product line pricing,
  • promotional pricing,
  • psychological pricing,burberry check wallet,
  • and others such as captive or companion pricing, premium pricing, differential pricing and generic or economy pricing.

With more than eleven strategies for pricing each should be carefully considered when you set your price for your product or service. Take your pricing strategies very seriously. Consider how your product is positioned in the marketplace. Consider buyer behavior for your product or comparative products. Consider competitive reaction or response. Consider the price elasticity of demand (or inelasticity) for your product and market.

Are Providers Making Cheap Electricity Prices A Th

admin | Mulberry | Monday, 12 April 2010

The energy companies’ reason for the increase is the rise in wholesale price which is being forced up by shortages. However, MP’s are suggesting that this alone is not sufficient enough for the increase that the market has seen. It is estimated that over 4.5 million people are in “fuel poverty”; these families have to use around 10% of their disposable income to keep the lights on and stay warm.

However,???????????, should the report on the price increase be in favour of the customer, there will be a multi-million pound windfall which will reduce the cost of energy and make searching for cheap electricity prices a possibility.

For now, ride out the storm and we might soon see that reduction that we all want. However,Hermes Kelly bag, don’t assume your current tariff is the best. Search online for your ideal tariff.

Recent price increases are making finding cheap electricity prices a thing of the past which has led to providers collecting an extra &pound,gucci horsebit;8 billion a year. In a time when it is expected that companies pass on savings to their customers, energy providers have come under heavy scrutiny.

Gas and electricity prices have risen considerably over the past 5 years and this has lead to certain members of Parliament believe that companies are changing the way they provide energy to significantly increase prices. The market has seen a rise of 60% during the last 5 years and customers are demanding answers.

The ability to compare gas prices will always be available but the prices and quotes that you will receive are going to be higher than you might have previously expected. It is hard to see what anyone can do to reduce the prices of gas and electricity so for now the best advice would be to budget for higher prices.

Who is to Blame For High Gas Prices

admin | Mulberry | Tuesday, 06 April 2010

What about the government?

Actually, yes it can. The unfortunate news is that we as consumers are the cause for almost all of the rise in gasoline price. It is not just “us,” it is actually consumers all around the world who are driving up the price. Because crude and gasoline trade on global exchanges, it is not just the United States thats affects the prices, contrary to popular belief. Increased demand from India and China as well as the rest of the developing world is one of the major factors contributing to the price inflation. For example, an American used 25 barrels of oil per year while the Chinese only use 3 barrels per person per year and the Indians only use 1 barrel per person per year. Gasoline prices could become really frightening if the rest of the world would demand even 25% of the consumption that we have grown accustom to over the past century.

* Suncor Energy Inc. SU – 17.98%

* Microsoft Corp. MSFT – 29.26%

* Occidental Petroleum OXY – 29.2%

It must be the E&P companies, right?

Now its time to play the which one of the above is not an oil and gas E&P company game? If you guess Microsoft, you probably have a bright future ahead of you and I wish you my sincerest congratulations.

Wait a second,gucci horsebit hobo, it can’t be my fault can it?

Gas station owners, thats it!

Well then it has to be refiners?

With only the possibility of John McCain and Barack Obama, I would say that whose to blame for high gasoline prices has been the most played news story across every media network over the last month or two. The national average for gasoline peaked earlier this month around $4.11 per gallon or regular 87 octane and has recently come down to about $4.03 per gallon. This obviously is a stark increase from the price range around ~$2.50 that we had seen during 2006 and 2007. The issue becomes even more important than “just an extra” $2.53 per gallon as our economy and lifestyle are based on the consumption of gasoline for transportation. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is who is to blame and how can we fix the problem? Like many other questions concerning energy, the answer is not nearly as simple as the media would have you believe. Warning: The information you are about to read may be completely foreign to you as none of the 6 major media networks have ever reported truthfully on this topic in the past.

If you read my article concerning McCain’s Gasoline Tax Holiday you would know that the government sponsored gasoline tax really has little to no effect on the price of gasoline that consumers pay at the pump. The government definitely has an indirect effect on the price of gasoline due to the current drilling policies. If all United States territory was opened,gucci horsebit, not only would the markets discount this news into the future and lower energy commodity spot prices but the supply that would come online within 2-3 years would cause the price to be pushed downward in the long run. There is also a counter argument that some day we may actually need those reserves for something truly important, not just saving you a few dollars per fill up. That type of ethical issue is one that is difficult to address because facts will not allow either side to be completely “right” or “wrong” no matter how long the topic is argued. I’ll let you make your own decision on that one.

Unfortunately for gas station owners, they fall into a similar category as the refiners. They do not produce the gasoline,louis vuitton porte monnaie, so their input prices are out of the control. Because there is a high level of competition and a bunch of stingy consumers, they are not able to raise prices as quickly as they would need to in order to maintain historical profit margins. More than 1,000 gasoline stations closed in the United States last year, many of which were actually losing money every time they sold you a gallon of gasoline because of the rate at which gasoline spot prices were rising over the last year and a half. You should expect more gas station closing through 2008 and maybe into 2009. The business has become so unprofitable that Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM has recently announced that they are planning to sell at least 2,500 of their company owned gas stations in the United States during the next year, mostly likely at steep discounts to their worth even 3 months ago.

