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Tod’s Happy Cerniera

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Tod\'s Happy CernieraThis year, fashion designers are out huting for the tribal chic! It becomes more than apparenty that Africa has an immense influence on many of the designs we see emerging from major names in the fashion biz. The blend does the works really good, as you can tell by Tod’s “Happy Cerniera“.
This swank handbaggie show quite possibly the best interpretation of the safari trend. It is cleverly constructed with two open outer compartments, a framed middle compartment with leather trim and silver metal Viennese clasp. The front sports a pocket with suede and smooth leather flap, printed calf hair accent, brushed silver metal padlock and Tod’s signature leather patch. The handbag is (of course) made in Italia, measures a compact 1.5″ x 7.5″ x 5″ and retails for a beefy $950. However, you’ll be the coolest cat in the wild with this bag, no doubt.

Tod’s Venghe Pochette

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Tods Venghe PochetteContinuing our report on Parisian fashion, we turn to one of our more elegant, less in-your-face designers, Tod’s. The Tod’s two story store was conviently located right across from Hermes’ plex and impressed with a clean, white store front. The two large windows immediately gave us a good idea on what there was to be expected inside the store: tons of chic bags.

Hung on a filigree brushed steel holder, Tod’s Venghe Pochette in silver seemed to stand out above all other handbags. The clutch’s fancy name already suggests a plethora of elegance, but its live appearance revealed some very nice features that rank it right up there among our favorites. The pochette screams of attitude and is the perfect companion for a dazzling night out. The Venghe Pochette is made from exotic karung reptile leather that shimmers like a disco ball when the spotlight hits it. It may have actually just been the sparkling from the fluorescent tubes in the store that drew us over to the bag, now that I think about it.

However, the clever feature about this clutch was revealed upon taking a peak inside: the fold-over top is enhanced with discreetly hidden magnets that smoothly snap the flaps in place. It was so nifty in fact, that I couldn’t stop playing with it. Its inside is made of fine satin-finished textile lining while a beveled bottom allows bag to sit upright at times it’s not in action. The silver bag went for EUR 780. In the US, it is available from ELuxury in gold for only $745. It’s all relative afterall.

Tod’s Charlotte Piccola

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Tods Charlotte PiccolaIt is no secret that we love de luxe, we love the glam, we love the pomptuous, fancy and expensive here at our precious blog. Although many of the featured handbags are out of many people’s league and least of you loyal readers would actually really ever pay, not to mention being able to afford many of our listed bags, it is always a real pleasure to present just those bags to you. I like to draw the parallels to high-end sports cars. Why is it that popular mainstream media channels love to feature vehicles that only selected few souls will ever be able to drive? Because it attracts, it makes one dream about the seemingly unreachable, it may even motivate some to shoot for something extraordinary. If you consider yourself one of those just mentioned and you happen to love bags as much as we do, I got just the right bag to fuel your eager compassion.

Following up on my previous post on Tod’s Venghe Pochette, I wanted to take the time to point out another extraordinary bag that stuck out among the many on our trip to Paris. The Tod’s Charlotte Piccola was a shoulder bag that almost went unnoticed. Hidden in a corner near the store’s entrance, this treasure was hanging innocently, and nearly fell subject to our ignorance. However, fortunately we did spot out this futuristic piece of nobility.

What a fine bag that is. Sumptuous textured leather exterior infused with an elegant saddle-style topstitching. 13″ x 7″ x 6″ inches of raging elegance and delicate sportiness. The hemispherical exterior zip pockets on each side add a very unique touch that insure that the hangbag will never turn into an antiquity on you. Available in either acqua alce or plain black alce for a hefty $925.00 at our beloved ELuxury online store.

Tod’s D Bag Grande

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Tods D BagPurse Blogistess Meaghan’s mom was treated with the Gucci Large Horsebit Hobo for Mother’s Day (yeap… hip bags run in the family), and while the hobo is absolutely swank and glamorous, I dare to say Mother’s Day should have been a good 2 weeks later. Tod’s just happened to indulge the tote devotee crowd with their new Tod’s D Bag Grande. For 2k5, Tod’s reinvented the iconic D Bag in sturdy, yet supple leather with a fine contrast topstitching and finishes in detail par excellence. The sumptuous tote bares a luxurious leather interior and rolled handles that imply comfortable handling. The drawstring ties on the bag’s ends are finished with silver metal Tod’s pieces , while one tie bears a silver metal mini accessory that reads “D-BAG” on one side and “2005″ on the other. Clever! The 16″ x 13″ x 5.5″ tote goes for an even $1,200 via eLuxury.

Tod’s Crocodile Handbag

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Tods Genuine Croc HandbagGrowing up in Florida I have seen my fare share of alligators. They even ate my next door neighbors dog, “Fluffy”. Kind of funny, not the death of a dog part, but the fact that a gator ate a dog named “Fluffy”. Anyhow, I never understood the big deal with gator or croc skin, only because whenever I saw a gator it was covered in algae and always so damned scary. But in the fashion world, croc and gator ski is a coveted good.

