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Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Bag

admin | YSL | Monday, 12 November 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Downtown BagYves Saint Laurent has been pushing the Downtown bag like it’s the new Muse with what looks like middling results. The Downtown doesn’t speckle the pages of tabloids, and I don’t see it dangling from a fashionably clothed arm every time I venture into Hollywood. I’m actually pretty fond of the shape. It’s interesting, and I totally understand the name. The built-in slouch has a certain bustle-coolly-through-the-crowds attitude. That said, this Downtown leopard print media tote is the first incarnation of the Downtown that has really caught my eye. The leopard print is divine. Leopard has been spotting the entire span of fashion goods for a while now, but I find that a perfect leopard print is hard to come by. I love the way the spots condense in the middle of the bag and spread out towards the sides. I love that no two spots are identical. The very leopard print looks organic, even though I know it’s just printed on calfskin. The white accents are also nice, and I appreciate the understated hardware on this outspoken bag. Will you carry this one Downtown? Pre-order from Neiman Marcus for $2,195.00 for delivery in April.

By nerdphanie, resident Shopping Nerd.

Jessica Biel Style: Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Tote

admin | YSL | Monday, 12 November 2007

jessica biel ysl bag

Last week the sexiest woman alive (so says Esquire) had an appearance on the Letterman show. After taping the show, Jessica Biel greeted her fans and signed autographs wearing a fitted gray coat, a beautiful YSL bag, and red lipstick 3857673 shades too dark. She needs to get rid of that shade of lipstick, it really makes her look like a clown, but should keep on keeping on with the Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Tote. Biel opted for the white/ivory version which sports montana leather and goldtone hardware. Bag available via Saks for $1495 (though it looks as though Biel has a large version not medium; inquire further via YSL).

Picture of the bag after the jump!

Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Tote /></p>
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Although I have never been pregnant, so I should not preach about preggers-looks, but the very-pregnant Salma Hayek is looking very-pregnant and a tad frumpy. But I will blame the hair on the humidity and the frumpy dress on maternity wear, so you are looking good preggy-Hayek. Salma brought it all together with her YSL Patent Leather Downtown Tote while shopping in Paris. The bag makes the outfit work, because it is after all sporting trendy patent leather in a great shape. Good luck to the expecting mom and love the bag! YSL Downtown Tote available via Saks.

Simpson Sister Style: The Pout

admin | YSL | Monday, 12 November 2007

Simpson Sister Style

Ashlee gets a nose job, Jessica gets John Mayer, and now both enjoy pouting and looking woeful wherever they go. Poor Simpson sister’s, I sure do feel bad for them. Their little mansions, their little bank accounts, their little plastic surgeons, their little boyfriends. Boo-hoo. Perfectly matching woeful pouts, Jessica and Ashlee were snapped separately but acting as if they had the same feeling plastered on their face. My eyes scanned the pictures for their bags, and that is the true facet that I care for when it comes to these two gals. Ashlee was sporting a YSL Downtown Tote in red patent leather while Jessica was sporting a Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy. Buy the YSL Downtown Tote via Saks and the Louis Vuitton Speedy for $620.

Yves Saint Laurent Medium Downtown Tote

admin | YSL | Monday, 12 November 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Medium Downtown Tote

There are most likely two reasons why you do not own a crocodile handbag. Reason number one is that you are vehemently against the use of crocodile to make a handbag. Reason number two, which I fall into, is because you flat out can’t afford this luxury. Personally, I wish I fell into category number one. That would mean I just don’t want a croc bag. But in all reality, I pine for one. Hopefully that day will be soon, but if you fall into either categories there are bags out there that are embossed or have a pattern that looks like croc even though it is not the real thing. No worries, I won’t tell. Take the Yves Saint Laurent Medium Downtown Tote for example, which shows off quilted patent leather fused in a crocodile pattern. Looks convincing enough, sports trendy patent leather, and is in a very trendy bag. The Downtown Tote has been a favorite of many celebs because of its versatility and great shape. Brass hardware is used, along with an inside pocket, and lush suede and satin lining. Dimensions are 17″W X 14″H X 7″D. If you can’t truly croc, then try a faux-croc like this. Via Saks for $1895.