This is definitely the last person who is causing your wallet to thin. The refiners (excluding the major integrated companies that incorporate refining and marketing activities into their overall business structure) bring the least to the bottom line when compared to the other sub-sector of the energy universe. The problem with the refiners is that since they do not produce the oil, they are reliant on spot market prices for the input of their product. This difference is called the crack spread. The crack spread is the margin refiners make when the take a barrel of crude oil and “crack” it into another form, either gasoline, heating distillate, diesel, or a number of other products. Generally crack spreads are quoted in the 3:2:1 ratio, or 3 barrels of crude are cracked into 2 barrels of gasoline and 1 barrel of heating distillate. Recently the crack spread has been in a state of free fall as highlighted by the stock prices of Valero Energy Corp. VLO, and Tesero Corporation TSO falling more than 45% each while the rest of the energy sector rallied.

This is only one example, Goldman Sachs GS has a profit margin of 23.68% and Intuitive Surgical ISRG has a profit margin of 24.68%. Many of the energy companies actually have lower profit margins than companies in other sectors. They are not the ones that are charging you too much for the goods you rely on, they are just participating in the free market economy and helping you achieve economic satisfaction more so than most of the other companies in the world.

Our modern American economy is so heavily based on petroleum products to function that there is only a certain amount of demand that can be destroyed at these low levels of gasoline prices (I know that sounds ridiculous to say, but bear with me). Children have to go to school and adults must go to work, no matter the price of gasoline. Use yourself as an example. Would you quit your current job because of gasoline prices? At what price would you consider quitting your job? At what price would you have no choice but to quit your job? For most of you, these numbers are going to be much higher than the current price of gasoline. Many of you would be shocked to believe that gasoline spending per capita is actually only half of the historical high percentage that was reached during the 1910s and the 1980s. Do not believe for any moment that gasoline prices cannot or will not appreciate from here.

* Apache Corp. APA – 29.95%

So what can we do? Are we doomed?

Another important factor is worldwide inflation. Inflation rates are growing at historically fast rates around the world. The United States has year-over-year inflation growth of 5% (if you believe the government data which many experts are suggesting you should not), China is over 8%, Russia is over 9%, so on and so forth. With all of this extra money, it is easy to see that a good portion of the price appreciation is do to the fact that people have more nominal dollars to spend, even if each one is worth less and less every day.

We are not doomed. I for one am long on the idea that the United States will be able to innovate and solve this problem. The solution won’t come from the government, but from the free markets. Only time and extreme necessity can drive us closer to the solution, but I assure you that one day it will come. I will discuss the solutions in another later article, but you should not feel as if there is no hope for America because there most certainly is going into our bright future.

* EnCana Corp. ECA – 14.77%

Not as much as you would think. While it is true that the exploration and production companies have to make some profit, when you look at the numbers the results are not as horrifying as you may have previously thought. Let’s take a look at the profit margins of some of the larger E&P companies (all of the numbers are for the trailing twelve months):

* Anadarko Petroleum APC – 3.78%

Save Money By Comparing Prices Online and Offline

admin | Mulberry | Friday, 26 March 2010

After doing your research, you’ll find that there is a range for almost anything that you want to buy. Let’s say a TV is listed at $1000. Looking on all the comparison sites, for example, you might find a range of $650 – $1050 (yes there will actually be some people selling it for more – maybe they have had a higher demand in their region). You will generally find a baseline that represents the lowest price you can find online. Since it’s so easy to buy online, the online store is just as much a competitor to the bricks-and-mortar superstore as their competitor across the street. You can use the lowest online price as a negotiating point when going to the superstore.



When I am about to make a major purchase, I spend a few hours scouring the net for any and all prices I can find. There are thousands of sites that offer comparison shopping, like:

The art of haggling is alive and well. Despite movements over the last two decades to remove haggling from the big ticket buying process (Saturn automobiles being the most notable – after all, it’s a car, and we expect to negotiate the best deal), the fact is that people who sell merchandise want to move the stuff they are selling, and get new merchandise in the door. They won’t sell at a loss for no reason,louis vuitton keychain wallet, but there is almost always room in the price for downward movement.

Finally, it’s important to know the types of margins on products when you are haggling. This determines the types of movements possible from the seller’s perspective. Don’t waste time trying to get a few dollars from a local mom and pop; but for the big purchases, there is always room for haggling.


Before you even set out to haggle, do your research on all the sites that offer price information to find the two or three you are most comfortable with. When you are about to make a big purchase, it’s important to do research, but you also want to do it in an efficient manner!

The reason for the rise in haggling may have something to do with a sluggish economy, but I actually think it’s more related to the pricing knowledge people have by doing a little research online. The fact is that the prices charged by the electronics superstore, big super-department store, and furniture outlet are almost always marked up hundreds of percent, leaving a lot of room for downward motion.

The news is that haggling is becoming acceptable for things you wouldn’t expect, like clothing, electronics,mulberry messenger bag, and furniture.

It’s also good to know where your desired product fits in the product lineup. Is it merchandise that is on the way out? Is it a new model? This will affect the superstore’s level of desire on moving out the inventory.