This is where Tod’s Genuine Crocodile Handbag makes it’s mark. Now there are some things I like about the bag, and some things that I do not like so much about the bag. First of all I love the shape. This bag is a functional satchel with inside zip closure. I also love the outside magnetic closure and the Tod’s logo on front. I bet you realize I am so skipping over the major part. But I just can not make myself like how it looks. It is true the bag is made of 100% genuine crocodile leather, but the look just isn’t me. What I can appreciate about it is the impeccable craftsmanship, but not the material so much itself. I enjoy croc skin on bags, but not the entire bag. Also too, I really believe I, Bloggin’ Queen Megs, could go to the outback,
wrestle and kill a croc, and make this bag for you for less than the *discounted* price of $2,999.99 from the original $8,500 at SmartBargains.

Tod’s Charlotte Lavoro Grande

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Tod\'s Charlotte Lavoro Grande$1,050 worth of scrumptious, mindblowing, icecap-melting, attractive, splendid, bombastic and spacious tote goodness. Made of beautifully grained leather exterior with elegant saddle-style topstitching, it comes with a double zipped closure. The fine canvas lining comes with a zipped pocket, and more hemispherical zipped pockets on either sides of the bag. Polished nickel hardware, rolled leather handles with horseshoe links and a long detachable shoulder strap top off this wonderful piece of chich handcraftsmanship. The Tod’s Charlotte Lavoro Grande Tote is available as of now through eLuxury.com.

By the way, our site will get a designer overhaul tonight, apologies if something should be temporarlity messed up, I am working on it :)

Tod’s Sacca Paris Piccola

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Tods handbagThe bag that carries the fancy name Tod’s Sacca Paris Piccola is Tod’s’ interpretation of modern Parisian style. Tod’s hereby combines perforated ginger leather and smooth ivory leather with casual grace. I really do like the contrasting shades and the well-rounded forms. In addition, ginger topstitching seamlessly blends the fine materials, while the chic bag is accented by polished silver metal hardware. A zip closure with a leather pull, ending in a signature silver metal oval with an enameled “T” form the bag’s closing mechanism, and a smooth ivory leather shoulder strap with a 6″ drop lets you hold on to your belongings tightly. Best part is, the bag is marked down 50% from $1,050 to $525. An absolute steal for a Tod’s bag of this caliber. Available through eLuxury, who also happen to have a whole range of designer apparel on sale. Just follow the yellow banner to the right below, and see what they carry in stock!

Pregnant Klum and Silly Romijn

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Heidi Klum and Rebecca Romijn

Some more fodder for the celebrity style section! Spotted at a soiree at designer Michael Kors’s Beverly Hills boutique on Thursday, Rebecca Romijn was caught sporting a Tod’s Happy Traccolina and putting a gentle grip on Heidi Klum’s ??ber pregger belly. Peek-a-boo, baby on the way. Only really a matter of days until the newborn will join Heidi’s daughter Leni (who’s 1). Grats to Heidi and Seal and all the best. :-D

Name the Bag from #8220;Raising Helen#8221;

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Raising Helen Tod\'s Bag

Sometimes timing is funny in life. I was recently watching Raising Helen, which I absolutely love, and then got an email from a frantic reader. Franticly in search of the bag Kate Hudson, Helen in the movie, was carrying. Oddly enough, I actually was paying attention to the beige beauty. Being the handbag connoisseur that I am, I had the gut feeling that the bag was a Tod’s bag from the beginning. I was even lucky enough to find a nice large picture, in which you can actually see that it is a Tod’s bag. But now Misty and I need your help- is anyone aware of the particular make of bag? Looks like a mostly suede bag with leather trim, nice size, and it is just gorgeous. I love it! The Tod’s website is still being put up, and I checked some other sites but did not happen to find a bag just like it. Let’s help Misty out with anything that we know! Did I mention Kate Hudson is absolutely gorgeous in the movie which makes me wish that much more that maybe I could carry that bag and be in her place :-)

Tod’s Girelli East/West Zebra-Print Pony Bag

admin | Tods | Monday, 12 November 2007

Tods Girelli East West Zebra Print Pony Bag

While the Starlight (oh yea, the magical flying horse from Rainbow Bright) was my favorite horse, zebra’s were a close second. I suppose the zebra would actually be my first favorite seeing that Starlight is completely fictional and no matter how much I begged my dad I could never get my own Starlight. So moving on to my other favorite ‘horse’, the zebra, we have the Tod’s Girelli East/West Zebra-Print Pony Bag. I’ve always been a lover of Tod’s and the Girelli model is an alluring shape in my opinion (I have featured it before). Again, let’s all let out a sigh of relief, because this bag is not made of zebra hair, but calf hair (I am actually being quite sarcastic because I sure know that a bad can not be made from zebra/leopard/etc for obvious reasons). Immediately, the shape of this bag draws me in along with the innovative closing technique. To open and close this bag there are polished silver metal magnetic knob closures on each side. There are rolled leather shoulder straps with a 7″ drop or you could opt to use the longer shoulder strap (included!) with a 17.5″ drop. Options are always nice. Open up to find suede lining along with 2 patch pockets and one zip pocket. The dimensions of this black and white striped Tods bag are 16.5″ x 8.5″ x 6.25″. Buy this close cousin of Starlight through eLuxury for $1950.