Ashlee Simpson Style: YSL Tribute Tote

admin | YSL | Monday, 12 November 2007

Ashlee Simpson YSL bag1

Sure many people have had work done, but not everyone that has had some ‘alterations’ turns into a total wax doll with absolutely no facial expression, movement, or charisma. So welcome empty Ashlee Simpson to the scene, the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, in which both sisters seem to still be trying to find themselves. Closely resembling a wax doll or robot, the living-in-the-shadow-not-really-a-singer-merely-a-sister-of-a-celebrity stepped out in LA sporting a stunning YSL Patent Tribute Tote. Ashlee is a huge fan of YSL bags and has been seen carrying a few before, but now she has switched to the YSL Patent Leather Tribute Tote. At least the bag is chic. This version sports a crocodile like quilted patent leather with gold tone hardware. Available via Saks for $1195.

Total wax figure of Ashlee from head to toe below (but not)

Ashlee Simpson YSL bag

Ashlee Simpson Style: Name that Bag!

admin | YSL | Monday, 12 November 2007

Ashlee Simpson Handbag Style

Poor Ashlee Simpson, doesn’t look anything like herself anymore, she resembles more of a wax figuring than the pretty teenage girl we remember her as. Regardless, name the bag she’s toting around!

Check out a full length Vambot picture after the jump! (Also check the gals faces in the background, classic :shock: face!)

Ashlee Simpson Handbag Style 1

Yves Saint Laurent Uptown Small Bag

admin | YSL | Monday, 12 November 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Uptown Small Bag

A little structure never hurt. And a sleek defined structure is the bag of a woman who means business, who wants to be taken seriously, and who is not messing around with her fashion or closet. At this point in my life I am enjoying not needing to go to a typical business suit, 9-5 job, but I still envy those who wear a head to toe business suit from time to time. Refined and gorgeous, the Yves Saint Laurent Uptown Small Bag emulates sophistication with its navy patent leather and gold tone hardware. Not to be worn over the shoulder, the bag has a mere 4?” double hand drop. The refined flap with turnlock closure is the perfect outside finishing touch along with the satin lining on the inside with two pockets. I do not want to go back to work that bad, but this still would make the most stunning accessory for the women on a mission. Via Saks for $1895.

Yves Saint Laurent Ostrich Mombasa

admin | YSL | Monday, 12 November 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Ostrich Mombasa

Neiman Marcus will continue to party like it is their birthday, because it is! The slew of NM exclusive handbags is a sure fire way to lure in buyers and let them know that Neiman Marcus is there to make their lives better. A fan of the faux-horn top handle from the beginning, the Yves Saint Laurent Ostrich Mombasa adds another dimension to make the masses drool. The body of this version is designed with supple gray ostrich, which makes my heart skip a few beats. Combining exotic ostrich with the hottest color of the season is a sure fire hit. The gold tone hardware is a luxurious accent along with the seamed body. Looking at this bag makes me think I just got off of an exhilarating African Safari and catches me like a deer in head lights. Via Neiman Marcus for $3695.

Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Bags

admin | YSL | Monday, 12 November 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Bags

cat ?? walk; a narrow walkway, especially one high above the surrounding area, used to provide access or allow workers to stand or move, as over the stage in a theater (dictionary.com). Simple, to the point, and elegant, the Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Bags feature an exceptional effortless design. These handbags show their simplicity with a flap closure on a structured rectangular bag.

See details of all three below!

Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Large Flap Bag
Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Large Flap Bag. Perfect for the cold weather, this handbag sports a luxe croco-embossed patent leather design with flannel lining. There is golden hardware and a top strap along with a cosmetic case on the inside. {Via Saks for $1495}

Yves Saint Laurent<br />
Catwalk Medium Flap Bag’ /><br />
<strong>Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Medium Flap Bag</strong>. A soft textured leather makes this handbag lush and practical for all seasons with goldtone hardware. Also features an inside cosmetic case. {Via Saks for $1495}</p>
<p><img class="left" src=
Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Nubuck Bag. A gleaming shade of gray, the crocodile-embossed nubuck leather really stands out on this handbag. There are three large gussets and satin silk lining. {Via Saks for $1595}